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What does 4th House Lord in 6th House mean?

When the planet that governs the 4th house is positioned in the 6th house from the ascendant sign, it means to have this planetary combination.

As a general result of this combination, the matters of the 6th house, such as disputes, enemies, service, obstacles, challenges, etc. are influenced by the significations of the 4th house, such as mental peace, mother, comforts, conveyances, luxuries, real estate, etc.

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The combination in question is considered difficult or inauspicious by default. It is so because the fourth house lord in the sixth house is in third from its own sign/house. The 3rd house belongs to the malefic house group which is called Dusthana Bhava.

In addition to that, the 6th house itself belongs to malefic house group or Dusthana Bhava as per sidereal Vedic astrology.

Accordingly, this astrological permutation creates double the effect of difficulties and hardships in life that are related to the significances of the 4th and 6th houses.

However, there are some opportunities for this combination to produce some favorable effects as well depending on the positioning of the given lord.

Some favorable effects are experienced when the given lord is:

  • Auspiciously positioned sign-wise
  • Auspiciously positioned Nakshatra wise
  • Auspiciously placed Nakshatra pada wise which means that it is auspiciously positioned in D9 (soul) chart.

Results of 4th House Lord in 6th House

Devoid Of Maternal Care

As per BPHS, which is the ancient source of Vedic astrology, the considered combination causes being devoid of maternal affection, care, and support.

This effect is explained in a straightforward manner as per natural significances of the involved astrological houses. To be specific, the 4th house signifies mother and in the sixth house of hardships, it creates disputes, conflicts, and arguments with the mother.

This, in turn, has a negative influence on the relationship with the mother and causes having a lack of support, protection, care, love, and affection from the mother.

As the 4th house also signifies happiness, the level of happiness is also compromised because laking from maternal care and support, especially during young ages, when the native with this combination is dependent on parental support.

Independent Character

However, there are also many great sides of the considered combination. Namely, BPHS also states that such natives become very independent eventually.

This trait is hidden behind the fact that the 4th lord in the 6th house is in 3rd step from its own sign/house. The 3rd house is all about courage, skils, valor, passion, ambition, and motivation to take action using own efforts.

As a result, such natives, even though facing hardships, develop a very independent spirit in the process which helps them to earn pretty well considering the fact that the 6th house belongs to the triangle of wealth or Artha Trikona in Vedic astrology.

Source Of Wealth

For optimal results, the 4th lord should be auspiciously positioned in the 6th house. Accordingly, when the given lord is well placed, it indicates having lots of courage to overcome obstacles, fight enemies, and become victorious as a result.

These traits also enable to earn well through difficult events, such as fighting, litigation, disputes, etc. There are a variety of activities related to this from being a lawyer to fighting the fire or any other emergency service. In fact, the 6th house also signifies service. Hence, this combination favors earning through service-related activities.

Angry & Aggressive

The same classical source also states that such natives are often angry with the mind of a thief. This effect is given by various astrological significations.

Firstly, the 6th house is a difficult house signifying litigation, disputes, and even war. At the same time, the 4th lord signifies mental patterns and in the 6th house, it produces a mindset that is very critical and eager to initiate disputes.

On the other hand, when the given combination is auspiciously formed, it indicates that such natives are proficient in disputes and have a very strong mindset which enables them to overcome hardships and enemies using clever and tactical ways of thinking.

Here also comes the mindset of the thief into play. Actually, it means that such natives have a very tactical mindset and way of thinking which helps them to generate various tricks to benefit themselves. If the combination is auspiciously placed, the cleverness of tricks is morally applied while the debilitation of the 4th lord in the 6th house causes using the wisdom immorally and using it in various thefts and scams.

Restless Mind

The 4th house is connected to mind and the given ruler in the 6th house indicates having disturbed mind in the account of enemies and hidden enemies, who always cause trouble, obstacles, and stress to the native.

The constant stress and restlessness also cause a lack of happiness and peace of mind to the native. This is the general effect on the mind of the natural malefic 6th house.

Less Comfortable Life

The 4th house signifies all kinds of comforts, including property, and vehicles. The given lord in the difficult 6th house indicates obstacles in attaining various comfortable articles in life. This causes a less comfortable life.

However, if the combination is well-formed in the auspicious sign (such as exalted) then this effect can have positive outcomes. Namely, it forces the natives to leave the comfort zone and achieve even more with the strength, power, aggression, skills, and valor that are gained through difficult experiences.

Expenses & Loans

The 4th lord in the 6th house gives direct aspect upon the 12th house. Whereas the 6th house represents loans and debts while the 12th house signifies expenses and long-term investments.

Accordingly, if the given combination is well-formed in an auspicious sign, it indicates using loans for long term investments, which helps in earning wealth.

When the given combination is inauspiciously formed, it indicates using loans on unnecessary expenditures which causes remaining indebted for a prolonged time.

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. Regarding General Observations: Please include what was and wasn't accurate in the comments. Share the article with your friends using social media buttons below.

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