1st House Lord in 7th House


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What does 1st House Lord in 7th House mean?

When the ruler of your 1st astrological house is in the 7th house, it means to have 1st house lord in 7th house.

What are the effects of 1st lord in 7th?

As your soul guide, the ruler of your 1st house is located in the 7th house, it puts main emphasis on the matters of the 7th astrological house.

The primary significations of the 7th house in Vedic astrology are relationships, partnerships, marriage, partners in joint ventures, trade & business, and foreign travels.

The 7th house is one of the houses from the Kendra Bhava or quadrant house group, which makes this combination of your soul lord in the 7th house very supportive and auspicious.

Apart from this, the 7th house is also categorized under the Kama Trikona or the triangle of desires in Vedic astrology, which tells everything about the essential needs of a person. In the case of the 7th house, these desires are related to passion, love, and partnerships.

Results of 1st House Lord in the 7th House

Soul Direction

With your soul guide, the ascendant lord in the 7th house your main purpose in life is directed towards the significances of the 7th house, such as seeking and uniting with a soulmate, create partnerships, peace, and harmony in life.

As the 7th house is all about desires related to partnerships, your life is likely to revolve around finding a perfect partner with whom to fulfill desires.

With that being said, you are very passionate, but also very balanced and strive to connect with your partner deeply, not only physically.

If the condition of 1st lord in the7th house is good and not fallen, you are likely to unite with your soul mate with whom to strive for ultimate balance and peace in life.

As the 1st and 7th houses are exactly opposite to each other, they create balancing energies to one and another. This shows that there is a balancing effect between these natives and their partnerships.

Accordingly, you and your life partner offer a lot of support and stability to each other which makes both of your life happier.

Public Identity

The 7th house is the opposite of the 1st house or ascendant which indicates the public image you reflect of yourself to the world.

Hence, you are also concerned about shaping and building your public authority.

If your 1st lord is well placed in the 7th house you are blessed to achieve a good public image and a good amount of well-wishers and supporters from surroundings in the world.

The planet which rules your 1st house also determines additional outcomes such as in which field or topic n life you are succeeding and gaining public support and fame.

For instance, if Mars would be your 1st lord, you would likely have social fame through courageous acts in related activities and works, from military to firefighting.

Whereas Jupiter as the 1st lord gives fame and public admiration through your brilliant philosophical ideas, higher wisdom, and philanthropic nature which attracts masses.

Alternatively, if the ascendant lord is ill-placed in the 7th house, it indicates a bad social image due to immoral activities.

Joint Ventures

The 7th house is also all about partnerships of all kinds. Hence, if your ascendant lord is strong in the 7th house, you are likely to succeed in joint ventures which will exponentially grow the prosperity.

Technically, the 7th house is called Bhavat Bhavam of the 10th house in Vedic astrology which means that the tenth step from the 10th astrological house is the 7th house.

This deep connection between those houses means that by partnering up with someone, it also enables us to be even more successful, as the 10th house is all about the highest achievements and social status.

Trading & Business

The 7th house also signifies trading and with your ascendant lord in this house, you have a natural talent for trading. You have the capacity to become a successful businessperson.

Alternatively, if you are not into your own venture, you are also talented in various marketplaces or in large organizations. You have all that it takes to prosper in your career.

Foreign Matters

Technically speaking, the 7th house is physically the farthest house from the ascendant which reflects far away places from the birthplace.

Hence, with this combination, you are likely to undertake a lot of journeys to foreign lands in your life.

In certain conditions, you may even settle abroad, if the holistic chart allows so.


As your soul energy is directed to the 7th house of fertility, you are likely to be very healthy and fertile and capable of producing progeny. For that, however, the 1st lord should be in good shape in the 7th house.

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. Regarding General Observations: Please include what was and wasn't accurate in the comments. Share the article with your friends using social media buttons below.

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