The first house is called Tanu Bhava in Vedic Astrology and is termed as the most important house signifying one’s soul and vitality. The first house is also called as the Ascendant and is the degree in a sign that was ascending on the Eastern Horizon at the time of birth. The Sign where your Ascendant is placed in your birth chart is your Ascendant sign and it determines planetary lordships, general personality and many other important details about you. The Ascendant points the beginning of the journey on Earth – the soul enters the body when a newborn child takes their first breath. It also speaks about the childhood of a person.

The First house is also signified by the Sun which is the natural Karaka or Significator of a soul. Sun and the first house can also give a clue on how good one’s health will be. Both Sun and the first house in astrology signify name and fame – the placement and condition of Sun and First house lord in a birth chart will determine the dignity of the native and amount of good fame the native is able to obtain during their lifetime.

The First house belongs to Aries zodiac sign as Aries is naturally the first sign in a horoscope. For the same reason, Aries and the first house is called the head or ruler of the chart. Mars as natural ruler of the first house is another important planet that determines the strength of the Ascendant – if Ascendant lord or afflicted or weak in the birth chart, a strong Sun and Mars will help to strengthen the Ascendant.

Tanu Bhava in Vedic Astrology means a house of physical self – the Ascendant determines the looks and appeal of a person in addition to their soul. It also signifies the level of strength and weakness of the body. For example, Aries Ascendant can bestow a very lean and muscular body. When the first house lord Mars is conjunct with Moon in the second house, it gives also beautiful face to the native as the second house governs face.

Additional details on the First House in Astrology

  • The first house rules over the East direction
  • It belongs to the Dharma Trikona. Dharma Trikona consists of 1st, 5th, and 9th houses and they signify the purity of the soul altogether. Read more about Dharma Trikona houses in Astrology.
  • The first house is called Kendra (square house or Vishnu Sthan) and Trikona (angular house or Lakshmi Sthan) at the same time.
  • As it belongs to Lakshmi, it is one of the wealth-giving houses. Read more about Wealth Combinations in Astrology.
  • Physically it signifies your overall appearance and image.
  • Family Members – your father’s mother and mother’s father

Planets related to the house 

  • Sun – Signifies soul, vitality, constitution, and overall health.

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