1st House Lord in 11th House


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What does 1st House Lord in 11th House mean?

When the planet which rules over your ascendant sign is settled in the 11th house, it forms a combination of 1st lord in 11th house

The main result from this placement makes you concentrate on the themes and topics that are related to the eleventh astrological house.

Primary significances of the eleventh house are the following:

  • fulfillment of desires, wishes
  • gains, profits
  • social circles, communities

The eleventh house belongs to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona in Vedic astrology as it directly reflects our deepest desires, aspirations as well as the fulfillment of them.

Apart from that, the considered house is also the Upachay Bhava or the house of constant growth which makes it a perfect house for natural malefic planets such as Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

Results of 1st House Lord in 11th House

Soul Desires

With your ascendant lord, soul guide, in the eleventh astrological house, your main energy is directed towards the fulfillment of your desires and aspirations.

It equally means that you are a big thinker and ready to do whatever it takes to evolve and shoot for the stars.

As the considered house is all about desires, you are often-materialistic from the mind and motivated by solely self-interests as a result.

On the one hand, it can distant you from close relations but on the other hand, your mindset can bring you a lot of gains and profits.

The expansion of desires can be at times negative too. If there is any damage to the 1st lord in the 11th house by either conjunction, aspect, or ill-placement in a zodiac sign, it can indicate that the desires are gradually growing, which leads to dissatisfaction.

It may also result in greed and give the feeling of never getting enough despite having everything required.

Technically speaking, the 11th house is the second step from the 10th house of karma, profession, or simply the main activity in life.

The second step means gains of the considered house. Hence, we can derive that the 11th house is the gain of our karma and main activity.

Hence, our past deeds, present deeds, and how we act in limelight resembles the effects and sums up the total effects of the 11th house.

All the gains we gain, all the desires we have fulfilled, is determined by the nature of our deeds.

Intelligent Mindset

With your 1st house ruler in your natal 11th house of growth, your mindset is always improving and evolving.

In addition to that, the planet that is in the eleventh house casts a direct aspect of the 5th house of intelligence.

Hence, you are inherently intelligent and apply it in everything you do, efficiently.

In addition to that, your intelligence grows with the help of Upachay Bhava or house of growth each year, gradually.

By utilizing your constantly strengthening intelligence and mind power you are capable of pursuing your high aspirations efficiently.

Natural malefic planets such as Sun, Mars, and Saturn perform better in the considered house as they give raw aggressive power to dominate, improve, and overcome even higher challenges, and evolving each time.

Whereas natural benefits, tend to give fewer results when compared to natural malefic planets.

While they give less result, they do not necessarily give bad results, when the natural malefic planet which rules over your ascendant resides auspiciously sign-wise in the 11th house.

Ever-Expanding Mind

The 11th house in astrology is a very special house as it is the only house that has the effect of an exaggeration, like the branches of trees, like the lightning strike, and anything else that divide endlessly or create fractals in other words.

With your first house ruler, which rules over your head, your mindset is expanding and exaggerating the same way as the natural pattern of fractals.

You always generate new ideas and ways to apply in your main field of activity.

Multiple Income Streams

The exaggerating effect of the 11th astrological house applies to your self and mind as well.

As a result, you have ever-expanding and exaggerating ideas in your mind which gives you even more ideas to increase revenue streams and multiply profits exponentially.

Combine this with your outstanding intelligence and the results are enormous.

With that being said, as your ascendant lord of self is in the astrological house of profit at the same time in the house of growth you experience a constant flow of wealth in your life.

As the 11th house signifies branches, and everything that divides exponentially, your income sources may do as well.

Hence, you are fortunate to attain multiple sources of income throughout your life.


It also indicates that you are perfect at multitasking. On the one hand, you are capable of initiating many things.

On the other hand, you find it very hard to complete everything you start. In fact, you tend to execute a lot of things, which is 1st lord in 11th all about.

To make it easier for you, you need to acquire assistance to every brach you grow, every task you create, to help you complete your initiated tasks.

You function exceptionally well in communities, groups, and networks where your versatile mindset enables you to blend in perfectly and motivate groups of people to cooperate efficiently towards common goals.

This makes you a wonderful business and salesperson whereby applying your skills you are able to amass an enormous amount of revenue.

Humble & Compassionate

What makes you even greater in working within teams is that you understand large groups of people easily as if you can read and analyze their mindsets.

The 11th astrological house is the natural domain of the humble and humanitarian Aquarius zodiac sign, which is ruled by Saturn.

We all know that Saturn deals with large masses and as the energies of Aquarius are involved, it makes you a very competent group leader and guide.

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  • My ascendant lord is Jupiter and it’s in my 11th house in Libra. While my Moon is in the 12th house in vishakha pada 4 nakshatra. Thank you for your research!


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