11th House Lord in 8th House


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What does 11th House Lord in 8th House mean?

When the planet that governs the 11th house of the natal birth chart is located in the 8th house from the ascendant sign, it means to have this planetary combination.

As a general effect of this combination, the significances of the 8th house, such as longevity, hidden matters, hidden sense, occult knowledge, transformation, unearned wealth, as well as, sorrow, delay, obstructions, sudden events causing losses, etc. are influenced by the significations of the 11th house such as gains, profits, aspirations, wishes, desires, the fulfillment of aspirations, recovery from hardships, fruits of discipline, the celebration of auspicious events, communities, friends, elder siblings, large networks, etc.

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It is a rather difficult combination because the 8th house is a malefic house which is called a Dusthana Bhava for the same reason. Hence, energies of the malefic 8th house cause certain disruptions to the matters of the 11th house.

However, if the 11th lord is dignified in the considered malefic house, it allows certain positive outcomes after initial struggles.

On the other hand, when the 11th lord is in the 8th house it is in 10th from its own sign. This 10th disposition or offset adds favorability to this combination because it is the most favorable quadrant or Kendra Bhava which signifies high achievements, social rank, status, karma, duties, profession, etc. as per sidereal Vedic astrology.

In addition to that, the 11th house belongs to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona, the 8th house belongs to the triangle of salvation or Moksha Trikona while the 10th (disposition) house belongs to the triangle of wealth or Artha Trikona.

The connection between these house types reflects a desire to attain salvation and become enlightened through main activities in life.

Results of 11th House Lord in 8th House

Fluctuating Finances

The 8th house denotes everything uncertain and unexpected while the 11th house signifies profits. Hence, the connection between the houses indicate lots of uncertainty regarding gains of the native with this combination.

Whether there are sudden turning points that lead to improvements in the financial condition or not is highly dependent on the dignity of the 8th house lord.

In the classical source Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra is mentioned that whatever the native undertakes, there is some turning point that either reverses the situation in a good or bad direction.

If the 11th lord is dignified or well placed, it indicates that the native experiences sudden turning point towards betterment after enduring many painful periods.

In other words, just before native is about to give up, their situation suddenly improves and their level of success dramatically increases. From this point, their hard work and devotion start to pay off in the form of unexpected rewards.

On the contrary, if the given combination is ill-formed, it indicates that the undertakings which are motivated by the desires and aspirations of the native are obstructed by sudden events triggered by negative karmic records.

Sudden Profits

Speaking of sudden improvements, they can be also in the form of profits and gains, as the 11th house significances suggest.

In fact, the 8th house signifies unearned wealth and unexpected events at the same time. This indicates a sudden boost of finances through sources that the natives didn’t expect to gain.

These gains can be for instance inheritance, lottery, or insurance compensations.

Alternatively, if the 11th lord is undignified and weak, it indicates sudden losses from damage caused by sinners or natural disasters. In fact, undignified 11th lord motivates the natives to attain their desires through unacceptable ways that increases their negative karmic balance.

The results of the negative karma strike in ways and periods that are completely unexpected and not anticipated. A fallen or undignified 11th lord (which does not receive cancellation of enmity or debilitation) can make the native gain suddenly from frauds but which are lost suddenly. Such gains will never fulfill their desires and cause troubles instead.

Increased Longevity

The 8th house signifies transformation or rebirth which is linked to second chance or longevity in a positive light. Negatively it indicates chronic or incurable ailments that decrease longevity.

In BPHS there is mentioned that this combination makes the native long-lived. That is because of the 11th house s of gradual growth and improvement. Hence, the positioning of the lord of growth in the 8th grows longevity.

For the positive effect and outcome, the 11th lord should be dignified and strong which indicates sudden relief from misfortunes and health ailments.

On the contrary, a weak or undignified 11th lord increases the negative effects of the 8th house that weaken the health of native and make them generally unfortunate.

Fears & Anxiety

The 8th house reflects hidden depths, uncertainty, and also fears. At the same time, the 11th house signifies long term aspirations and goals.

With this combination, the native is constantly stressed and anxious when it comes to the future. They have a lot of hesitations and fears regarding their goals.

If the 11th lord is strong and dignified, these fears act like hidden blessings in disguise. That is, the fear makes them prepare for the worst, which helps them to endure the worst periods and reach beautiful destinations through hardships.

These natives are prompted to go through darkness to attain their aspirations and desires.

A strong 11th lord in 8th house combined with a dignified 8th lord makes the native fearless in the process of facing all fears. The fearlessness makes them unstoppable and capable of reaching great heights and attain great achievements, as the 10th disposition suggests.

Negatively, an undignified 11th lord indicates that the native is being held back from taking action by their own fears. They become too restrained and inflexible to take necessary steps.

If the strong 8th lord supports, the circumstances force them to take action and face fears despite their inflexibility and fears which gives them good momentum.

Deeper Aspirations

As the 8th house belongs to the salvation triangle while the 11th house reflects long term aspirations, it makes these natives deeply fascinated about spirituality, enlightenment, and soul transformation.

These natives aspire to attain enlightenment and dive deep into the darkness to discover the light within themselves.

Whether the transformational process will be good or bad-natured, are dependent on the condition of the 11th lord.

Namely, if the 11th lord is dignified, it also makes the native dignified. It also provides them with good intentions and ensures that their actions are backed by good motives.

These characteristics are crucial for positive soul transformation which leads them to enlightenment and spiritual awakening of their souls at significant periods in life.

As the 8th house is still malefic, it indicates that the turning points which initiate the transformation of the soul are often painful and difficult.

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All people are practically beleivers if they believe in one God, The Prophets (some of them: Solomon, Moses, Jesus) and The Seal of Prophets (Muhammad) peace be upon them. That is, do not be quick to judge and leave judgment to God except when there is direct threat to righteous beleivers.
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Some of The Last Words of God via The Last Prophet [PBUH]

However, these hardships will strengthen the native and the soul will definitely heal in the process of enlightenment and discovering the deeper and more beautiful meaning of life.

Hidden Groups

Often their path to discovering the deeper meaning of life involves being active in groups and communities who share the same goals and interests. These groups can be involved in hidden sciences, occult, etc.

The groups that native is active in might be functioning secretly or hidden from the public.

With that being said, these natives can be active in communities that deal with secret information or hidden matters. They can be involved in deep research or investigation. They also discuss topics that are unusual for average people, such as taboos.

If the 11th lord is undignified, it indicates that the native is involved with secret underground groups and activities where they are working with sinful or unethical people. They might be disguised in communities and large networks who obtain secret information for bad purposes.

Heightened Sensuality

The 8th house also denotes the enjoyment of physical pleasures between people. At the same time, the 11th house belongs to the desired triangle.

With the 11th lord of growth in the 8th house, the desires of these natives are greatly expanded. With their heightened desire for passion, they become more involved with activities that are related to physical pleasures and sensuality.

They also integrate spirituality, healing, and transformation with physical pleasures. These natives have the capacity to become great tantric sensual healers.

On the contrary, undignified 11th lord indicates that they are unable to direct their sensuous energies piously nad thus become very lustful. That is to say, they seek satisfaction to their desires through immoral or socially unacceptable ways.

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