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The Fourth house in Vedic astrology is the house of real estate, property, vehicles,  and domestic happiness. In Vedic Astrology, it is called a Bandhu Bhava. The 4th house also governs other types of property such as vehicles and animals such as horses. This house belongs to the Spiritual Triangle or Moksha Trikona which reflects spiritual tendencies and potential to become spiritually enlightened. The considered house reflects the first phase of becoming spiritual with the help of a peaceful mindset and domestic environment.

Emotional Well-Being

To start with, mental well-being is an important topic of this house as it directly relates to the planet Moon – Moon is the natural ruler of the 4th house in Astrology.  The condition of the Moon and the 4th house determines our mentality and peace-of-mind. Any aspect from a natural malefic planet can increase the stress levels in mind while any influence from a natural beneficial will help to bring peace of the mind and heart. 


The Moon with the 4th house also signifies mothers. It is a very important signification as our mothers make us feel more secure in our homes which promotes domestic happiness and security. They also make us feel nurtured and taken care of which helps in developing a healthy peaceful mind. No home is perfect without a caring and loving Mother.

Landed Property

Another important signification of this house is immovable property or real-estate in Vedic astrology. Accordingly, the condition of the 4th house and its lord in the birth chart gives a clue about whether a native will have many properties or not. Additionally, it determines the quality of the properties. Mars is also connected to the 4th house by carrying the signification of the landed property.

Domestic Happiness

Other than that, it also indicates our domestic happiness – how secure we feel in our home and how our home environment is like. Ideally, a perfect 4th house will indicate a peaceful and religious home environment with a clean and beautiful house. Mars also indicates the number of houses a person will have whereas the placement and aspect of 4th lord indicate the location of these properties.

Vehicles & Conveyances

The fourth house signifies vehicles and happiness from it. Venus is also connected to this house by signifying vehicles. Vehicles can be in the form of modern cars with a combustion engine, vehicles without an engine, and even horses, camels, and elephants – anything that can transport you to the desired destination conveniently. In modern days, cars usually have an engine which uses fossil fuels in order to move forward. Hence, modern vehicles are also slightly connected to Saturn and Mars. Saturn here signifies matters of the deep mining/drilling and products from it while Mars governs mechanics and engineering.

Additional details regarding the Fourth House in Astrology

  • As the house belongs to Moksha Trikona, it is a vital pivotal point for Spiritual evolvement.
  • The organs and body parts related to this house are the heart, lungs, and chest.
  • It also signifies traditional learning or education. Higher and even informal education is signified by the 9th house.
  • Agriculture is governed by this house.
  • Direction ruled by this house is the North.
  • Family Members – mother

Planets related to the 4th house by significations

  • Moon – natural ruler of this house and significator of mother, mind, and mentality
  • Mars – through real-estate, land, and property
  • Jupiter – traditional learning
  • Mercury – learning abilities and intellect
  • Venus – all kind of vehicles

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