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When your 1st house lord is in the 2nd house, it means that the planet which rules your ascendant is located in the second house of your birth chart.

The planet, which is your first house lord connects the significances of the first house with the second house and influences the themes of the second house accordingly.

The second house is called Dhan Bhav, or the house of wealth in Vedic astrology.

Hence, it connects everything related to the first house, such as your self, mentality, attitude, and main direction of your soul, with the second house, which stands for wealth, accumulated assets, and family in general.

The second astrological house also belongs to the triangle of wealth, which is called Artha Trikona in Vedic astrology and reflects the tendency to generate wealth in your life.

The second house is the natural astrological domain of the Taurus zodiac sign, which is also the sign of wealth in astrology.

This positioning of the 1st house lord in 2nd house is considered generally auspicious because the second house is not considered a house of hurdles and hardships.

In Vedic astrology, the placement of a planet from its own sign carries a deep meaning and importance. When 1st lord is in 2nd house, it means that the planet is in the second astrological house from its own sign.

Accordingly, the planetary combination of first house lord in 2nd house carries double importance

However, the auspiciousness may be decreased in some cases when the first house lord is fallen or debilitated in the second house or is conjunct with the inimical planet.

Results of 1st House lord in 2nd House

Direction of Soul

First of all, the 1st house or ascendant reflects your soul purpose and urge, and main desires, which makes the first house responsible for incarnation. It means that your primary desire of your soul is related to the themes of the 2nd house in astrology.

According to the significance of the 2nd astrological house, your main goals in life is to grow, nurture, and take care of your family.

It is of utmost importance for you to continue your family lineage and ensure well being amongst family members.

You are always there for your family members, especially children, and you do whatever it takes so that your family members have what they need in their life.

Family Matters

How you nurture your family members depends on which planet rules your ascendant.

For example, if a natural benefic planet rules your 1st house, such as Moon, which is the planet of care and nurture, it indicates that you are especially caring and unconditionally loving towards your family members.

However, if a natural malefic planet is in your 2nd house as the ruler of the first astrological house, it indicates that you have a rather strict way of taking care of your family.

That is, you concentrate on disciplining your family members instead of offering continuous financial help.

Equally, if the family members show a lack of discipline, you become harsh and strict.

For the successful continuation of family lineage, it is important that the first house lord is well-placed in the second house.

That is, it should not be fallen or debilitated, or associated with an inimical planet.

In addition to that, the dispositor of the 2nd house, or the ruler of the second house, which becomes the guide to the first lord, should be well-placed sign-wise in any other house.

Financially Responsible

Here comes your second-most important soul urge into play, which is to accumulate wealth and possessions.

It does not mean that you are greedy, but you know that in order to grow your family, you need stable and solid financial ground.

This is the reason why the accumulation of assets becomes your goal which makes you financially very responsible.

You lead by example related to this. You often teach your close ones how to be responsible with wealth in order to become successful and achieve a stable life.

For successful and continued growth of assets, it is crucial to have the first house ruler auspiciously positioned in the second astrological house.

If it is fallen in the second house, it indicates great hurdles in the accumulation and sustenance of financial stability in life, especially during the significant planetary period of the first lord.


While the ascendant reflects the very first phase in life which begins with being born into this realm, the second house covers the second phase and steps of your life path.

Hence the second house tells about your childhood. According to this, if your first house lord is well-placed in the second house, it indicates that you had a stable childhood with all your basic needs covered.

You also had a lot of comforts and luxuries that made your childhood very happy.

Alternatively, if any malefic planet, such as Saturn, aspects your second house, it indicates periodic financial struggles of your family which also limited your freedom and well-being as a result.

Additional results are also determined on which planet is your first house. For instance, if Moon is your first lord in the second house aspected by Saturn, it becomes starved.

This means that at some significant planetary periods of Moon and Saturn, you lacked motherly support and nurture in life along with financial struggles.

It means that your mother had to be always absent to work hard in order to save the family from the financial crisis.

If the first lord is fallen in the second house, it indicates a lot of struggles in childhood.

High Self-Respect

The second house is the gain of your ascendant or self. Accordingly, the planetary combination indicates your self-worth and respect.

It indicates how much you value yourself, and ow the world values you accordingly. A well placed first house lord in 2nd house indicates that you have very high self-respect and self-worth.

How you value yourself gives an example to others how they should value you. So as you give high-value to yourself, others subconsciously start to respect and see more value in you.

Alternatively, if the ascendant lord is fallen or debilitated in the second house, it indicates a lack of self-worth, which also decreases your worth in the eyes of others.

It indicates that you might receive a lot of disgrace from society due to bad characteristics arising from the debilitation of the considered first house lord.

Nutritional Values

We already know that the considered planetary combination indicates high self-worth. This also reflects your preference for nutritional intake.

With this planetary combination, you carefully select your nutrition, because you value your body a lot and know that in order to maintain good health, you need to consume healthy food.

Alternatively, if the first house ruler is ill-placed in the 2nd house it indicates bad eating habits.

Health & Endurance

As your first house lord in the 2nd house gives a direct aspect upon the 8th house of longevity, the planetary combination gives a clue about your health, longevity, and endurance.

If you have a well-placed Lagnesha or ascendant lord in the second house, you definitely have increased endurance and better health, which is also helped by your great and healthy nutritional values.

Comforts & Luxuries

The second house, along with wealth, is all about comforts and luxurious articles in your life.

Hence, you are likely to enjoy a very comfortable life with an abundance of luxury with your first lord in the second house.

In fact, you are very fortunate regarding wealth accumulations because you know how to invest wisely, and be financially responsible.

The fall or debilitation of the first house ruler in the second house indicates a lack of luxurious articles and comforts in life.

Facial Beauty

The second house governs face and facial attributes which is influenced by the nature of the planet which is your first lord in the second house.

Accordingly, if you have a natural benefic planet such as Moon, Venus, Jupiter in the second house as 1st house ruler, it indicates that you have a very attractive face and posses enormous facial beauty which attracts people easily.

On the other hand, natural malefic, such as Sun, Mars, Saturn makes your face rather serious and strict which in the first place may not be as attractive compared to the above-mentioned case.

However strict facial attributes are very useful when you are in the activities that require a strict and straightforward attitude in completing your tasks.

For instance, you might be a gym instructor or leader in the army or any other authoritative person.


The second house also governs your speech along with facial attributes. Hence, this combination indicates that you apply your speech in everything you do in the world, you express yourself with full vitality, which will help to fulfill your soul purpose.

With that being said, you possess a very gracious and influential speech. In fact, you are very skilled in speaking.

You are capable of becoming a great public speaker, motivator, or any other similar person who guides the masses.

All in together, your speech is the primary asset of your body in the soul which helps to become and remember who you are in society.

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