5th House Lord in 7th House


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What does 5th House Lord in 7th House mean?

When the planet that rules over the 5th house of the natal birth chart is located in the 7th house from the ascendant sign, it means to have this planetary combination of 5th lord in 7th.

What are the effects of the 5th House Lord in the 7th House?

As a general effect of this combination, the significations of the 7th house, such as trading, business ventures, joint ventures, partnerships, peace, balance, harmony, compromises, marriage, relationships, etc. are influenced by the significations of the 5th house, such as progeny, romance, memory, intelligence, wisdom, leadership abilities, authority, name, fame, past life, etc.

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The combination in question is generally considered very auspicious for a special reason as per sidereal Vedic astrology.

Namely, the 5th house belongs to a very auspicious trine house group, which is named as Trikona Bhava in Vedic astrology. At the same time, the 7th house belongs to another very auspicious quadrant house group which is called Kendra Bhava.

The connection of two very strong and auspicious houses is considered extremely auspicious as per sidereal Vedic astrology.

As a result, his special combination strengthens the significations of both houses in a positive light.

On the other hand, this combination is not the easiest one for another special reason. To be specific, the 5th lord in the 7th house is in third from its own house/sign. The 3rd house, however, belongs to a malefic house group which is called Dusthana Bhava for it denotes hard effort that must be made in order to harvest benefits from both houses.

Results of 5th House Lord in 7th House

Honorable & Admired

To begin with, the ancient scripture of Vedic astrology, BPHS, mentions that people with this combination are blessed with respect, honor, and recognition from society.

The reason for that lies in many astrological indications.

Firstly, the 7th house signifies masses, public, and society, as it is the exact opposite house of self, which is ascendant or the 1st house. At the same time, the 5th house signifies power, name, fame, and authority.

Kind-Hearted & Reputed

Furthermore, The 5th lord in the 7th house is giving a direct aspect upon the 1st house or ascendant which influences the image of self of the native.

Accordingly, with the power of this fortunate planetary combination, it creates a very smart, wise, and intelligent person who applies its intellect to achieving peace, balance, and harmony.

This means that society perceives the native as a very friendly, kindhearted, and balanced personality who is able to influence the masses in a positive light.

This ensures that the native with this combination is trusted and supported by the masses (7th house) which means that the native receives a high level of respect, recognition, and admiration from people from the society.

Great Manager

As the 5th house, which is the natural home for king-like zodiac sign Leo, it denotes leadership abilities and authority in general.

Hence, this combination also indicates great intellect combined with great management or administrative skills.

People from society also notice this trait in the native and trust them for the same reason for making various decisions.

Kind & Helpful

The classical source, BPHS, also states that these natives are very kind, humble, and helpful to other people in society.

The kindness of such natives is provided by the fact that the 5th house signifies the heart, including the basic expression of self.

Accordingly, as the 5th lord is in the 7th house of peace, harmony, and balance, such natives always strive for achieving state of peace and harmony within society.

This makes them, in fact, also very helpful as they reach out to anyone, who has issues and try to resolve them, in order to avoid the issue from growing and spreading in society.

Extremely Wise & Intelligent

People with this combination are extremely wise and intelligent with great memory and learning capacity.

It is because the 5th house in the 7th house is casting direct aspect upon the 1st house, which signifies the head. Hence, this combination strongly influences the mindset of a person concerned.

Hard-Working & Valorous

In addition to being smart, these natives are also very fierce, courageous, valorous, and hard-working people.

This effect is provided by the fact that the 5th lord in the 7th house is in 3rd from own house. The 3rd house denotes emotional and physical strengths, self-made efforts, courage, valor, and motivation in general.

Their motivation and ability to put in hard work and effort is very helpful in achieving success in the 7th house spheres, including business ventures and achieving harmony in immediate society.

Confident & Independent

As the 5th house lord of leadership abilities gives aspect upon the 1st house of self, it indicates having high levels of self-confidence.

In addition to that, it also indicates that people with this combination are very independent and desire to be so.

Their leadership abilities are most optimally expressed in the spheres of the 7th house, such as public life, social life, entrepreneurship, etc.

The 7th house belongs to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona which reflects their inherently deep desire to be self-dependent and they pursue the goal of independence courageously by working hard to achieve it.

Business & Trading Success

Hence, this deep astrological indication makes people with this combination very skilled and enthusiastic which motivates them to put in a lot of hard work in order to succeed in ventures (7th house).

As the 3rd also denotes skills and emotional strength, it also gives talents regarding speculation (5th) and trading (7th). Hence, this combination proves to be very gainful regarding investments and trading opportunities.

The talent and skills of such natives drive them always forward towards success and prosperity.

Joint Venture & Partnership Success

As the 7th house is connected to the 10th house via the Bhavat Bhavam technique, it indicates that the speed of success will increase exponentially when the native becomes involved in a joint or partnership venture.

It is because the 10th house is the powerhouse of the 7th house. The connections are created as the 7th house from the seventh house is the 10th house, which signifies high rise and success in life. It also signifies a high social rank, status, and authority.

Hence, if the intelligence and other traits of the 5th house are applied in partnerships in the 7th house, it is able to extend the effect from this combination to the 10th house.

As a result, when the native becomes involved in a joint venture, all parties in the venture combine their skills, wisdom, and unique talents which will make the business multiple times stronger. As a result, it also makes the venture to grow exponentially as there are effort and energy coming from multiple parties. It makes it self explanatory how success increases in joint ventures.

Emotionally Strong

The emotional strength of these natives is provided by the 3rd position of the 5th lord from its own sign.

This combined with the aspect upon the 1st house of the self provides emotional strength in abundance.

Emotional intelligence is further supporting the leadership abilities and capability to run a business venture successfully.

Such natives are able to withstand prolonged stress without breaking down mentally which is a very impressive trait.

Faithful & Righteous

Ancient source BPHS also mentions that such people with this combination are very faithful and righteous.

This effect is provided by the fact that the 5th house belongs to the triangle of righteousness or Dharma Trikona. In addition to that, the 1st house, which is aspected by the same 5th lord, also belongs to the triangle of righteousness.

The deep connection between two houses of Dharma Trikona creates a very faithful and righteous person. As a result, they use their intelligence, wisdom, wit, and knowledge always in pious pursuits and apply their actions in an ethical way.

Their actions are also motivated by goodnatured interests and motives, which makes them very kind and humble managers and competent leaders.

As the 7th house belongs to the triangle of desires, 5th lord in it indicates that it is their natural desire to be righteous and follow a moral path.

Past Life

The 5th house signifies past life and gives a clue about the deeds of past life.

The auspicious combination indicates blessings in the current life, that are provided by various good deeds that were done in a past life.

The good deeds are related to the significances of the 5th and 7th houses mainly. Hence, the native did a lot of kind and humble acts towards the masses, the public, and society.

This indicates blessings, easy success in ventures, fame, and recognition in current life as fruits from these good deeds.

Progeny & Happiness

People with this combination are fortunate regarding children and this is also mentioned in the classical source of Vedic astrology.

With this fortunate planetary combination, children of the native are blessed in many ways.

This combination makes children of the native very righteous, intelligent, skilled, courageous, and well behaved.

They are very helpful to the native as from the aspect of the given lord upon the ascendant.

The actions of children will strengthen the fame and reputation of the native.

Love Marriage

This combination is also very auspicious regarding love and marriage.

The 5th house signifies the heart matters and romantic feelings while the 7th house signifies relationship and marriage.

Hence, the connection between these two houses clearly indicates a marriage where love and feelings are intensely involved.

As this combination is fortunate by itself, it indicates a blissful married life with lots of communication and mutual understanding between the couple.

High Sensual Desires

As the 7th house belongs to the triangle of desires, the placement of the 5th lord of romantic feelings in the given house indicates that such a native is very sensual and romantic from the heart. They channel their feelings to seduce the partner.

Hence, it also indicates that people with his combination have high level of sensual desires.

The mentioned effects manifest in specific periods and the intensity of them depends on planetary strength level and many other factors.

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