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Last updated on April 16th, 2022 at 12:46 am

Regarding recent war activities that emerged in eastern Europe, we would like to increase awareness about innocent people who just want peace but involuntarily fall into the epicenter of unacceptable strife.

As a result of disagreements and political struggles, many innocent people lose peace of mind, home, and personal assets. Not to mention, many people suffer due to humiliation and other unimaginable matters.

Let us support people who never intended to start wars and thus were not even prepared for it. Let us show support to those who did not want disastrous conflicts but still had to change the location of homes as a result of it.

In Europe, including the country named Estonia where I reside, important actions have already been taken to help people in need.

You as a person can make a big difference if add your support as well. The more people help, the bigger the positive impact. Let us help and pray that innocent people are and will always be saved from disasters and unrighteousness caused by unjust wars.

I will share a list of major places where urgent help is needed and where you can make a real positive impact with acts of humbleness and kindness.


Humanitarian Aid and Development-related support can be done to help the citizens of Ukraine via official sources or another well-established organization such as People In Need.

People in Need is a Czech nonprofit, non-governmental organization based in Prague, Czech Republic.

People In Need also gives the opportunity to learn about other crisis areas where support can be offered via donation directly from their website.

Other Major Organizations & Crisis Spots

In addition to that, various conflicts that emerged centuries ago are still present in specific parts of the world where lots of humanitarian aid is also needed.

The red cross is the major official organization that is aimed to offer medical assistance to people in need. Visit one site of the Red Cross to learn about legal matters and ways to offer medical assistance to people globally.

The next source “Freedom Bakeries” is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization based in New York, US. It is a well-established and managed organization that is expanding to help even more people around the globe with humanitarian help in form of fulfilling the most basic necessity which is nutrition.

The next major well-established organization is called PAC or Physicians Across continents which saves lives and helps people in a variety of ways including medical assistance. They cooperate with Unicef, Unfpa, and many other major charitable organizations.

We would like to emphasize that this page is not meant to influence choosing sides to avoid stirring up new issues or worsening the already present conflicts in various spots. We believe that the key to peace is unity and compassion which means balance. Simply guide innocent and well-intentioned people towards becoming more compassionate and humanitarian.

Also, to raise awareness that we all originate from the same creator, almighty God, and thus must support each other on the righteous side.

Let Us Cooperate & Help More

If you are visiting this page and somehow related to charitable organizations, we wish to announce that we are open to various types of cooperation to develop and launch various charitable projects.

Kindly use the contact form below to express your ideas.

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