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Discover the effects of Moon in various zodiac signs. Moon is the second most important planet in Astrology. In addition to that, it is a luminous planet that governs our minds and determines our way of expression. It also reflects our soul through our expressions just as it reflects the light of the Sun, which signifies our inner self and souls. Moon is the closest planet and loyal companion to planet Earth. As a result, it has the biggest impact on our way of thinking. It also determines how we perceive the world and how we appear in public.

Moon in Taurus ♉️ ⋆ Exalted


Last updated on August 11th, 2020 at 09:40 am Why is Moon exalted in Taurus? Moon is exalted in Taurus because it flourishes in the most comfortable, nourishing, and stable sign Taurus. Being loved, pampered, and nurtured by Taurus, a strong Moon provides all-round mental stability and peace of mind. Moon in Taurus provides outstanding results as it is exalted in the considered sign according to...

Moon in Aries ♈️


Last updated on July 28th, 2020 at 12:10 pm What does Moon in Aries mean? It means that the loving, nourishing, emotional, affectionate, protective, warm, and watery planet Moon combines with the fiery, adventurous, independent, valorous, enterprising, motivated, dynamic, cardinal fire sign Aries. Regarding planetary relationship, it is considered neutral placement as Moon is sharing a neutral...

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