8th House Lord in 10th House


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What does 8th House Lord in 10th House mean?

When the planet that governs the 8th house of the natal birth chart is located in the 10th house from the ascendant sign, it means to have this planetary combination.

As a general effect of this combination, the matters of the 10th house, such as social rank & status, public fame, karma or main activities in life, profession, career, business, high achievements, order & regulations, etc are influenced by the significations of the 8th house such as transformations, spirituality, hidden talents, occult sciences, everything hidden or underneath the surface, darkness, fears (fearlessness positively), everything uncertain & unexpected, as well as hidden treasures, unearned wealth, longevity, etc

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The give combination is intense because the 10th house is one of the most difficult places for 8th lord to be in for various reasons.

Firstly, the 8th house is a malefic house which is called a Dusthana Bhava as per sidereal Vedic astrology and its lord brings troubles to the matters of the 10th house.

To add difficulties to this position, the 8th ruler in the 10th house is in the 3rd form its own sign. Herein the 3rd house is another malefic house that signifies hard work and obstacles.

In addition to that, the 8th house belongs to the triangle of salvation or Moksha Trikona, the 10th belongs to the triangle of wealth or Artha Trikona, while the 3rd belongs to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona.

Hence, the connection between the houses indicates desire to earn wealth through the activities of the 8th house of salvation, transformation, and spirituality.

Results of 8th House Lord in 10th House

Secluded Communication

In classical source Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra it is mentioned that natives with this combination have a tendency to gossip and reveal the secrets of others.

This effect is provided by the fact that 8th lord in the 10th house is in the 3rd from its own sign. The 3rd is about communication, information transfer, publications, etc.

At the same time, the 8th house denotes secret matters and the settlement of the 8th ruler in the 10th house of public/work-life indicates that the communication is related to hidden things.

The outcomes of this effect are highly dependent on the dignity of the 8th house ruler.

Accordingly, if the given combination is well-placed, it indicates that the native deals with secret and confidential matters. The good dignity of the 8th ruler ensures that the native follows morals and keeps the secret information protected from the public.

On the contrary, if the 8th house lord is in bad dignity in the given house, it indicates that the native is a talebearer who uses the communication negatively. That is to say, they often generate false stories or conspiracies and express them in public life. Their communication with others is also preoccupied with lots of rumors and scandals.

Mischievous & Intensive Character

The 10th house is all about the actions of a person and the positioning of the 8th house lord in the given house gives a lot of information about the intentions of the native concerned.

The 8th house is about sudden events which indicate that the actions of the native are often unpredictable. It is not necessarily bad as deeper outcomes are highly dependent on the dignity of the given house lord.

With that being said, they often appear out of the blue with their ideas and actions in public or work life.

The 8th house carries energies of the 8th zodiac sign Scorpio, which is known for high intensity. Hence, the 8th house highly shapes the public behavior of the native and they are well known for their passionate and intensive character.

They can also become very impulsive and harsh at times when provoked.

Other than that, such individuals have a reputation of being secretive or mischievous. That is, the public does not fully understand their motives and intentions as the natives usually hide their agenda. It can be for various reasons, and not always for bad ones. For instance, they may feel extremely vulnerable to the opinions of people from public life which becomes the prime cause for being secretive.

The disharmonious character makes it many times harder for the natives to achieve the social status they desire. The 8th lord of darkness casts a dark shadow upon the public image of the native. The 10th house is meant to shine brightly but the presence of 8th ruler there makes it hard to stand out.

If the given combination is well placed, it indicates that the native holds secrets for good cause because of being involved in a confidential type of work or activities.

Yet, their character is still very intensively harsh which indicates that they may be forcing their agenda to others in their workplace or public. This causes conflict because other people can not truly understand the motives behind the agenda of the native.

However as the 8th ruler, in this case, is strong and well-placed in the 10th house, it indicates that these natives are successfully able to bring changes to their career or business.

On the contrary, if the 8th lord is in bad dignity, it also translates to their unethical actions. As a result, the native becomes wicked and immoral while making an effort to stand out in public. There are high chances of being involved in illegal activities.

The damaged 8th ruler also indicates that the native becomes very dangerous. It also influences their style of communication which becomes dirty, cruel, and negatively intense.

Their negative way of communicating and gossiping nature makes their character very controversial.

Confidence In Profession

The 10th house also reflects the profession, career, or main activities in life. Hence, the positioning of the 8th house lord in this house gives a clue about the career path of the native.

As the mysterious 8th house suggests, the work or main activities of the native are involved with mysteries, secrets, and hidden matters.

With that being said, their work involves a lot of in-depth research and secret documents. Their work can also involve intensive situations and sudden events where they resolve and deal with the aftermath of these events.

As the combination forms the 3rd disposition, it suggests that there is a lot of secret information transfer involved. This also indicates that the work and main activity may take place behind the scenes and the people from the public can not really understand the specialty of the native with this combination.

Other than that, the 8th house also governs various sciences where deep research is required. To be specific, this combination also suggests that the native may be dealing with occult sciences, astrology, psychology, palmistry where they counsel people who have experienced sudden difficult circumstances in life.

Moreover, as the 8th house deals with transformation, it can also indicate occupation relating to recycling which is transforming trash into usable material.

Alternatively, if the 8th house lord is in bad dignity, it indicates that the secrecy in activities takes a completely different direction. That is to say, with the bad dignity of the 8th ruler, the natives are involved with secret illegal and unethical activities through which they earn their wealth.

The secret activity involves closed or private networks of people, as the 3rd disposition suggests.

As per the law of karma, the bad deeds also accumulate lots of negative karma which manifests in sudden and unexpected losses. In the end, all the unrighteously obtained money will be lost or it cannot be used as desired.

It is self-explanatory that the negative form of this combination also causes great damage to social status and reputation. In other words, it brings negative fame to a person with this ill-formed combination.

Hard Working

The combination in question also prompts the natives to work hard for their ambitious goals.

There are various astrological indications for this effect. To begin with, the presence of malefic 8th lord in the 10th house of ambitions, career, and high achievements indicates various obstacles and sudden obstructions that cause a lot of struggle and disappointment.

Secondly, the given combination forms the 3rd disposition which also signifies self-made efforts, hard work, the power to take action, and skillsets required for hard work.

Accordingly, the native should hustle hard in order to achieve results and build up strong social rank and status. The sudden obstacles and events prompt the natives to work even harder than hard in order to see any results.

Hence, it becomes a very fragile yet intensive combination the outcomes of which are dependent on the dignity of the given lord.

If the 8th house lord is strong and in good dignity, it indicates that the native always finds courage, motivation, and will power to overcome those unexpected disturbances. Their motivation is highly supported by their excellent skillsets which enable them to tactfully deal with downfalls in life and come out from troubles as a better version of themselves.

If the combination is inauspiciously formed, it indicates that the obstacles cause loss of courage, valor, and motivation in order to proceed chasing dreams. It other words, it makes the native lazy which also means that they are not willing to improve their skillsets constantly which makes them stagnant in one position in life.

The disappointment can further lead to the commitment of frauds and trickery in an attempt to achieve better financial status or fame. It can also indicate taking advantage of physical and sensual attraction in an attempt to get promoted.

Lack Of Mental Peace

This combination also causes a lack of mental peace due to disturbances caused by obstruction and unexpected events.

In astrological terms, this effect is caused by the aspect of the 8th lord upon the 4th house of peace of mind.

All the struggles the native faces in public life affect their mental health adversely. This dissatisfaction extends to the domestic environment of the native. As a result, their home environment also lacks peace and harmony due to negative emotions the native carries.

If the 8th lord is strong and well-paced, it indicates that they are able to remain level headed despite a lot of disturbances and loss of mental peace. They are able to keep going, but with a rather serious attitude because with this combination, there is a lack of positive emotions.

Moreover, as the 4th also signifies mother, this combination indicates hardships to the mother of the native as well.

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