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What does Aries Sun in combination with Aries Moon mean?

It means that both Sun and Moon are located in Aries zodiac sign in the natal birth chart. Therefore, individuals with this set of combinations inherit the traits produced by Sun in Aries and Moon in Aries.

Brief Results of Aries Sun & Aries Moon


Aries is the sign of exaltation for the Sun which makes this planet very strong and dignified.

Sun represents the soul and if it is strong and dignified, first of all, it shows that the native is very dignified and concerned about the purity of their soul.

In addition to that, Aries is the 1st zodiac sign which denotes righteousness. Hence, a strong and dignified Sun makes them extremely righteous from the soul.

Sun also represents vitality and valor which makes these natives extremely courageous.

According to ancient scripture Saravali, Aries Sun makes these natives adventurous, active, fierce, valorous, and dutiful.

Such natives will also have a good name and fame because of their good deeds and righteous intentions. Because of their splendorous and brilliant soul, they are likely to achieve king-like status in life.

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According to planetary relationships, Moon is sharing a neutral relationship with Mars, which is the ruler of Aries. Therefore, it is a neutral position for Moon by default.

When Aries Sun influences the souls then Aries Moon influences the thinking patterns. That is because Moon is the significator of the conscious mind and cognitive abilities.

Aries represents the fire element which makes these individuals very hot-tempered and impulsive.

That is because their mind is always alert and ready to respond to various signals coming from their surroundings.

As their soul is dignified and pure according to dignified Aries Sun, it influences their mind of Aries Moon positively.

In other words, a dignified soul ensures that their impulses are motivated by good intentions and desire to perform righteous deeds.

According to Saravali, individuals whose mind is influenced by Aries Moon are generally wealthy and prosperous.

They consider true wealth as their name and status. Hence, they also have amplified self-respect and desire to receive honor from others.

However, they are also fickle-minded the effect of which is caused due to the fire element influencing the water planet Moon. It shows that their temper changes often and quickly.

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Aries Sun & Aries Moon Disposition


When both Sun and Moon are in the same sign Aries, it means that they are conjunct. In astrological terms, it means that they share the 1st disposition with respect to each other.

According to the temporary relationship rule in Vedic sidereal astrology, planets occupying 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th from the considered planet create temporary enmity with it.

Hence, Aries Sun forming the 1st disposition with Aries Moon makes them temporary enemies in the natal birth chart.

In simpler words, this reflects an occasional conflict between the soul and the mind of the native.

More specifically, at times, the mind of the native keeps generating thoughts and thinking patterns that are in conflict with their soul or gut feelings.

The mind keeps dragging them towards one direction while their intuition gives them signals that drag them towards another direction.

However, when considering the fact that Sun and Moon are in good dignity according to placement in zodiac signs, the temporary enmity does not cause major harm nor significant negative effects.

When looked at a deeper perspective, the 1st disposition represents the 1st astrological house, which signifies initiation power, righteousness, prosperity, and valor.

The 1st disposition is also represented by the 1st astrological zodiac sign Aries, which signifies the same matters.

As Aries Sun and Aries Moon form the 1st disposition, individuals with this set of combinations are both intuitively and mentally guided towards the initiation and taking proper action.

They are also extremely valorous both mentally and intuitively which shows that they rarely give up on their goals in life which helps them to undertake many adventures, become prosperous, and attain many achievements.

Phases Of Moon

When Sun and Moon conjoin in Aries zodiac sign, there is a possibility of the formation of various phases of the Moon.

Waning Crescent

Waning Crescent is the last phase of the Moon before becoming entirely darkened or transforming to the New Moon phase. The Waning Crescent phase is also known as Dark Moon.

This waning phase can form if Aries Sun is ahead of Aries Moon in the considered zodiac sign.

According to Vedic sidereal astrology, the waning Moon is considered malefic. For the same reason, this phase is the most difficult variation formed by this set of combinations of Sun in Aries and Moon in Aries.

As a result of waning or dark Moon, the mind of individuals with this combination becomes negatively affected.

In fact, their thoughts can be often filled with negativity which can cause anxiety, stress, and stagnation.

What makes this phase of Moon harder to cope with is the fact that it is in a fire sign Aries which increases the hot-tempered nature and activeness of thoughts.

Hence, it is better for these natives to rely more on their gut feelings and intuition rather than stressful thoughts.

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Speaking of intuition, when Moon is in its last phase it endows these natives with a strong intuition and psychic abilities.

That is to say, such individuals are able to see the world from a deeper perspective and understand various unseen energies that revolve around us.

When considering the fact that Aries Moon resonates well with Aries Sun, this difficult phase of the Moon should not case significantly negative results.

Instead, the 1st cardinal zodiac sign Aries helps these individuals to take advantage of their psychic and intuitive abilities.

Even though with weaker Moon their action-taking ability gets weakened and actions delayed, they are able to take action according to their heightened and precise intuition.

New Moon

When Aries Sun is tightly conjunct with Aries Moon, astronomically it creates a new moon phase, which lasts about 24 hours.

While this phase of the Moon (governer of mind) influences all the watery bodies, including the water in different plants and bodies, it also influences the general thinking patterns of individuals who have this combination in their natal birth charts.

When looked at the new Moon from an astrological perspective, it shows that the intuition guides these natives more than their thoughts.

It is because the new Moon is completely darkened and overpowered by the Sun. However, it can not be considered as dark Moon because it is waxing. Herein waxing is considered beneficial in Vedic sidereal astrology.

New Moon is all about planting seeds and making first steps regarding long term aspirations for a bright future.

As Aries Moon is influenced by a dignified Aries Sun, it shows that the seeds they plant and desires they wish to achieve are good-natured and carry lots of positivity.

People with a new Moon have an increased ability to manifest thoughts into reality with their intentions and wishes.

Herein dignified Aries Sun influencing Aries Moon shows that their intentions are pure and dignified which benefits them and their surroundings.

When considering the fact that the new Moon is all about new beginnings, it enhances this combination to a great extent.

That is because the 1st disposition formed between Aries Sun and Aries Moon and the zodiac sign Aries also signify new beginnings.

Hence, individuals with new Moon in Aries are excellent in setting goals, planning for the future, and enhancing their success with good intentions and positive affirmations.

These positive thoughts and affirmations in turn support their soul and help to listen to their intuition more precisely.

Waxing Crescent

The New Moon phase lasts for approximately 24 hours while Moon transits Aries approximately 2.5 days. It means that Aries Sun and Aries Moon can also develop the Waxing Crescent phase.

As this phase is formed by growing or waxing Moon, it is still considered auspicious as per Vedic sidereal astrology.

Individuals with this phase of the Moon are also very adventurous and curious, just like those with the New Moon.

They are eager to learn about everything in life and this helps them to be more active in life and quench their thirst for increased activeness and adventure.

This phase resonates naturally well with Aries Moon and Aries Sun as their curiosity enhances their initiation powers and desires to begin something new and interesting all the time.

On the contrary, Waxing Moon causes restlessness because of being excessively concerned with the future.

This can increase their impulsiveness as they always want to ensure their future stability through their actions.

Aries Sun & Aries Moon Panchang – Astrological Diary

Tithi – Vedic Lunar Phase

In ancient Vedic astrology which uses a sidereal timing system, there are very precise lunar phases considered. More specifically, the whole cycle of the Moon is divided into 30 tiny sectors each of which carries important significator and meaning.

Because each year Sun in Aries conjoins Moon in Aries in different degrees of Aries zodiac sign, there is a possibility of formation of approximately 6 Vedic lunar phases. In this article, we shall learn about 3 of them which are closest to the exact conjunction of Sun and Moon in Aries.

Krishna Chaturdashi

Krishna Chaturdashi is the name of the 29th lunar day or tithi which is the 14th part of Krishna paksha or waning Moon.

This lunar phase is signified by Ugra Prada which denotes increased aggression.

This part of the lunar phase is favorable for any inauspicious activities such as deception, secret offense, hunting, the beginning of the war, destruction, litigation, etc.

As Moon in Aries is influenced by dignified Sun in Aries, this whole combination throws a positive light on this lunar phase. More specifically, it indicates success through aggression, development of weapons, and work related to fire.

This set of combinations combined with this lunar phase also provides success in overcoming obstacles, challenges, and adversities.

A dignified Sun in Aries also indicates that these individuals under this lunar phase are inclined to fight for righteousness the hard way by harnessing aggression and cruel tactics.

Such individuals with strong Sun in Aries combined with Moon in Aries are capable of awakening their mind spiritually and overcome the addiction of various materialistic desires or worldly illusions.

Krishna Amavasya

Krishna Amavasya is the 30th lunar day which is also called New Moon lunar day. The 30th lunar day is the 15th part of Krishna paksha or waning Moon.

This lunar phase is symbolized by Pitri Prada which is all about roots and ancestors. Accordingly, individuals with Sun in Aries combined with Moon in Aries respect their family tree and ancestral traditions a lot.

As they are extremely fiery from soul and mind, they are also extremely protective of their family values.

As the last lunar day signifies the last cycle of the Moon, it is also extremely beneficial for spiritual and religious activities such as meditation and spiritual healing.

Herein exalted Sun in Aries enhances the effects provided by this lunar phase to a great extent because the amplified energy and vitality of the Sun are directed towards various spiritual activities.

Shukla Pratipad

Shukla Pratipad is the 1st lunar day and 1st part of Shukla paksha or waxing Moon. This lunar phase is symbolized by Vriddhi Prada which means to give rise to something.

As the interpretation describes, this lunar phase favors fresh beginnings, partnerships unions, moving into a new place or house, gaining honor, healing, preparing medicines, etc.

As Sun in Aries combined with Moon in Aries creates a very restless and action-oriented person, this lunar phase resonates with this set of combinations perfectly.

Individuals born under this lunar phase know how to initiate new beginnings and take proper action in order to get things moving and become successful in their undertakings.

As Aries is a very active sign, these individuals are also likely to gain from their adventures and travels.

As Sun is the vital energy, its pistoning in Aries makes them very good healers or gives them a very good knowledge of natural herbs.

Accordingly, Aries Sun with Aries Moon with this lunar phase promotes the health and vitality of these individuals greatly.

Aries Sun & Aries Moon Yoga

Another important astrological combination formed by Sun and Moon with respect to each other is Nitya Yoga.

Sun and Moon are luminaries and thus the primary indicators of the personality of a person and the distance or exact degrees between these luminaries create a specific Yoga which gives additional information about the person.

This is why all Aries Sun in combination with Aries Moon people still have differences in their mentalities and general behaviors.

There is a total of 27 Nitya Yoga combinations and when Sun and Moon meet in Aries, there is a possibility of formation about 5 different variations. In this article, we shall learn about 3 Nithya Yoga combinations which are formed when Sun and Moon in Aries are in close conjunction.


Vishkumbha is the 1st Nitya Yoga combination which is governed by the natural malefic planet Saturn.

It is considered one of the inauspicious Sun Moon Yoga combinations in astrology.

As a result, individuals with Sun in Aries in combination with Moon in Aries born under this Nitya Yoga are very cruel, merciless, and excessively strict in behavior. These character traits are represented by Saturn.

Even though they are dignified, they can cause harm to others accidentally because of their impulsive nature.

However, a dignified Sun in Aries indicates that their aggression is motivated by heightened respect of righteousness.

However, as this is the 1st Nitya Yoga combination, it resonates exceptionally well with Aries Sun and Aries Moon.

As a result o this perfect match, individuals with this set of combinations are victorious and prevail over others in battles.

They are also blessed with plenty of materialistic gains and assets. Such natives are also extremely courageous and influential.


Priti is the 2nd Nitya Yoga combination which is governed by the natural benefic planet Mercury. This is one of the auspicious Nitya Yoga combinations.

As a result, individuals with their Sun in Aries and Moon in Aries while forming Priti Yoga are very cheerful, communicative, and socially outgoing. They are very contented in life and well-liked by others.

As Mercury signifies intelligence, it shows that these individuals are generally very talented and knowledgeable of various topics.

This effect is enhanced by the exalted planet of intelligence Sun in Aries, which influences Moon in Aries auspiciously.


Ayushman is the 3rd Nitya Yoga combination which is governed by the natural benefic planet Moon. This is another auspicious combination.

This is a special combination because it is ruled by the Moon which is one of the stars of this whole combination of Sun in Aries and Moon in Aries.

To begin with, the formation of this Yoga already confirms that Moon is benefic or waxing which makes it a very good combination to be born under.

This shows that they are very curious and always willing to develop their cognitive skills.

As a matter of fact, this set of combinations blesses them with strong cognitive abilities which allows them to take action and develop their skills endlessly.

In addition to that, Ayushman indicates (like timepiece) being blessed with (by God) increased longevity or durability in any activity. In fact, Ayushman is derived from the Sanskrit word Ayush which means life.

When considering the fact that individuals with exalted Sun in Aries already have increased vitality, this Nitya Yoga enhances this effect by extending their already strong vitality, health, and longevity.

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