Results of Jupiter in the Seventh House

The positioning of Jupiter in the 7th house (of spouse, marriage, partnerships, entrepreneurship, legal matters) proves to be very auspicious regarding the significations of the considered house.

From the 7th house, Jupiter aspects the 11th, 1st, and 3rd house. The aspect of Jupiter upon the 11th house is especially beneficial for abundant gains and fulfillment of desires, especially regarding marriage, partnerships, and entrepreneurial pursuits. If Jupiter is well-placed in favorable sign it blesses with spouse and marriage of dreams. The combination promises that spouse will be very caring, charming, sensual, and devoted.

The aspect of Jupiter upon the 1st house blesses with especially attractive phisique and pleasant personality. Furthermore, as Jupiter is in the 7th house (of public image) it indicates becoming renowned and popular in society for the brilliant personality traits. The 1st house also reflects overall thinking capabilities and the soul. Hence, the influence of Jupiter produces a magnificent soul with brilliant higher wisdom. The considered aspect also strengthens health and increases longevity.

The aspect upon the 3rd house expands the courage and risk-taking traits. This is a very auspicious connection as both 7th and 3rd houses are connected to trading and entrepreneurship. If Jupiter is favorably positioned in the 7th house, it blesses with good qualities, talents, courage, and everything it takes to become a competent entrepreneur. The linkage also indicates being involved in frequent journeys.

Sweet Spoken

As Jupiter aspects the 3rd house (of communication) it blesses with great communicative capabilities. People with this combination are great and eloquent speakers and express themselves in a very aristocratic, philosophical, and gracious manner which makes their speech very influential. In addition to that, the influence of Jupiter produces a very sweet speech with pleasant intonation.

Expanded Sensuality

The 3rd, 7th, and 11th astrological houses all belong to the triangle of desires or Kama Trikona and the positioning of Jupiter in the 7th house connects all the houses of desires in a very harmonious manner which manifests in increased sexuality. If Jupiter is favorably positioned, it blesses with abundant heavenly sensual pleasures from the spouse. Jupiter is a planet of ethics and morals which indicates that people with this combination always keep purity in mind and avoid illegal sexual activity at all costs (except when Jupiter is afflicted by any other way).

Hamsa Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga

Jupiter in own sign (Sagittarius, Pisces) or in the sign of exaltation (Cancer) while being in the house of Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) forms an exceptionally auspicious planetary combination which is named Hamsa (Jupiter) Yoga, the effects of which are described earlier in the current chapter of Jupiter in Houses.

It is important to note that the positive placement of Venus and the 7th house lord carries an important role in amplifying the favorable effects or saving from negative results of ill-placed Jupiter in the 7th house. Additionally, the majority of results are also determined by the sign in which Jupiter resides in the 7th house.

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Excellent write up and analysis of this auspicious placement for Jupiter!

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