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What does Aries Sun in combination with Scorpio Moon mean?

It means that Sun is in Aries while Moon is in Scorpio zodiac sign in the natal birth chart. Therefore, individuals with this set of combinations acquire traits of these mentioned combinations.

Introduction to Aries Sun & Scorpio Moon


To begin with, Aries is the exaltation sign for Sun which makes it an outstanding position for it in the natal birth chart.

Briefly speaking, Sun is the significator of soul, vitality, physique, self-awareness, courage, leadership abilities, authority, general intellect, honor, name, fame, etc.

Aries is the 1st zodiac sign which belongs to the triangle of righteousness and signifies truth, morality, courage, passion, motivation, will-power, drive, etc.

Aries represents the fire element and therefore also signifies hot-tempered behavior, physical strength, and natural positive aggression.

Aries is also of cardinal modality which denotes the ability to take action, leadership abilities, and initiation powers.

Accordingly, individuals with Aries Sun are very hot-tempered and positively aggressive in nature.

That is to say, they make the first step in battle by facing truth directly and courageously.

They become involved in challenges to combat prejudice and protect social justice.

Herein the positive aggression is provided by the fact that Sun is dignified in Aries.

They are full of passion, ambition, motivation, and drive which keeps them moving forward in life until meeting their goals.

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Scorpio is the sign of debilitation or fall for Moon. This means that the Moon becomes weakened when looked at planetary dignities and sign placements.

Moon is the planet that governs the mind and thinking patterns. It also means that it signifies emotional intelligence & stability, cognitive abilities, and memory.

Scorpio is the 8th sign which signifies darkness, hidden energies, and uncertainty in which the Moon becomes very weak.

This effect reflects the darkened mind of these individuals. They have a tendency to become paranoid because of fears of uncertain events.

They are also constantly anxious and stressed because of having a lot of dark or depressing thoughts wandering in their mind.

Because of that, their cognitive abilities and logical reasoning become interrupted and negatively affected.

It is important to note that the negative effects are transformed into very strong positive ones if the cancellation of debilitation occurs.

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Aries Sun & Scorpio Moon Disposition

Planetary Relationship

When Sun is in Aries while Moon is in Scorpio, the 8th and 6th dispositions are formed between these planets.

More specifically, Scorpio Moon is in the 8th sign from Aries Sun. When taking Moon as the reference point, then Aries Sun is in the 6th sign from it.

According to the temporary relationship rule of astrology, planets occupying the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th place from each other are temporary friends.

Other dispositions than the above-listed create temporary enmity between planets concerned. In the current situation, the temporary enmity occurs between Sun and Moon.

The temporary enmity reflects occasionally occurring internal battles caused by conflicting thoughts and feelings.

That is because Sun signifies intuition and gut feelings while Moon denotes logical reasoning.

Hence, the thoughts of individuals with Aries Sun and Scorpio Moon are often in conflict with what they believe in which results in great internal struggle and stress.

This effect is further amplified by the fact that the Moon is weakened which reflects weakened resistance of mind to various stress factors, including negative thoughts.

Because of their negative thoughts, they are prone to become overly suspicious and alert.

Their weakened mind tends to give the wrong signals which can misguide the powerful energies of Aries Sun.

As a result, these individuals are prone to take action in wrong directions because of their bad judgment caused by the negatively influenced mind.

For instance, they might oppose others without apparent reason or even cause damage to the ones who are actually not dangerous for the native.

However, if the cancellation of the debilitation of Moon occurs, it can actually benefit the exalted Aries Sun in great ways.

More specifically, Scorpio is the sign ruled by the planet of leaders Mars in which strengthened Moon provides them with a war-like and aggressive mindset and thinking patterns.

As Aries is also governed by Mars, it shows that when a person has both mind and soul of Mars, they become exceptionally courageous and efficient in all activities that require confronting enemies or obstacles.

The 8th sign Scorpio as the significator of hidden matters also endows these individuals with strong intuitive intelligence which enables these natives to spot hidden dangers and motives of their possible enemies.

This intuitive intelligence manifests as a great protective shield and gives their courageous soul (Aries Sun) signals when to make the right move which allows them to dominate their opponents easily.

The 8th sign also governs all hidden matters, which makes these individuals efficient in developing various secret tactics which can also increase the power of Aries Sun.

That is to say, their extremely secretive but tactical mind guides their actions in a way that is unrecognizable by others.

Hence, they often make unexpected moves and decisions which also gives them an advantage in many activities.

They are also very mysterious and can understand hidden energies and occult sciences naturally well.

They also possess the cognitive ability to dive deep into various topics to conduct in-depth analysis.

This helps them to understand how various systems are built up and how they function. In other words, they can take a glimpse beneath the surface of every subject effortlessly.

8th & 6th Dispositions Analysis

When looked at the 8th and 6th dispositions from a deeper perspective, a lot of valuable information can be derived.

To begin with, both the 8th and 6th houses belong to the malefic Dusthana Bhava house group.

The 8th disposition belongs to the triangle of salvation and signifies sudden events, uncertainty, hidden wisdom, and anything that is beneath the surface.

Because of the fact that Moon forms the 8th disposition from Sun and is in the 8th zodiac sign, it intensifies or doubles the energies of Scorpio.

The influence of the 8th house energies on Scorpio Moon makes the emotions of these individuals highly volatile or unstable.

Their emotional weakness or instability can cause them many undesired conflicts with close ones and other contacts they are interacting within daily life.

Because Moon is undignified in Scorpio, it indicates that these individuals are prone to become envious way too easily which can also misguide their actions.

For instance, they are capable of initiating chaos or conflicts with others because of biased thoughts or jealousy which is indeed unfair.

The 8th disposition along with the energies of Scorpio Moon makes these natives generally very disharmonious.

When combining it with powerful Aries Sun, it shows that they are never willing to settle for a mutual compromise and fight until their desire is obtained or name established.

With that being said, they often do not consider the needs or wants of others because weakened Scorpio Moon makes them relatively uncompassionate.

The 6th house belongs to the triangle of wealth and signifies service, challenges, discipline, disputes, litigation, battles, durability, health, as well as team members, coworkers, etc.

As the 6th disposition is formed by Aries Sun from Scorpio Moon, the aggressiveness of these individuals is amplified to a great extent.

As Moon is weakened, by default, it decreases their cognitive powers and ability to organize their thoughts which causes occasional stagnation and delays.

However, as Sun is dignified, it helps to replenish the lost power of the Moon by taking action despite turbulent and stressful thinking patterns.

Sun also amplifies the significations of the 6th disposition, such as discipline, durability, and stress-resistance which helps to heal their turbulent and fragile mind.

Despite their negative thoughts, Aries Sun helps them not to become distracted by them. Their actions are not motivated by bad intentions and jealousy.

With that being said, they can rely more on their intuition rather than cognitive reasoning.

That is because a dignified and strong Aries Sun gives them a deep urge to move forward and take righteous steps to achieve their goals while their mind can cause hindrances due to jealousy, paranoid thoughts, and unexplained hesitations.

What they feel is much more accurate, precise, and ethical than what they think. Therefore it is advised for them to not listen to those dark thoughts appearing in their minds.

Being actively involved in physical and challenging daily activities is what helps these individuals to unwind their turbulent minds and release stressful thoughts.

Phases of Moon

When Sun is in Aries while Moon is in Scorpio, it means that Sun is ahead of Moon from an astronomical perspective.

This also means that Moon is in a waning state which is considered to confer malefic effects as per Vedic sidereal astrology.

Aries Sun combined with Scorpio Moon gives the possibility of formation of the Waning Gibbous phase.

Waning Gibbous

Waning Gibbous phase is considered inauspicious because in this phase Moon starts to lose strength.

However, as this phase with Aries Sun and Scorpio Moon comes shortly after full Moon, it is capable of bestowing a lot of benefic results especially when the cancellation of the debilitation of Moon occurs.

It is the phase where Moon starts to lose its brightness and becomes darker gradually.

As this phase is formed shortly after the full moon (when it is in 7th from Sun), it can be characterized by the significations of the 8th house.

Accordingly, individuals born during this phase are inherently mysterious in nature.

The look in their eyes is nearly hypnotizing and they are able to understand other people because of having powerful hidden senses.

This phase of Moon enhances the 8th disposition and energies of Scorpio (8th) zodiac sign.

Hence, these character of these individuals is greatly influenced by the 8th house. In other words, they are very obsessive, envious, revengeful, and suspicious.

The obsessions they have can impact their relationships adversely both in personal and professional life.

That is because it can lead to compulsive behavior which makes them constantly check on others or little details.

It can paralyze them and cause situations where their judgment abilities are decreased which can lead to loss of support in relationships.

They are also prone to be forceful regarding their needs because of their obsessions combined with fears of sudden losses.

More specifically, they desire to see results immediately without being patient at all. This desire is caused because of having anxiety about uncertainty and hidden threats.

However, as Aries Sun is very powerful, it can lead to the formation of various beneficial outcomes as well.

Namely, Aries Sun can turn the obsessions caused by waning Scorpio Moon into great strength.

That is to say, Aries Sun gives these natives passion along with courage which can diminish their fear of the unknown.

More specifically, it transforms fear into preventive action. As a result, these individuals are inclined to seek ways to ensure positive outcomes in both personal and professional life.

For instance, they might seek mentorship when they feel lacking specific knowledge or skill before they even need it.

They simply feel when something is about to happen and their subconscious prompts them to be prepared.

Therefore, when sudden events happen anytime in the future, the decisions they make with fearful gut feelings benefit them as they are well prepared to tackle them effectively.

Aries Sun & Scorpio Moon Panchang – Astrological Diary

Tithi – Vedic Lunar Phase

In Vedic sidereal astrology, there is a very precise lunar phase system used. More specifically, the whole cycle of the Moon is divided into 30 tiny sectors each of which represents a specific lunar day and carries important significator and meaning.

Each year Sun and Moon are in different degrees in Aries and Scorpio respectively which creates the possibility of the formation of various different Vedic lunar phases. In this article, we shall learn about 3 possible Vedic lunar phases formed by Aries Sun and Scorpio Moon.

Krishna Pratipad

Krishna Pratipad is the 16th lunar day and 1st part of the waning Moon. This lunar day is characterized by Vriddhi Prada or rise and ascension.

The 1st part of the waning Moon is offering surprisingly favorable energies. Individuals who are born on the 16th lunar day have the special ability to control their turbulent emotions provided by Scorpio Moon.

Hence, it helps them to give relief to various negative effects given by Scorpio Moon. As a result, they are less jealous, offensive, and envious.

They are able to control their aggression and harness it to combat injustice instead of personal desires.

As this lunar day generally favors all auspicious activities, these individuals with Aries Sun combined with Scorpio Moon born on this lunar day are able to harness their immense courage as well as a clever way of thinking to start new movements secretly and forcefully.

Krishna Dwitiya

Krishna Dwitiya is the 17th lunar day and also the 2nd part of the waning Moon.

This lunar day is symbolized by Mangala Prada and is characterized as the provider of auspiciousness. The term Mangala denotes all kinds of auspicious activities.

As the significator of this lunar day suggests, the 2nd part of the waning Moon also offers a lot of positive outcomes. It is also reflected by the fact that Moon is mostly bright on this lunar day.

Individuals born during this day are successful when they take initiation towards the betterment of their surroundings.

That is because Aries is all about righteousness while exalted Sun in it gives the courage to stand for the truth no matter what.

This lunar day also neutralizes some of the negativity provided by the fallen Scorpio Moon by making them motivated to perform auspicious actions.

Krishna Tritya

Krishna Tritya is the 18th lunar day and also the 3rd part of the waning Moon. This day is signified by Bala Prada and is therefore the giver of power and authority.

When combining the waning Scorpio Moon with the effect of this lunar day, it shows that these individuals are able to achieve authoritative positions in areas where underground or hidden activities are involved.

Herein the dignified Aries Sun shows that they are battling villains or sinners using hidden tactics and the power of underground networks or communities.

The 3rd part of the waning Moon is governed by Mars which resonates well with Aries Sun and Scorpio Moon. That is because Mars rules over both these mentioned zodiac signs.

As a result, these individuals are extremely battle oriented which make them victorious in all kind of wars, especially when it involves working behind the scenes.

They are able to gather a group of people and lead them effectively with the fiery soul of Aries Sun and the aggressive mind given by Scorpio Moon.

If they are not into conflict-related activities, they can prosper also in other ways such as in real-estate (Mars) marketplaces by trading using relatively forceful marketing tactics.

Aries Sun & Scorpio Moon Yoga

Another important astrological combination formed by Sun and Moon with respect to each other is Nitya Yoga.

Sun and Moon are luminaries and thus the primary indicators of the personality of a person and the distance or exact degrees between these luminaries create a specific Yoga which gives additional information about the person.

This is why Aries Sun in combination with the Scorpio Moon people are not all the same and still have differences in their mentalities and general behaviors.

There is a total of 27 Nitya Yoga combinations and when Aries Sun combines with Scorpio Moon, there is a possibility of the formation of many different variations.

In this article, we shall learn about 3 Nithya Yoga combinations which can be formed by Aries Sun and Scorpio Moon.


Vyatipata is the 17th Nitya Yoga combination which is governed by the North Node Rahu which is malefic in nature. This Nitya Yoga is represented by Rudra and is very malefic.

Vyatipata can be interpreted as the creator of havoc, calamities, and chaos. This Sun-Moon Yoga resonates well with Scorpio Moon, which also gives a tendency to cause disharmony in surroundings.

With an undignified Moon, this Nitya Yoga becomes especially intensive which means that these natives are inclined to damage the social harmony and initiate chaos.

Their initial intention is to benefit themselves by causing havoc with their secret tactics. However, a dignified Aries Sun shows that they end up doing pious deeds even though it was not in their intentions initially.


Variyana is the 18th Nitya Yoga combination which is governed by the natural benefic planet Jupiter. It is considered to be auspicious Sun Moon Yoga.

The effect of this Nitya Yoga combination is to expand, improve, and enlarge. Interestingly, Jupiter has the same expansive effect on everything it is linked to in the natal birth chart.

This Nitya Yog is represented by Kubera which is the provider of comforts and luxuries.

Individuals born with this Nitya Yoga are fond of a lavish lifestyle. Because of the waning Moon, they tend to become stagnant in life because of being attached too much to their comfort zones.

However, an exalted Aries Sun gives them enough drive, impulse, and will-power to step out of the comfort zone eventually to improve their situation and living conditions.


Parigha is the 19th Nitya Yoga combination which is governed by the natural malefic planet Saturn. This Sun-Moon Yoga is considered to be malefic in nature.

The term Parigha means to restrict or shut the gates of any opening. Saturn is also the planet of restriction which makes it the reason for governing over Parigha Yoga.

Individuals born with Parigha Yoga who also have weak or fallen Scorpio Moon encounter a lot of struggles and obstructions in life mainly because of their own bad thoughts and intentions.

Because of their jealousy, they are prone to irritate or interfere in other people’s activities or businesses.

Aries Sun makes it harder to cope with this Nitya Yoga because it gives them the desire to take action and be independent. At the same time, Parigha Yoga forces them to become stagnant and delay all their decisions.

Ironically, dignified Aries Sun also shows that the delay benefits them because it allows them to think twice before rushing into action and analyze the possible outcomes of their actions.

They have a chance to adjust their actions according to the universal law of morality which will help them to become free and overcome obstructions victoriously.

The restrictive effect of Parigha Yoga helps these natives by forcing them to stop with various obstacles and not take action which is motivated by their dark and envious mind.

After experiencing delays and reconsidering their actions, they harness their righteous soul (Aries Sun) and use it as a compass for their decisions.

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