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Last updated on January 5th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

Hello, dear visitor of astrology.community app/site,

We are truly glad that you have one way or another, found your way to our site. We wholeheartedly hope that the publications on this website have been helpful so far.


Our vision is to build a long-lasting community in which philosophical and traditional wisdom is shared to help enlighten life paths around the world. Righteousness is the keyword according to which we create.


We strive to constantly keep our platform (website & app) updated in order to meet the needs of our readers. That is, we strive to get the questions answered and wisdom shared regarding ancient Jyotish which involves astronomical definitions.

Our platform currently consists of a website that is hosted on astrology.community domain and functions as a news/blog feed with new content about philosophy, ancient science, and astrology.

Additional Goals

Besides the main goal, we also strive to fulfill various additional sub-goals. One of which is to form alliances with important organizations that aim to direct resources where they are needed the most.

While designing our infrastructure on the world wide web, we strive for maximum efficiency which saves energy and improves user experience with metrics such as speed.

Our site is environmentally friendly and fully optimized to reduce digital pollution. We also take Your privacy seriously and apply possible (and necessary) measures to help protect your identity online.

According to a report from CloudFlare, our site saved 7 kilograms of carbon in 2020 which is equivalent to turning off one lightbulb for 154 hours.


Legal name: Aliferous Publications OÜ (Ltd)

Address: Malmö str 23-31, Pärnu, Pärnumaa, Estonia, 88013

Representative: Martin Boldovski

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