11th House Lord in 2nd House


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What does 11th House Lord in 2nd House mean?

When the planet that governs the 11th house of the natal birth chart is located in the 2nd house from the ascendant sign, it means to have this planetary combination.

As a general effect of this combination, the significations of the 2nd house, such as accumulated wealth, assets, values, self-worth, family values & traditions, mental resources & talents, speech, vision, etc are influenced by the significations of the 11th house such as gains, profits, aspirations, wishes, desires, the fulfillment of aspirations, recovery from hardships, fruits of discipline, the celebration of auspicious events, communities, friends, elder siblings, large networks, etc.

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This combination is considered very auspicious because it makes up one of the most fortunate combinations for an increase in financial condition and assets.

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What makes this combination even more auspicious is the fact that 11th lord in 2nd house is in 4th from its own sign. That is because the 4th house is a favorable and supportive quadrant house or Kendra Bhava which signifies peace of mind, learning capabilities, thinking patterns, comforts, luxuries, conveyances, mother, affection, property, real estate, etc.

It is important to note that positive results are extracted out of the significations of the above-mentioned houses if the 11th lord is in good dignity in the 2nd house.

The 11th house belongs to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona, the 2nd house belongs to the triangle of wealth or Artha Trikona, while the 4th (disposition) house belongs to the triangle of salvation or Moksha Trikona.

The connection between these house types indicates that the native has inherent desire to establish a solid financial foundation in order to attain complete peace of mind.

Results of 11th House Lord in 2nd House

Wealthy & Fulfilled

In classical source, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra is mentioned that individuals with this combination are blessed with various kinds of wealth and fulfillment.

This effect can be explained by throigh various astrological indicators. To begin with, the 11th house is about profits, gains, and fulfillment of aspirations.

At the same time, the 2nd house governs over wealth accumulations, assets, valuable items, etc.

Hence, the connection between these two houses is considered very auspicious regarding material matters. To be specific, with the 11th lord in 2nd house, the native gains profits which improve their financial condition and security to a great extent.

If the 11th lord is signified, it assures the fulfillment of desires related to wealth and assets.

On the contrary, if the 11th house lord is undignified, it indicates these natives lack the thinking patterns which enables them to gain profits and establish a solid financial condition.

In other words, it indicates that their desires regarding wealth, in general, remain unfulfilled. Additionally, it can create a greedy person who does not seem to get enough, even when they have plenty. As a result, they develop that unbalanced hoarding wealth mentality.

Gradual Growth

In BPHS, there is also stated that these natives are blessed with various accomplishments.

As the 2nd house is invovled, it indicaets accomplishments regarding finacnes in particular.

The 11th house is also the house of growth and gradual improvement which is called Upachaya Bhava in sidereal Vedic astrology. With the lord of a growth house in the 2nd house, the financial condition of the native gradually improves over time.

If the 11th lord is in good dignity in the given house, it indicates an exponential expansion of finances and assets.

In addition to that, the 11th house lord casts a direct aspect upon the 8th house of uncertain events from the 2nd house. A dignified 11th lord is able to protect the native from events that cause sudden losses of wealth.

On the contrary, an undignified 11th lord can indicate the exact opposite. That is to say, the negative form of this combination indicates that the financial condition is very unstable. It also makes it hard to establish that financial security which in turn causes lots of anxiety, stress, worry, and loss of peace.

Multiple Income Streams

In addition to that, it indicates income streams from multiple sources. That is because the 11th house represents an expansion of fractals in nature, just like the branches of trees, ends of a lightning bolt, branching of blood vessels, gradual expansion of the universe, etc.

With the 11th lord in the house of wealth, the income sources develop multiple branches that provide the most desired financial freedom, security, and peace of mind.

Additionally, as the 4th disposition house signifies thinking patterns and the ability to adapt, a dignified 11th ruler indicates that these natives have this go-getter mentality.

With this mentality, they are able to take proper action and apply their wisdom to put it into action and establish multiple streams of profits.

Sources Of Gains

The 4th disposition which is formed by the placement of 11th lord in the 2nd house indicates intonation of this combination. In other words, the 4th house indicates the possible sources of gains.

The 4th house signifies vehicles, conveyances, luxurious items, properties, lands, real estate, home environments & decoration, etc.

Accordingly, all these above-mentioned significances play a major role in the expansion of the financial condition of the native with this combination.

That is to say, the sources of income can be anything related to these significations. Additionally, it indicates that the native is fond of attaining lots of luxuries, a beautiful home with brilliant interior design, and real estate in order to establish financial security or multiple income streams.

Moreover, as the 11th house also signifies large networks, communities, and friends, these natives gain profits by being active in large networks or with the help of their friends’ circle.

The fall of the 11th lord in the 2nd house indicates excessive greed and loss of dignity. This, in turn, motivates these natives to attain profits through debilitated, fraudulent, or unacceptable ways.

In fact, the aspect of an undignified planet upon the 8th house provides the native a mentality of a thief (4th disposition – mentality). This indicates that their yes are constantly on other assets and they seek ways how to obtain it in one way or another.

The reason why they do this instead of trying to earn wealth fairly is that the undignified planet indicates that they are bereft of dignity and thus they feel comfortable while performing unethical acts. They feel that it is okay for them to obtain wealth through secretive tricks and tactics.

Another reason is their resentment, especially as the 4th disposition of thinking patterns is involved in this equation. They become ungrateful which leads to experience o unfortunate events. This, in turn, makes them want to give the same experiences to others.

As per the law of karma, unrighteously or unfairly obtained wealth becomes soaked with negative energy and the native is either unable to use this dirty wealth or it causes curses and lots of sudden disasters to the native.

Charitable & Spiritual

What is interesting about this combination is that even though it gives great materialistic desires, it is also capable of providing a spiritual way of thinking.

In BPHS, there is also mentioned that individuals with this combination are very charitable and religious in addition to being generally prosperous and happy.

The reason for all this is hidden in the 4th disposition house which belongs to the salvation triangle. Salvation is about attaining heaven after incarnation.

Accordingly, if the 11th lord is dignified in the 2nd house, it indicates that while being active in building a solid financial foundation, these natives are also concerned about deeds that ensure a sweet spot in heaven for them.

Such dignified natives have a desire to attain wealth, profits, and fulfillment of desires through moral, ethical, honest, and fair means. It is written deep in their mindset.

Speaking of mindset, these natives develop spiritual interests and this becomes their motto of living life and earning wealth.

In addition to that, as stated in classical sources, they are also inclined towards kind and supportive acts in the community. While they have plenty, they are also willing to share some portion of their wealth with the needy.

As per the law of karma, this dramatically increases their prosperity and financial condition. Then the process of charity repeats, and gains increase gradually over time as this cycle recurs.

Charming Voice

The 2nd house also governs the facial attributes, including mouth and speech. The positioning of the 11th house lord in the 2nd house provides a very radiant, charismatic, and influential speech to the native.

Their way of speaking if always exaggerating and they are extremely sociable. They enjoy and have a deep urge to connect with like-minded people and express the common topics of interest in a deep way., as the aspect upon the 8th house suggests.

In addition to that, they are able to grow their wealth using their highly influential and attractive speech.

For these natives, it is of utmost importance to engage with people who they like to become. That is because with this combination friends have a huge impact on the native. The self-worth and value depend on which groups of people these natives interact with. They feel as if friends and communities were their life insurance.

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