1st House Lord in 2nd House


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When the 1st house ruler is in the 2nd house, it means that the planet which rules the ascendant is located in the second house of the birth chart.

The planet, which is the first house ruler connects the significance of the first house with the second house and influences the themes of the second house accordingly.

The second house is called Dhan Bhav, or the house of wealth in Vedic astrology.

Hence, it connects everything related to the first house, such as the self, mentality, attitude, and main direction of the soul (souls urge), with the second house of wealth, values, resources, and assets.

The second astrological house also belongs to the triangle of wealth, which is called Artha Trikona in Vedic astrology and reflects the tendency to generate wealth in your life.

The second house is the natural astrological domain of the Taurus zodiac sign, which is also the sign of wealth in astrology.

This positioning of the 1st house lord in the 2nd house is considered generally auspicious because the second house is not considered a house of hurdles and hardships.

In Vedic astrology, the placement of a planet from its own sign carries a deep meaning and importance. When 1st lord is in the 2nd house, it means that the planet is in the second astrological house from its own sign.

Accordingly, the planetary combination of the first house lord in 2nd house carries double importance

However, the auspiciousness may be decreased in some cases when the first house lord is fallen or debilitated in the second house (in the case of Sagittarius Ascendant) or is conjunct with the inimical planet.

Results of 1st House lord in 2nd House

The urge of The Soul

As the 1st house ruler or the guide of the ascendant reflects the direction of the soul and its urge, the 2nd house gives important information on topics that make the native feel alive and full of vitality.

Now with this combination of the 1st lord in the 2nd house, it is clearly shown that individuals with it become highly motivated when having the chance to deal with the matters of the 2nd house, such as resources, ancestral values, and speech.

Accordingly, having a sufficient amount of resources, assets, valuables, and wealth is important for these natives to feel motivated. In the best-case scenario, when 1st ruler is dignified, then these individuals crave resources because they have lots of ideas that benefit their society which need lots of resources to manifest.

In addition to that, as the 2nd is all about family values and even ancestral values, it is important for these individuals to give huge respect to preceptors and try to implement ancestral ways or values in their undertaking.

As the 2nd is also about speech and facial attributes, these individuals have a strong desire to speak out and to be heard. Hence, having the opportunity to speak out is what fills their soul with courage and enthusiasm, even when they seem shy/hesitant at first. Hesitance is especially true in the case of the Moon being the 1st ruler in the 2nd house.

Initiative & Influential Speech

Speaking of speech, this combination shows that the expression of ideas through words is a major tool for these natives to fulfill their soul urge in the world.

With that being said, they possess a very gracious and influential speech. In fact, they are very skilled in speaking.

They are capable of becoming great public speakers, motivators, or any other similar persons who guide the masses using the wisdom expressed through speech.

All things considered, the speech of individuals with this combination is the primary asset that helps to establish identity and become remembered in society.

Classical scripture BPHS states that these individuals are happy and scholarly in nature. This means they like to attain a lot of wisdom to complement their mentality.

The improved intellect and mentality also help to become a better and more skillful speaker which is important for transmitting their ideas to different audiences in a more sensible and acceptable manner.

Having traits of solar, these individuals are very active listeners just as much as they are eager to speak.

Being a good listener shows that they care about the voice and ideas of their audience which helps to gain valuable experience and convey their viewpoints to different audiences with more reasonability, compassion, and sensibility.

Family Matters

According to the significance of the 2nd astrological house, the main goal of these natives in life is to grow, nurture, and take care of their families.

It is of utmost importance for them to continue their family lineage and ensure well-being amongst family members.

These individuals are very protective and always there for their family members. Their courage and vitality get amplified when their family members are in need as they feel a strong urge to provide for their near and dear ones.

The significance of the planet which becomes the 1st ruler in the 2nd house gives additional insights into the attitude of the native towards their family matters.

For example, if a natural benefic planet rules the 1st house, such as the Moon, which is the planet of care and nurture, it indicates that they are especially caring and unconditionally loving towards their family members. So the effect of protectiveness and desire to nurture becomes multiplied with Moon.

However, if a natural malefic planet is in the 2nd house as the ruler of the first astrological house, it indicates that they have a rather strict way of taking leading their families.

That is, you concentrate on disciplining your family members instead of offering continuous financial help or emotional nurture. Consequently, if the family members show a lack of discipline, they become harsh and strict instead of showing gentleness.

For optimal results, the dispositor of the 2nd house, or the ruler of the second house, which becomes the guide to the first lord, should be well-placed sign-wise in any other house. Otherwise, the auspiciousness becomes decreased to some extent according to the afflicting influence in the chart.

Financially Responsible

As the 2nd is the member of the triangle of wealth, the vitality of these individuals is exhausted on these matters. In other words, these individuals feel high responsibility for finances in their family, work, or community depending on the holistic chart.

It does not necessarily cause greed especially if they have pious goals that need a lot of resources which is reflected by the dignified 1st ruler in the 2nd house.

In such cases, these natives strive to attain lots of valuables and fixed assets in order to build on them something great and lasting that benefits their family or community.

They strongly feel that their vision is of great importance and helps others and thus desperately are in need of resources.

As an example, if the 2nd ruler is further placed in 11th and 11th in 12th, this linkage between houses shows that these individuals aim to get massive resources, reinvest them to make them grow exponentially, and then direct a large portion (if not most) of it towards pious goals related to charities, spirituality, religion, and salvation.

In the case of a dignified 1st ruler, financial responsibility becomes something that they would like to teach others. They want to show a great example of how to be financially responsible.

This means that they want to teach how to consume in a balanced and responsible manner in order not to cause instability in the economy. This stability starts from family yields effect on the whole economy of a village/city/state/country.

For successful and continued growth of assets, it is crucial to have the first house ruler auspiciously positioned in the second astrological house.

A dignified 1st ruler in 2nd most of all shows a healthy, mature, and balanced approach towards material assets which ensures that spiritual or religious values are not compromised with the expansion of wealth.

If it is fallen in the second house, it indicates great hurdles in the accumulation and sustenance of financial stability in life, especially during the significant planetary period of the first lord. The difficulties arise mostly due to immature or imbalanced approaches toward wealth such as prioritizing materialism over higher values.


While the ascendant reflects the very first phase in life which begins with being born into this realm, the second house covers the second phase and steps of a life path of a person.

Hence the second house tells much about themes of childhood. According to this, if the first house lord is well-placed in the second house, it indicates a stable childhood with all the basic needs covered.

The given combination, unafflicted, shows the availability of sufficient resources and comforts that makes the childhood experience very positive when it comes to materialistic matters.

Alternatively, if any malefic planet, such as Saturn, aspects the second house, it indicates periodic financial struggles of the family which also limits financial freedom and well-being as a result.

Additional results are also determined on which planet is the first house ruler. For instance, if the first lord in the second house is aspected by Saturn, it becomes delayed of some significance.

It shows that the things which these natives lacked in childhood are compromised many times more in the latter part o life. The initial lack also increases the urge in these natives to recompensate for the loss they experienced.

For instance, if the 1st ruler Moon is aspected by Saturn (delay, struggle, etc) from the 8th house, it shows a periodic lack of parental nurture. The likelihood of heavy financial hurdles also increases with this hard aspect from the planet of a delay from the house of unexpected events.

The lack of nurture is especially dominant in the case of the Moon, which signifies motherly care. This shows a lack of availability of motherly care due to financial responsibilities and increased work.

If the first lord is debilitated in the second house, it indicates a lot of struggles in childhood. This is possible with Jupiter as the Sagittarius Ascendant chart ruler in the 2nd house Capricorn, where it becomes collapsed.

If the cancellation of debilitation occurs, then the initial struggles lead to immense gains later as these native gains lots of valuable experiences from difficult events. As a result of these events that prompted them to make lots of mistakes and learn valuable lessons from them, their maturation process is increased manifold. This maturity and experience allow them to make everything correctly in the latter part of life.

High Self-Respect

In Vedic, the 2nd place from every house is the gain of the latter. When it comes to this combination in question, the 2nd house is the gain of the 1st house.

Accordingly, with this combination, the significance of the 1st house such as dignity, self-esteem, and self-awareness becomes amplified by gains. As a result of this, these natives become highly confident.

A well-placed first house lord in 2nd house indicates having very high self-respect and self-worth. These individuals clearly show others how they should be treated.

How you value yourself gives an example to others of how they should value you. So as you give high value to yourself, others subconsciously start to respect and see more value in you.

Alternatively, if the ascendant lord is fallen or debilitated in the second house, it indicates a lack of self-worth, which also decreases the worth in the eyes of others.

It indicates that you might receive a lot of disapproval from society due to bad characteristics or association with sinful communities arising from the debilitation of the considered first house lord.

Nutritional Values

We already know that the considered planetary combination indicates high self-worth. High self-worth also influences the selection of nutritional values.

With this planetary combination, these natives carefully select their nutrition, because they value their vehicle of soul (body) a lot and know that in order to maintain good health, they need to consume healthy food.

Health & Endurance

As your first house lord in the 2nd house gives a direct aspect upon the 8th house of longevity, the planetary combination gives a clue about health, longevity, and endurance.

If the 1st house ruler is dignified in the 2nd house, these natives definitely have increased endurance and better health, which is also helped by their effective and healthy nutritional habits.

Facial Beauty

The second house governs face and facial attributes which are influenced by the nature of the planet which is the first lord in the second house.

Accordingly, if a natural benefic planet such as Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in the second house as 1st house ruler indicates having a very attractive face along with enormous facial beauty which attracts people easily.

On the other hand, natural malefic, such as Sun, Mars, and Saturn make your face rather serious, anxious, mean, and strict which may not be as attractive compared to the above-mentioned case.

However strict facial attributes are very useful in activities that require a strict and straightforward attitude which a serious facial attribute helps to achieve.

For instance, people with natural malefic planets as 1st house rulers or those who have these aspects upon their first house ruler might be gym instructors or leaders in the army, or any other authoritative person.

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