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Julia Theodosis

Julia Theodosis

I thank Martin Boldovski for his golden soul in express to me why I had troubled times in the past and showing me how to move forward in the coming months.

He was sent to me by the Universe answering questions direct to the point, honestly and without hesitation.

I can't say thank you enough Martin for being the person you are and my the Universe bless you in everyway.

Samaya Sharma

Samaya Sharma

Hey Martin, I just wanted to tell you that recently I read many of your articles on astrology at your website & they all are extremely simplified, succinct & hence easy to understand!!!

Your articles on astrology helped me a lot in discovering myself & diving deep into my personality.

So, yeah THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge with us.šŸ’•
Love & gratitude from India.šŸ™šŸ»šŸ˜‡

Sharon Callaghan

Sharon Callaghan

A big thank you for leaving such a wealth of information open to all.

The information you have left on your website is assisting me greatly as I'm currently learning Vedic Astrology.

Thank you, Martin, for making the time to respond to questions, this is much appreciated.

Merike Lapimaa

Merike Lapimaa

I would never have believed that these horoscopes are so accurate down to the last detail.

The site is very informative and there is something exciting for every day. Thank you so much šŸ™

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