Dharma Trikona ⋆ the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses in Vedic Astrology


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The Spiritual Triangle

The spiritual triangle (Dharma Trikona) consists of aspects of the soul’s mission, accumulated merit, and the manifestation of past karma.

These three aspects are actually represented by the houses of 1st, 5th and 9th in astrology which ultimately form a triangular shape and are thus named Trikonas or Angular Houses.

Planetary placement with Trine to each other is very auspicious due to the harmonious balance of the triangle supplies.

These are the houses that reveal the potential of spiritual enlightenment and they are the main supporters of the whole chart, even for wealth as the 11th house from itself is the 9th house of luck – success and gains through good deeds are mostly backed by luck and accumulated merit from past births.

According to that, when the 9th house or its lord is participating in the Dhana Yogas or Wealth Combinations, it can indicate ripe fruits that are ready to enjoy in the present.

It is always wise to continue to invest these blessings in a Dharmic way in order to advance spiritually even further by applying the earnings to the greater purpose by combining these blessings with the 5th house significations and thus increase the fortune.

That is why any connection to Trine houses and their lords is highly beneficial and if strong enough, they are capable of producing the great effects of kingly Raja Yogas.

Additionally, when Trikonas make a connection with Kendra houses, the square houses, they produce the same kingly yoga as the square is the foundation of triangular walls when taking the symbolic pyramid architecture into the consideration.

Here we actually uncovered the spiritual meaning of pyramids which were used all over the world for sacred constructions in all cultures and religions. A planet ruling a Dharma Trikona and Kendra house simultaneously is called a yogakaraka planet for this very powerful reason.

In the birth chart, look for the 9th lord, yogakaraka planet, Jupiter, their strength and connection to other houses as they can indicate a lot of luck to the corresponding area on life.

As Jupiter is the natural lord of the 9th house, its placement and aspect will improve the significations of the houses and yogas it is participating in. The generic reason why a strong 9th Dharmic house is capable of producing immense luck, gains and wealth is simply the blessing of having a pious aim and, purpose and goal.

The positive placement of Dharma Trikona houses and their lords are capable of giving abundant divine grace to the native along with divine guidance through the good and rough times making the path much smoother. It also blesses the native with righteousness or Dharma.

The spiritual meaning of Dharma Trikona houses

Wealth is represented by the Goddess Lakshmi – from Lakshya, Sanskrit word, which means aim or goal.

Therefore we can see that the wealth comes only to those who are having fruitful and good goals/aims which results in the strong 9th house. Its connection to other houses is able to provide even more results.

It is not a coincidence that from Goddess Lakshmi, the Trikona houses are also known as Lakshmisthanas, which signify luck and prosperity whereas the Kendra houses are named Vishnusthanas, after Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe.

Lakshmi and Vishnu are a wife and husband to each other and their symbolic connection in the birth chart is highly desirable and that is why the union of Trikona and Kendra house produces a special Raja Yoga and the planet ruling both houses simultaneously becomes a very auspicious Yogakaraka planet.

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