1st House Lord in 6th House


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What does the 1st Lord in the 6th house mean?

If the planet which rules over your 1st house of ascendant is placed in your natal 6th house from ascendant, it means to have 1st Lord in 6th astrological house.

What are the effects of the 1st Lord in the 6th House?

The general interpretation of this astrological combination is that your self, your soul, and your mindset, which are the main significances of the 1st house, are connected with the 6th house. Hence, your main emphasis in life is on the matters of the 6th astrological house.

Primary positive significations of the 6th astrological house are work service, employment, strong immune system, and good health. Primary negative significances are litigation, disputes, challenges, weak health, debts, and fighting.

The 6th astrological house belongs to the Artha Trikona, or the Triangle of Wealth, and represents the ability to overcome challenges and earn wealth in the process. However, it also belongs to the malefic house group, which is Dushtana Bhava or house of hardships through negative significances mentioned earlier.

Apart from these two things, the sixth house also belongs to Upahay Bhava which are the houses of constant growth and improvement, where natural malefic planets tend to perform much better as having this aggression to push through the hardships given by the 6th Dushtana house.

Accordingly, there are many outcomes from this planetary permutation of the 1st Lord in the 6th astrological house. The outcomes are determined by many factors, starting from the zodiac sign in which the planet is placed, whether it is fallen or not.

Also, the strength of the dispositor or the 6th house lord becomes important to determine outcomes as well as the Shadbala strength of the planets involved.

Results of 1st House Lord in 6th House

Soul Direction

With your ascendant lord, soul guide, in the 6th house, your main concentration in life is on the matters of the 6th astrological house, such as offer service, earn wealth through it, and serve the underprivileged.


You are naturally inclined towards equity in society and willing to help and support those who are unfortunate or underprivileged anyhow.

With that being said, you are a very compassionate soul who is ready to spare energy and force you to bring justice on the feet.

Wealth Generation

You also have an inclination towards service-related work or business in order to earn a living. Actually, everything in the world is connected to service of any kind, be it in business or not.

Even when a person runs a business, they actually offer services. Or if someone is working in the military, they serve the country for a reason. Accordingly, be it any sphere of life, it is tightly connected to service.

We born on earth to serve the will of almighty. We are born because higher forces wanted to and we should serve and accept that with gratefulness.

Hence, it is termed as the first wealth-generating house in the triangle of wealth in astrology, as it reflects our inclination towards offering something to the world before receiving or opening the flow of gains.

As being a house of growth (Upachaya), it keeps growing the results of 1st house lord in the 6th house.

Hence, a well-placed lord in the 6th house continually increases your revenue for service over time.

You gradually become a better version of your self which all adds up to growing success gradually in life.

Employment & Employer

There are dual meanings of employment connected with the 6th astrological house.

It gives a clue whether you remain an employee or rise gradually to upper levels.

If the planet which rules your 1st lord is favorably placed in the 6th house, it indicates becoming superior among colleagues and also becoming employer eventually.

Please read planets in signs and houses to get the full idea of how your planet is functioning in the 6th house as an ascendant lord.

Fierce Mentality

The 6th house is the house that governs disputes fights and wars and is signified by Mars, the lord of war and protection, for the same reason.

With the 1st lord of your mind being in the considered house, you are naturally very argumentative and fierce in nature. You are very straightforward and never give up easily when opposed.

Hence, it is auspicious when your 1st lord is a natural malefic planet which gives you more aggression to fight enemies and become victorious.

However, be it a natural benefic or malefic planet, it is of utmost importance that the planet would be well placed, and not fallen.

Challenges & Obstacles

As the 6th house is the house of hardships, it forces you to face frequent challenges and obstacles.

However, this can be a great blessing in disguise as if overcoming obstacles and all kinds of challenges make you very strong and resistant.

For positive outcomes, it is crucial that the first lord would be well placed in the 6th house.

It is also better if natural malefic planet such as Sun, Mars, or Saturn is your 1st house lord as these are aggressive planets that are capable of overcoming hardships more efficiently when compared to natural soft planets such as Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter.

Shortly said, Sun gives you natural vitality and motivation to keep pushing forward and overcome challenges. Mars gives you physical strength, courage, and endurance to win over enemies.

Whereas if Saturn is your 1st lord, it gives you a pearl of inner wisdom combined with knowledge of legal matters that help you defeat enemies.

Softer planets, such as Moon tend to lose strength and courage to operate in this house.

If well placed, it definitely helps to win over enemies through emotional intelligence.

Venus helps win with the help of justice and law, Mercury helps with intelligent strategy and tricks, whereas Jupiter gives you natural luck to become victorious if would be the 1st lord.

However, if the 1st lord is ill-placed or fallen in the 6th house, be it any planet mentioned above, it indicates being lack of vitality, strength, intelligence, and endurance to fight obstacles and win over enemies.

As a result, enemies may easily outscore the native with a weak 1st lord in the 6th.

Strong Vitality & Immunity

If the 1st lord is well placed in 6th astrological house, it blesses you with a strong vitality of the soul which also increases your immune system and ability to fight micro enemies or diseases and viruses.

Whereas weak 1st lord in the 6th house indicates a lack of vitality and thus less resistance to illnesses such as mental breakdown, and health issues concerning lower digestive organs and intestines.

Losses & Gains Through Loans

As the 6th house governs loans and debts, the condition of 1st lord in the 6th house determines whether loans serve you positively or negatively.

Accordingly, a well placed first lord in the 6th house gives you the ability and luck to leverage loans for benefits while a weak 1st lord in 6th indicates losses through loans and frequent debts with hardships to repay loans.

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. Regarding General Observations: Please include what was and wasn't accurate in the comments. Share the article with your friends using social media buttons below.

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  • Hello Martin,
    I have mercury as the 1st lord in 6th house along with sun and south node in scorpio.
    Mars in libra with Venus in 5th. What will be the results,good or bad?

    (For info-Mars in scorpio in D9)

    • Hello

      1st house lord Mercury in 6th house Scorpio makes one overly aggressive and disputatious. They are experts in making conspiracies or see behind the scenes. They are prompted to work very hard to attain profits. It is likely that they will have a slightly immature approach to finances which can catch them into economic difficulties forcing them to work more for their livelihood.

      With this combination, it is important to avoid becoming jealous or refrain from taking action caused by envy or it will cause long-lasting troubles and misfortunes.

      However, Sun in Scorpio with Mercury makes them extremely wise and knowledgeable in topics that conduct important research.

      Best wishes

      • I see. I have Jupiter in cancer (in2h)so will it help this conjunction and how will south node influence it ?

        Thanks for your answer, I appreciate it.


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