Results of Jupiter in the Eleventh House

Jupiter, the planet of ultimate generosity in the house of abundant gains and fulfillment of desires (11th) is admittedly a very auspicious combination and blessing to have in the birth chart. Jupiter, the planet of great luck and fortune provides (if well placed) abundant gateway to abundant gains and fulfillment of all desires. People with this combination are very lucky, fortunate, and blessed with expanded prosperity. In addition to that, these natives are blessed with spiritual knowledge and from deep within they are splendorous, generous, and charitable. Besides this, the 11th house is the house of continuous growth or Upachay Bhava, where the significations of Jupiter are expanded gradually over time.

The 11th house is also signified by Jupiter, the arrival of which in the house of its significance may at times create a situation of overindulgence of good things in life according to the concept of Karako Bhavasto Nashto in Vedic astrology. As the natural benefic planet is involved, no colossal damage is indicated by the condition, but at times, the abundance of goodness may spoil the native dragging them into comfort zones.

From the 11th house, Jupiter aspects the 3rd, 5th, and 7th houses. The (fifth) aspect of Jupiter upon the 3rd house (of courage, skills, communication of all types, siblings, etc.) indicates heightened levels of courage and promotes becoming fearless over time. The considered aspect is also extremely beneficial for the harmony in the relationship with siblings. A biggest natural benefic planet Jupiter provides a lot of good and noble qualities to the native with the aspect upon the 3rd house. As a result, one with this combination will be extremely generous, kindhearted, and charitable. Furthermore, the considered aspect blesses with great talent in philosophical, higher, and spiritual wisdom (Jupiter). Often, as the 3rd house is connected to writing (communication of any type), native with this combination loves expressing themselves and their higher wisdom/ideas through different scriptures and literature.

The (seventh) aspect of Jupiter upon the 5th house (of progeny, intelligence, luck from good deeds of the past lives, etc) blesses with beautiful, healthy, talented, intelligent, generous, and kindhearted children. The 5th house also represents the heart and aspect of Jupiter upon it expands the kindheartedness to a great extent. It also indicates being very loving and devoted to a life partner and serving the truth of life. Besides this, people with this aspect are extremely intelligent and noble. The considered aspect of Jupiter over the 5th house also indicates a lot of blessings and fruits from various good deeds that have been performed during the earlier incarnations. The good karma that is carried on from the past lives is extremely helpful in the current life-promoting happiness and success of all kind.

The (ninth) aspect of Jupiter upon the 7th house (of partnerships, harmony, marriage, spouse, legal matters, etc.) blesses with a very loving spouse who provides marital bliss and harmony (7th) in abundance. If Jupiter is exalted, the positive results are expanded to a great extent and being blessed with the spouse of dreams who fulfills all the wishes and desires (11th) of the native. As Jupiter (kind planet) is involved, the character of the spouse is indicated to be very kind, generous, and spiritual (Jupiter). Besides the Jupiterian character, it is also indicated that the spouse of the native is involved with large networks and social groups (11th) where the higher wisdom is spread using communication skills and platforms (3rd). Other than that, the considered aspect bonds higher wisdom with legal matters and provides a great understanding of what is right and wrong – hence, provides very ethical and moral characteristics to the native.

Independent Spirit

Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac signs in Vedic astrology) represents freedom and the expansion of Jupiter in the 11th house (of growth) indicates having freedom-loving and highly independent spirit.

Entrepreneurial Mindset & Skills

The aspect of 11th house Jupiter over the 3rd, 5th, and 7th houses create an entrepreneurial mindset. The 3rd house is the house of entrepreneurship and risk-takers, 5th house is for intelligence, and 7th house is for business/trading success. The linkage between these three houses and their themes create a perfect combination for an entrepreneurial mindset and success if Jupiter is favorably placed.

Highly Increased Sensuality & Passion

As Jupiter in the 11th house of desires (Kama Trikona) bonds with all the other houses of desires (3rd, 7th) it indicates increased sensuality and desire for passion. Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune indicates being lucky and fortunate regarding life partner who is capable of satisfying the native with massively increased sensuality.

Pure Spirit & Pious Circle

The considered combination of Jupiter in the 11th house indicates having a pure soul and desire to surround one’s self with kindhearted people with pure souls. As a result of that, the friend circle (11th) of natives with 11th house Jupiter consists mostly of the kind, honest, noble and ambitious people who have great pious goals in life. In addition to that, people with this fortunate combination of Jupiter are highly optimistic and encourage others to be the same.

Faithful & Devoted

Jupiter, as the ruler of the natural 9th zodiac sign Sagittarius represents faith, ethics, morals, higher truth, and religion. Accordingly, if Jupiter is well-placed, it indicates being very faithful, ethical, righteous and devoted to higher powers, God, and truth.

Abundant Wealth

Jupiter, as the main planet of wealth in astrology in the 11th house (of gains, profits) indicates abundant wealth, if well placed. The influx of wealth is indicated through sources of the houses that Jupiter aspects, that is, from the 3rd, 5th, and 7th houses. Accordingly, the gain of wealth is indicated through the themes of the 3rd house, some of which are communication, writing, publishing, art, media, skills, and different kind of hobbies. Through the themes of the 5th house, it is indicated that children may bring fame and gain to the native. Also, speculative activities that require intelligence, are proven to be fortunate regarding wealth gains. The connection between the 11th house and 7th house via the aspect of Jupiter indicates abundant wealth through spouse or partnership ventures/enterprises. If Jupiter is favorably positioned (either exalted or in the sign of friend/temporary friend) it indicates having various desires fulfilled by the spouse.

Alternatively, if Jupiter is ill-placed (either debilitated or in the sign of bitter enemy – temporary enemy), it indicates hurdles and obstructions in obtaining wealth and fulfilling desires because of the affliction to the significations of Jupiter, and the connected houses.

It is important to note that the positive placement of the 11th house lord carries an important role in amplifying the favorable effects or saving from negative results of ill-placed Jupiter in the 11th house. Additionally, the majority of results are also determined by the sign in which Jupiter resides in the 11th house.

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