8th House Lord in 9th House


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What does 8th House Lord in 9th House mean?

When the planet that governs the 8th house of the natal birth chart is located in the 9th house form the ascendant sign, it means to have this combination.

As a general effect of this combination, the significances of the 9th house, such as luck, fortune, destiny, higher wisdom, faith, religion, philosophy, righteousness, morals, ethics, father, etc are influenced by the significations of the 8th house such as transformations, spirituality, hidden talents, occult sciences, everything hidden or underneath the surface, darkness, fears (fearlessness positively), everything uncertain & unexpected, as well as hidden treasures, unearned wealth, longevity, etc

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The given position for the 8th house lord to be in is considered favorable as per sidereal Vedic astrology. It is because the 8th lord in the 9th house is in the 2nd from its own sign. As the 2nd signifies wealth, assets, values, self-worth, family matters, etc this disposition adds value to this combination.

However, it is still important to keep in mind that the 8th house is a malefic house or Dusthana Bhava and its lord carries malefic energies on to the 9th house causing sudden events and hardships. In order to have positive outcomes generated from this combination, the 8th house ruler should be in good dignity in the 9th house.

The 8th house belongs to the triangle of salvation or Moksha Trikona and the 9th belongs to the triangle of righteousness or Dharma Trikona. The connection between these house types indicates that the interests of achieving salvation make the native value righteousness if the 8th house ruler is in good dignity.

Results of 8th House Lord in 9th House

Unconventional Belief System

One of the first things mentioned in the ancient source of Vedic astrology, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, is that individuals with this combination have faith in other religious beliefs than the one of their birth culture.

In addition to that, it is also mentioned that they can accept also other religions and belief systems in addition to one of their own culture.

The main reason for this effect is hidden behind the signification fo the 9th house, which is faith and religion. At the same time, the 8th house ruler affects the 9th house in a way that is unusual to people who only accept one religion.

As the 8th house is all about the discovery of hidden matters, history, and deep research, the positioning of the given house lord in the 9th house indicates that these natives are deeply fascinated about the deep research on various religions and the history behind them.

However, this interest requires them to expand their religious viewpoints in order to avoid becoming ignorant while learning about other cultures, religious stories, and beliefs.

Accordingly, if the 8th house ruler is auspiciously positioned in the 9th house, it indicates that these natives are able to expand their perspective about the belief systems in order to learn about other cultures.

It is actually very beneficial as it develops deep tolerance towards people from other religious followings. This also helps to reduce various religious conflicts in the world.

As the 8th house ruler casts a direct aspect upon the 3rd house of skills and mental intellect, it indicates a deep urge to learn about the symbolism and meaning of different religions.

They are deeply fascinated about finding similarities and connections of different religions in order to find out that they all carry the same truth and one almighty God. It is their main interest to develop this skill of understanding the historical lineage of various belief systems and the story behind the creation of them.

This is how their tolerance and acceptance towards other cultures are developed. In fact, all religions have appeared during different timelines for special reasons. What is more fascinating, the prophets and leaders of each religious story are sons and daughters of the same almighty God.

On the contrary, if the 8th house ruler is in bad dignity in the given house, it indicates leaving their own birth religion for another religion for selfish purposes. It can also indicate a lot of aggression because of being intolerant about other belief systems.

In rare cases, it indicates being completely intolerant about all belief systems and spiritual truths because of having the inclination to perform sinful deeds in the first place. The feeling of the quilt is what makes them intolerant and ignorant about higher powers, righteousness, and spirituality.

It is important for such natives to deeply acknowledge that all religions and their prophets appeared in different timelines from the same God and for a reason and they were not born to create quarrels. Instead, all the different prophets appeared in various difficult historical timelines to promote peace, harmony, and righteous way of living.

Values Righteousness & Faith

The fact that the 8th house lord is in 2nd from its own sign indicates that these natives have high values regarding righteousness and faith.

However, as the difficult 8th house is involved, it is indicated that harsh circumstances and difficult experiences trigger the process of deep transformation. During that process, the native with this combination develops faith to almighty which ensures divine support along the way.

The times of extreme difficulties prompt the natives to walk through darkness in order to find the light. After having experienced darkest times, the native notices more value in spirituality.

While being in the midst of chaos, it forces them to look up in the sky to beg for help. From this point, their prayers are answered and they receive divine support.

After having their prayers answered they finally realize that higher powers truly exist and it is always important to have faith and rely on almighty God. In fact, they also realize that it is also important to never leave God by keeping following a righteous lifestyle.

On the contrary, if the 8th house ruler is damaged and in bad dignity in the 9th house, it indicates having a lack of interest in righteousness, morals, and ethics. It also causes being unfaithful and ungrateful.

While being unfaithful and abandoning the righteous way of living, it motivates the natives to perform sinful deeds.

As a result, they can become dangerous for everyone and cause a lot of harm to nature and other living beings.

Faithful & Courageous Speech

The 2nd disposition also signifies speech. In addition to that, the aspect of the 8th house lord upon the 3rd house from the 9th house signifies valor, courage, and communication.

Hence, this combination indicates having deeply philosophical and serious speech which is expressed in a very valorous manner.

If this combination is well-formed, it indicates that the natives courageously express their faith and motivate others to follow a righteous life path at all costs as this is the only way to beautiful destiny and lasting prosperity.

If the combination is ill-formed, it indicates having foul speech that devalues all kinds of faith. In addition to that, natives with this combination are capable of generating secret lies and gossips.

They are capable of doing it because having no respect for morals and ethics. As a result, the process of reaching a beautiful destiny is hindered by obstacles caused by the same character traits.

As the 3rd house is aspected, it indicates that the native may be involved in publications that deal with controversies. fake theories, or conspiracies.

Quarrels With Father & Relatives

This combination also causes hardships in communication with family members and relatives.

The family is involved because it is the signification of the 2nd (disposition) house. Relatives are involved because of the aspects upon the 3rd house.

At the same time, the difficult 8th house is involved, which causes disharmony with relatives and family members of relatives.

Keep repenting and repeating secretly in mind: "God is enough for me and I bear witness that there is no other worthy of worship than the Almighty Creator alone" for the pleasure and abundance of God to flow in
(Surat al-Baqarah 2:163)

Whoever makes the Hereafter (aims for piety & righteousness) his/her goal, Allah (english: God) makes his/her heart rich, and organizes his/her affairs, and the world comes to him/her whether it wants to or not
(Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2465)

And God is the most merciful and loving. The God Almighty said: By My might and majesty, I will continue to forgive them, as long as they seek My forgiveness.
(Musnad Aḥmad 11237)

And God protects the faithul more than a caring Mother protects her child
(Sahih al-Bukhari 5999)

Do not perform idolatry, impiety, disrespect for parents, murder, theft, adultery, false witness, and envy
(Surat al-An’am 6:151-153)

The Messenger of God [PBUH] used to stress charity in his sermons, and prohibit mutilation. But protect truth and believers at all costs.
(Sunan an-Nasa'i 4047)

There must be no sects, tribes, or gangs amongst you, and take special care of women.
(Words From The Last Sermon Of The Last Prophet {PBUH})

All people are theoretically beleivers if they believe in one God, The Prophets (some of them: Solomon, Moses, Jesus) and The Seal of Prophets (Muhammad) peace be upon them. That is, do not be quick to judge and leave judgment to God except when there is direct threat to righteous beleivers.

Some of The Last Words of God via The Last Prophet

In addition to that, as the 9th house signifies father, the presence of malefic energies here indicates frequent quarrels between the natives and their father.

As the 8th house is about everything hidden and underneath the surface, it indicates the father of the native being very secretive. The source of earnings may be from secret sources or from activities that involve deep research and occult sciences.

If the 8th ruler is ill-placed, it indicates that the native is disrespectful towards father and relatives from the father’s side.

Wealth Matters

As the positioning of the 8th house lord in the 9th house is in 2nd from own sign, the given combination provides some in-depth information about the wealth matters surrounding the native.

As the 8th house is about secret and hidden matters, it indicates that the financial gains are obtained through hidden sources or occult science.

The gains of fortune (9th) are sudden and unexpected as the 8th house suggests.

If the given combination is well-formed, it indicates sudden additional gains of income through secret but legal sources.

As the 9th house is about kindness and ethics, the positive form of this combination also makes the native charitable. With that being said, they are always willing to donate some portion of their suddenly gained additional income.

On the contrary, if the 8th house ruler is in bad dignity in the 9th house, it indicates earning additional income through secret sources illegally.

It also causes a lot of jealousy and greed which causes these individuals to have an eye on others’ wealth. With that being said, they may perform immoral acts and frauds in order to obtain wealth from others.

It also indicates sudden heavy obstructive events that cause loss of fortune because of heavily accumulated negative karma. The 8th house and its lord is a harbinger of results according to karmic records.

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