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What does 1st House Lord in the 10th House mean?

When the planet that rules the ascendant sign is positioned in the 10th house in the natal chart, it means to have the 1st house lord in the 10th house.

The general meaning of the first house ruler in the tenth house is that the main concentration in life is on the topics that are signified by the tenth house.

The main topics of the tenth house are fame, profession, highest peaks in life, status, rank, authority, karma, profession, and persistence.

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The tenth house belongs to the Artha Trikona or triangle of wealth in Vedic astrology as the considered house determines how living is obtained through the main activities in life.

Additionally, the tenth house is also considered Upachay Bhava or the house of growth in Vedic astrology where natural malefic performs typically better, as having the aggression to overcome obstacles. Natural benefits, if auspiciously positioned, perform also well in the considered house.

Apart from this, the tenth astrological house is also categorized as the most auspicious quadrant house in Vedic astrology. Accordingly, the combination formed by the ascendant lord in the tenth house is considered extremely auspicious.

Results of 1st House Lord in 10th House

Duties Enhance The Soul

The most important significance of the 1st house is the soul, its purity, and vitality. The location of the 1st house ruler shows major matters that drive one’s soul and increase vitality along with initiation powers.

With the 1st house ruler in the 10th house, it is indicated that responsibilities, duties, and hard work is what ignite the passion, drive, and motivation in the soul.

In direct words, individuals with this combination are pure action-takers who see increased duties as the highest blessings.

What is interesting about the 10th house is that it is one of the expansion houses in Vedic. So it is very auspicious to have the most auspicious house ruler in the house of gradual growth and expansion.

When it comes to the current context, this shows that instead of becoming demotivated, drained, and exhausted in front of growing duties, they actually see more opportunities to expand and rise high in life.

It is inevitable that in their lives responsibilities tend to grow gradually, but so are they developing along with those duties.

According to the above said, the greatest major auspicious effect of this combination is increased willpower and eagerness to initiate lots of steps in order to fulfill responsibilities in life which lead to immensely positive outcomes on all fronts of life.

The latter is because, besides the 1st house, the 10th house becomes an equally important and powerful quadrant (Kendra) house in Vedic. When actions are well conducted and duties fulfilled correctly, everything in life improves.

Knowledge of our duties is the most essential part of the philosophy of life. If you escape duty you avoid action. The world demands results.

George W. Goethals

Without any doubt, the way how we conduct our work and how sincerely we act determines whether the fruits of our actions will follow or not. To get an idea of how to achieve optimal results with specific actions, it is important to analyze this combination from the perspective of different Ascendant signs.

Let us take the first and greatest example, which is Aries Ascendant whose 1st house ruler Mars becomes exalted in the 10th house Capricorn.

This is the most auspicious 1st house ruler in the 10th house in all possible ways. Not only that the ruler of initiation is in the house of action, but this combination is actually formed by the planet of action, leadership, and courage Mars.

When combining courage with passion for action, then one becomes truly unstoppable. Individuals with this combination have the special ability to complete major duties one after another without giving up making them highly prosperous, renowned, and respected.

What is more, Mars in the 10th house gains the most directional strength which in Vedic translates to immense willpower, courage, and enthusiasm to keep moving forward in all conditions making one unconquerable.

Most importantly, Mars in the 10th house is highly dignified because of exaltation indicating a sincere desire to perform all work with the highest dignity and integrity. Such individuals know the impact of each of their actions and always act in a way that benefits society in general. Besides this, they are capable of performing immense heroic and good deeds toward their society.

The 1st house ruler of Aquarius Ascendant is Saturn which is in the 10th house Scorpio. In this case, the 1st house ruler is undignified yielding secret agendas behind initiations.

Such individuals are tempted to take very rude, mean, and cunning paths in an attempt to gain social acceptance and reputation while not really thinking about the consequences of their actions on a large scale. According to Saravali, Scorpio Saturn leads to sudden losses and serious penalties due to bad deeds.

As mentioned before by a wise man, knowledge of duty and pious action is a must to make good decisions and actions in life. When knowing the dangers and temptations, one is capable of avoiding disastrous outcomes from happening.

As this combination shows unethical temptations caused by jealousy, one must consider increasing self-discipline manifold in order to protect oneself from performing unethical acts that can cost one dearly.

From Commitment To Great Honor

The 10th house is naturally the domain of the 10th sign Capricorn which is all about persistence and commitment to goals.

With the 1st house ruler in the 10th house, these natives become deeply committed to their duty which eventually leads them towards great social respect, increased rank, and honor from all spheres.

When they aim to do good acts and stay committed to their assignments and promises, they receive tremendous support from society and become praised by great leaders or authorities.

Religious scriptures of all nations emphasize the fact that we are highly responsible for our actions and intentions toward others.

When having the best intentions and doing good for masses of people, the support will be tremendous and all the goodness will return manifold in amount. The good that will return, will grow exponentially as the 10th Upachay house suggests.

Only aim to do your duty, and mankind will give you credit where you fail.

Thomas Jefferson

In the case of Aries Ascendant natives, for example, great respect, status, honor, and rank are achieved through persistent actions and good deeds. Good deeds are important to help develop one’s soul which will eventually lead to salvation or reuniting with our sole creator, almighty God, which is the ultimate goal of all souls.

The 1st house ruler of Capricorn Ascendant natives is exalted Saturn in the 10th house Libra. The exaltation of Saturn in the 10th house indicates having a highly mature soul which grants unfailing trust from the members of society.

Such individuals are always ready to take on the most responsible tasks and burdens to carry for the sake of righteousness and good for everyone. Though in a delayed manner, their fortune arrives in massive amounts after overcoming increased burdens.

Because of the knowledge and maturity in their souls, they are not likely to make many mistakes in front of the masses, but if they do, they do not intend to and instead of being condemned (by good people), they are highly supported by good people.

The ruler of the 1st house for Pisces Ascendant is Jupiter which in the 10th house is in its own sign Sagittarius. This reflects their highly dignified nature which makes them eager to fulfill all duties.

Besides this, they are spiritually or religiously mature which increases their dignity of actions and thus become highly supported by great people. Such individuals are always willing to bring sacrifices to help and protect others and thus receive the same in return in greater amounts than given. It shows their detachment from world gains, which increases their urge to work for a higher purpose in their chosen field. With such selflessness and humbleness, great gains follow them naturally without huge effort.

Because of righteous devotion and commitment to perform all duties, they achieve great status in their workplace, society, town, or even country. Along with increased status, they become highly respected and supported by their own people.

When analyzing Taurus Ascendant, then 1st house ruler Venus is in the 10th house Aquarius. According to the classics, it shows someone who is highly desirous, ambitious, and passionate and who will make heavy efforts in their undertakings.

However, they are very sentimental and overly passionate which can lead to some mistakes. They are also more interested in status and wealth than righteousness or Dharma. The combination of sentimental nature with an overly ambitious nature can lead to mistakes that can repel social support suddenly.

To avoid inauspicious effects from manifesting, it is important to take solid goals and follow them with a higher purpose. This will help increase courage and decrease the tendency to be liked by some people in order to gain support. The respect will come with serious devotion and work well done, not by pleasing important people.

Pious Goals Lead to Great Results

The tenth house in astrology marks the highest point in the sky during the time of the birth, which is called midheaven for the same reason.

The highest point in the sky literally signifies our highest attainable goals in life. It also shows how much we strive towards achieving goals of high importance.

Such goals must benefit the whole society as the 10th house signifies public life and is directly related to social matters because of its direct linkage to the 7th house. As the 10th is related to the masses, the intent for attaining a high social position should always be driven by pious intent because people will eventually see through the intentions of powerful people and treat them accordingly.

As the 1st house ruler, which signifies one’s initiation and soul urge, is in the given house, these individuals have lots of important goals they strive to accomplish. Indeed, this will put them into strong motion which allows them to achieve at least some of them.

In the case of a powerfully positioned 1st-house ruler in the 10th house, they are capable of achieving a great number of their pious plans. The progress of such usually intensifies during the planetary period (Mahadasha) of the 1st house ruler.

The 1st house ruler of Gemini Ascendant natives become fallen in the 10th house Pisces which reflects unrealistic goals or silly ways of action.

The weakness from this combination emerges because of the fact that the planet of intellect and analytical thinking Mercury is placed in a sign which does not favor analytical thinking but requires a spiritual approach. As a result, logical reasoning becomes interrupted which leads to setting unrealistic goals, that are either too hard or impossible to attain.

Alternatively, it signifies a lack of analytical approach which can lead to taking wrong decisions that decrease the chances of attaining a specific goal. The chain of bad decisions can lead to frustration which can further lead to immature manipulation tactics or bad crafts or tricks according to classics.

In order to transform negative effects into auspiciousness, it is important to battle immature thoughts by becoming more inclined toward religious studies. This helps to understand the consequences of selfish tricks which are driven by fear or loss. A dignified Jupiter definitely helps to overcome bad habits via religious devotion which leads to righteous acts.

Righteous acts will further lead to the improvement of everything in life due to repentance from bad acts caused by immature crafts.

If cancellation of debilitation occurs and Jupiter is also dignified, it indicates having a very unique thought process that leads to unusual progress and successful results that no analytical person can truly understand.

Persistent & Competent leader

The 10th house is a natural domain of the 10th zodiac sign Capricorn. It is linked to the earth element and is of cardinal modality.

The earth element reflects a character that is unshakably determined and does not change focus easily. The cardinal modality signifies the power to initiate and take lead in any given circumstance and moment.

All of this is further supported by the nature of the tenth Upachay House, which is the house of growth and pushes them to elevate their limits and evolve in the best way possible.

Now that the 1st house ruler of initiation is in the cardinal sign, these natives are inherently competent action-takers and initiators. It also reveals that they are competent leaders, managers, or organizers of inner (social) systems or groups.

When it comes to leadership abilities, these are already greatly signified by this combination alone. If the 1st ruler happens to be one of the planets of authority and leadership, which is the Sun or Mars, then the efficiency and effectiveness are increased manifold. With increased effectiveness in leadership, greater results are achieved in such positions where strict discipline along with increased stress resistance is required.

There are three Ascendant signs that are especially authoritative and persistent in their pursuits. These signs are Aries, Taurus, and Scorpio Ascendants.

The first one has been elaborated on in the beginning. The second Ascendant with the planet of authority becoming the 1st house ruler is Taurus Ascendant. More specifically, the 1st house ruler Sun is in the 10th house Taurus.

Herein persistence and endurance is the key to success. In BPHS it is mentioned that such natives successfully endure tremendous hardships.

What helps them to endure these is the earth element of Taurus, which gives them unshakable durability along with patience, and fixed modality, which makes them loyal to their decisions.

True, the dignity is a bit damaged because of Sun is in an inimical sign, indicating specific periods of indecisiveness. However, if dignity is improved by the cancellation of enmity, then the hardships are easily overcome.

For their strength and patience, they are usually given the most difficult duties to handle. They have a habit of taking hits for the sake of their people and protecting the truth, especially if the Sun is in Krittika, which according to the classics, creates a warrior for truth.

In the case of Scorpio Ascendant, Mars becomes 1st house ruler in the 10th house Leo where it is dignified in its natural fiery habitat. There is not much to say about it, as such individuals achieve their goals with courageous and ingenious actions which help them to persist despite being faced with difficult challenges gradually. They attract challenges due to their impatient behavior and aggressive tendencies. Things would be definitely smoother if the last two would be taken out of the equation.

Their fondness to be different and unique reveals their highly independent soul. And if it is not the case at present, they strive for independence as their souls find satisfaction only when they are not dependent on others anyhow, financially or emotionally. In classical sources, it is emphasized that they are adventurous which translates to independence and freedom of action at any time any place.

Powerful Raja Yoga

Ascendant ruler in the tenth astrological house forms an exceptionally powerful planetary combination called Raja Yoga.

It is because the first house is the most powerful Trikona house while the tenth house is the most powerful Kendra house and their combination blesses strong financial support in life.

This yoga also indicates being blessed with success and prosperity. If a planet is auspiciously placed sign-wise, it indicates opportunities to achieve high social status and reach the greatest heights in life.

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