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The positioning of the 1st house lord in the 3rd house in astrology means that the planet, which rules your 1st house or ascendant is located at the 3rd house from your ascendant sign.

Accordingly, the themes of the first house are directly connected with the areas of life that are represented by the 3rd house in astrology.

The third house in Vedic astrology briefly represents courage, entrepreneurship, skills, hobbies, communication, willpower, and efforts. Family members represented by the considered house are your younger siblings.

Now that the ruler of your ascendant is in the considered house, these previously mentioned themes play the most vital role in your life.

Belongs to Dusthana Bhava or malefic house group, Upachaya Bhava or houses of constant growth, and Kama Trikona or the triangle of desires.

Hence, the positioning of the ascendant lord, the lord of your soul, in the 3rd house is a mixture of good and bad.

Results of 1st House Lord in 3rd House

Soul Purpose

As the first house or ascendant represents our soul, vitality, and reason for incarnation, it reflects our soul urge related to the themes of 3rd astrological house.

Accordingly, the planetary combination indicates that your main purpose in life is to develop courage and take action using your skills of communication, which can be in the form of writing or speaking.

Your curious nature motivates you to learn and discover many skills throughout your life which is part of your soul purpose in order to accomplish your complex tasks.

Sharp Logic

In fact, you are very skilled in communication, as you possess very sharp mental abilities. You are swift and your actions always carry an efficient strategy to handle any situation with ease.

Very Intelligent

As the 3rd house is the natural astrological domain of Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, which represents intelligence and logical thinking patterns, the positioning of your first house lord, which rules your mind, in the 3rd house of logic makes you very intelligent.

Using your intelligence, you boost your success manyfold as by doing that, you increase your efficiency in whatever you are doing.

As a result, you learn efficient management of your time and energy and never waste any second of your life.

Highly Ambitious

The 3rd house is the second step from the 2nd astrological house, which technically means that the third house is the gain of the 2nd astrological house.

That is, everything that you value, the skills you have, the speech you possess bring gains to the third house which is the house of the first action towards independence.

With that being said, you are an exceptionally ambitious and powerfully driven person capable of achieving financial freedom and independence through entrepreneurship.

This becomes your other main goal in life, to put your self-worth into action to achieve your desires.

RiskTaker Mentality

If the 1st house lord is well-placed in the 3rd house sign-wise, it definitely indicates success by applying your own natural talents and skills. Y

ou will build up your identity and authority in the world with your own efforts.

You have a mentality of a risk-taker and always show others what you are made of.

Many Obstacles

However, as the 3rd house also belongs to Dushtana Bhava house group or houses of hardships, it indicates that your life is stacked full of annoying obstacles, which should be overcome in order to succeed.

A well-placed ascendant lord in the 3rd house definitely helps you to overcome adversities and become a better version of yourself as a result.

You will be defined how you overcome obstacles and build up your courage in the process.

Constant Growth

The 3rd house also belongs to the Upachay Bhava house group which is the house of constant growth and increase, where generally natural malefic planets, such as Sun, Mars, Saturn perform best.

It is so because natural malefic planets have that aggressive and straightforward attitude to overcome obstacles, adversities, and opponents in your life path.

While natural benefic planet as an ascendant lord in the 3rd house is much harder to handle for the natives as being too soft to confront issues in life.

However, despite that, you will constantly and gradually improve yourself through learning from mistakes and overcoming obstacles, which is the house of growth and hardships at the same time all about. As a result, you become valorous and strong.

Powerful & Motivated

With the help of Upachay Bhava or house of constant growth, you are able to become valorous and strong which helps you to succeed in your undertakings.

You have the capacity to become influential and powerful in your life. So please do keep pushing forward no matter what.

Obstacles are your best fuel and how you overcome them defines you perfectly. Show the world what you are made of.

With that being said, you are a very powerful being full of energy and motivation in your soul capable of conquering great heights.

Cooperative Siblings

As the 3rd house is also all about your younger siblings, the positioning of your soul ruler in the considered house ensures good cooperation with your siblings, when required.

In fact, it is beneficial to you if you involve your siblings in your ventures, as all of you will motivate each other and help to boost efficiency and achieve even more.

Frequent Traveling

The 3rd astrological house also represents short traves, usually related to hobbies, business or profession.

It means that you are likely to undertake many journeys in your life for fulfilling your life purpose through business or profession.

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