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What does Leo Sun in combination with Libra Moon mean?

It means that Sun is in Leo while Moon is in Libra in the natal birth chart. Individuals who have this set of combinations inherit the characteristics arising from it.

In addition to that, a specific angle is formed between Sun and Moon which gives deeper insights into the mind and soul. The exact angle also forms a specific combination that influences the personality and life path.

Prelude to Leo Sun & Libra Moon


Sun is the planet of self, soul, vitality, energy, mentality, courage, general intelligence, spirituality, accomplishments, authority, the direction of the soul, etc.

Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac belt which is warmhearted, authoritative, charismatic, enthusiastic, fearless, generous, loyal, self-aware, confident, hot-tempered, and stubborn in nature.

Leo is a zodiac sign governed by Sun, making it a great combination to have in the natal birth chart. As a result of this combination, the significations of Sun and Leo become amplified greatly.

First of all, these individuals are tremendously courageous, which is provided by two major astrological factors.

Namely, the vitality of the Sun is amplified and then harnessed in the sign of courage to stand out, which is Leo. Hence, such individuals are almost always ready to stand out, protect, and take charge without second-guessing.

In addition to that, Leo is of fixed modality which denotes determination, willpower, steadiness, and loyalty. The significance of fixed modality becomes amplified, making these individuals tremendously persistent and fixed on their goals.

Their courage also supports their steadiness by making them able to overcome various obstacles and opposition. No matter what they are facing, they always find original ways to cope with issues and obstacles.

Speaking of which, they are very creative as the 5th sign Leo signifies creativity. The vitality of the Sun amplifies their original way of thinking and approaching issues.

Because they often harness unknown or unpredictable ways to many, they prosper without wasting all of their vital energy of the soul.

Not only that these individuals are courageous, authoritative, and practically capable, but also very knowledgeable and spiritual.

That is because Sun is the major planet of spirituality, truth, and wisdom beyond the material world. With Sun being strong in its own sign, these individuals are much more likely to become spiritually awakened through obtaining lots of wisdom gradually and unstoppably.

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Moon is the planet that governs the mind and therefore signifies general thinking patterns, emotional well-being, and cognitive abilities.

Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac belt which is charming, romantic, balanced, peaceful, harmonious, justice-loving, diplomatic, tolerant, and idealistic in nature.

Accordingly, Libra Moon individuals are blessed with a very balanced and peaceful mind. They also promote peace through their behavior and decisions as thoughts directly influence the way we act.

With that being said, they are exceptionally great peacemakers and negotiators who are capable of calming down great disputes. They do it in a way that benefits all parties, not only one or themselves.

They are capable of doing it with the blessings indicated by Libra Moon, which makes them very diplomatic, thoughtful, and tactful.

Libra Moon individuals are usually selfless as they favor justice and harmony most of all. Harmony and justice can only be maintained through actions that are not motivated solely by the interests of the self.

Speaking of action, they are great at taking action and making things evolve with great momentum. That trait is given by the cardinal modality of Libra, which denotes initiation powers as well as the ability to take action and lead.

Accordingly, in addition to being extremely justice-loving and peaceful, they are also great leaders. With diplomacy and initiation powers combined, they make one of the most competent entrepreneurs.

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Leo Sun & Libra Moon Disposition

Planetary Relationship

When Sun is in Leo while Moon is in Libra, the 3rd and 11th dispositions are created between these planets.

More specifically, Libra Moon is in the 3rd sign from Leo Sun. When taking Moon as the reference point, then Leo Sun is in the 11th sign from it.

According to the temporary relationship rule of astrology, planets occupying the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th place from each other are temporary friends.

When it comes to Leo Sun and Libra Moon, they become temporary friends. In addition to that, these luminaries are already natural friends and when combining it with temporary friendship, a great friendship is formed.

This great friendship, most of all, signifies great harmony between mind (Moon) and soul (Sun). This harmony is crucial for various reasons.

First of all, it helps to harness the power of mind and vitality of the soul as effectively as possible. That is because when there are fewer conflicts inside a person, energy is saved and directed towards increasing cognitive activity. Amplified cognitive abilities, in turn, enhance the effects of action as they are well directed and planned.

Not only that this great friendship between Leo Sun and Libra Moon is supportive for productivity and greater prosperity, but also for peace of mind and overall health.

Namely, individuals whose souls are in harmony with their thinking patterns tend to choose healthier lifestyles in different ways.

First of all, they channel out all the negativity, including bad companions and toxic habits that could harm their health and ability to take action any time needed.

They also tend to be interested in activities that further strengthen the healthy link between their minds and souls, such as meditation.

When blending the effects from Leo Sun and Libra Moon, deeper auspicious effects of the planetary friendship can be derived.

Individuals with Leo Sun are inherently authoritative which can sometimes make them look self-centered while they are actually not.

That is because they just need to maintain assertiveness in order to protect their righteous viewpoints and this can indeed irritate many (secret) opponents.

What the harmonious angle between it and Libra Moon does is that their authoritative and assertive characteristics become supported by their justice-loving and diplomatic nature.

As a result, they are able to remain assertive and valorous while maintaining verbal diplomacy. Their mind also empowers their inner vitality with desires to protect justice and the righteous.

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All people are practically beleivers if they believe in one God, The Prophets (some of them: Solomon, Moses, Jesus) and The Seal of Prophets (Muhammad) peace be upon them. That is, do not be quick to judge and leave judgment to God except when there is direct threat to righteous beleivers.
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Some of The Last Words of God via The Last Prophet [PBUH]

Libra Moon, in turn, becomes amplified by the Leo Sun which helps them to stand for the truth and justice with unshakable valor, loyalty, and determination.

3rd & 11th Dispositions Analysis

The 3rd disposition represents the energies of the 3rd astrological house which signifies self-made efforts, valor, skillsets, skills with hands, communication, ambitions, local network, etc.

Libra Moon becomes influenced by the energies of this disposition because it is in 3rd from Leo Sun. First of all, it shows that these natives are tremendously communicative.

They have a strong desire to share their thoughts and energy via different communication platforms, be it written, verbal, or even digital.

Because of their eagerness to communicate, they usually put in lots of effort to improve their communication skills gradually which is greatly supportive for them to fulfill their ambitions.

More specifically, their effective communication skills help to build trust with people around them. That is because understanding and clarity between people almost always start from good communication.

These individuals are able to establish a strong local network with their effective way of communicating with others. Their communication skills get further amplified by the traits of Libra, which makes them very compassionate and harmonious communicators.

Not only that they are able to speak well, but also listen carefully which is the basis of understanding others deeply and building a strong metaphysical connection between people which holds the local network together.

As Libra is of cardinal modality which denotes taking action, it matches well with the 3rd disposition from Sun. As a result of cardinal modality combined with a house of ambitions and desires, a very active person is created.

It shows that their ambitions and desires can be fulfilled because of their ability to take action at the right time and place. They establish a great plan of action and keep moving forward until goals are met.

The 11th disposition represents the energies of the 11th astrological house which signifies fulfillment of aspirations, gains, profits, communities, large organizations, allies, friends, enemies of enemies, etc.

Leo Sun becomes influenced by the energies of the 11th disposition. It shows that Sun supports the fulfillment of ideas and thoughts provided by Libra Moon.

The fixed modality of Leo enables them to persevere through struggles and obstacles caused by enemies until fulfilling their highest aspirations.

The charm, radiance, and brilliance of amplified Sun in Leo thrive well in the environments the 11th disposition is able to offer.

That is to say, such individuals are capable of becoming highly renowned and celebrated in larger communities or organizations for their valor, persistence, loyalty, and diplomatic nature.

Such individuals are also great team leaders who are able to discipline their coworkers or subordinates successfully to meet goals that serve the interests of a wide community.

They also deal with enemies and opposition in a rather strict and fiery manner. Their courage makes their enemies shake from fear.

With that being said, they usually have many enemies as their dreams are equally as big as the quantity of opposition they encounter.

The involvement of Libra Moon gives them also interest to attempt to convert enemies into allies or at least make compromises.

A dignified Leo Sun in 11th from Moon shows that such individuals are critical when choosing their friends or contacts.

That is because as they strive towards achieving great aspirations, they know that they should surround themselves with people who give them good examples and impact. Speaking of which, they also lead by example or show others how things are done correctly.

Phases of Moon

When Sun is in Leo while Moon is in Libra, it means that Moon is in a waxing phase which is considered to provide auspicious effects as per Vedic sidereal astrology.

Leo Sun combined with Libra Moon gives the possibility of formation of the Waxing Crescent lunar phase.

Waxing Crescent

This lunar phase comes right after the New Moon lunar phase. Therefore, this lunar phase denotes all the resources and planning-related activities that are required to fulfill ideas that are set during New Moon.

Accordingly, individuals born during this lunar phase are extremely resourceful from their minds. In other words, they are blessed with the special ability to find quick, clever, and efficient solutions to daily issues.

this makes them very productive and efficient in all areas of life. These key traits enable them to learn new skills quickly and apply them in a way that brings actual results.

Speaking of resourcefulness, they are also usually very economical as they know the value of small details that make up great results.

Hence, they monitor all their movements and expenses carefully in order to avoid unnecessary waste. This, in turn, brings them closer to their aspirations.

Leo Sun & Libra Moon Panchang – Astrological Diary

Tithi – Vedic Lunar Phase

In Vedic sidereal astrology, there is a very precise lunar phase system used in which the whole cycle of the Moon is divided into 30 tiny sectors. Each of these sectors represents a specific lunar day.

Each day, in turn, is represented by a specific supremacy and planet which reveals important significances and deep effects.

Sun and Moon can be in different degrees in their respective zodiac signs which creates the possibility of the formation of various Vedic lunar phases.

In this article, 3 possible Vedic lunar phases formed by Leo Sun and Libra Moon are elaborated.

Shukla Chaturthi

Shukla Chaturthi is the 4th lunar day and the 4th part of the Waxing Moon phase. It is characterized by Khala Prada which is the giver of strictness, aggressiveness, and wickedness.

Accordingly, individuals born on the 4th lunar day are noticeably strict, aggressive, and sometimes cruel in nature.

However, a dignified Leo Sun indicates that these character traits are used in good ways to protect justice for instance.

The 11th disposition of this set of combinations denote allies or in other words enemies of enemies. The energies of this lunar day support it especially well.

It shows that these natives are successful in diminishing obstacles, winning over litigation, or even achieve victory in physical wars. In fact, the more obstacles or enemies they have, the more successful they are.

Shukla Panchami

Shukla Panchami is the 5th lunar day and the 5th part of the Waxing Moon phase. This lunar day is characterized by Lakshami Prada which is the provider of prosperity, wealth, and materialistic fulfillment.

Individuals born on this lunar day have a great desire to live a luxurious life. It does not mean that they are not interested in anything that is beyond materialism but rather that they need stable and peaceful environments in order to find their inner self.

In fact, in order for an average human being to develop an interest in some sort of higher wisdom, such as philosophy, spirituality, or religion, they must experience materialistic fulfillment.

This is exactly the case with individuals born on this lunar day and under Libra Moon. Libra is the 7th zodiac sign which also concentrates a lot on social or worldly success and satisfaction.

Shukla Shashti

Shukla Shashti is the 6th lunar day and conjointly the 6th part of the Waxing Moon phase which is characterized by Yasha Prada which is the giver of name, fame, recognition, and honor.

This lunar day favors the effects of the Leo Sun to prosper. Individuals with Leo Sun who are born on this lunar day are tremendously lucky as their chances to become renowned and famous are tremendously high.

According to this, individuals born on this lunar day are highly respected and honored for their good character traits arising from Leo Sun, such as loyalty, persistence, valor, righteousness, and assertiveness.

They give a lot of respect to other authoritative figures as well. They treat them just as they would like to be treated as authorities. Hence, they usually get along well with their authorities or father figures.

This opens up the possibility to have mentored by some of the most competent and successful leaders, managers, or authorities.

Leo Sun & Libra Moon Yoga

Another important astrological combination formed by Sun and Moon with respect to each other is Nitya Yoga.

Sun and Moon are luminaries and thus the primary indicators of the personality of a person.

The distance or exact degrees between these luminaries create a specific Yoga that gives deeper insight into the soul and mind of a person.

This is why Leo Sun combined with Libra Moon people are not all the same and still have differences in their mentalities and general behaviors.

There is a total of 27 Nitya Yoga combinations and when Leo Sun combines with Libra Moon, there is a possibility of the formation of many different variations.

In this article, we shall learn about 3 possible Nitya Yoga combinations that can be formed by the placements of Sun and Moon in the mentioned zodiac signs.


Brahma is the 25th Sun-Moon Yoga combination which is governed by the natural malefic planet Mars. Brahma Yoga provides auspicious results.

Mars, which represents this Sun-Moon yoga, signifies protection, valor, leadership, initiation, and general auspiciousness.

Accordingly, individuals born with Brahma Yoga are inherently valorous and protective. They barely back down in front of anything.

This makes them especially victorious in their undertakings as they face adversities directly to eliminate them once and for all.

Besides being valorous, they are inherently wise and intuitive, as Mars signifies the same as well which makes them very competent guides, mentors, and leaders.

It is likely that they are blessed with the deep wisdom of how the universe functions and thus able to view life from a very special perspective. This special ability makes them extremely mature, responsible, serious, and trustworthy.


Indra is the 26th Sun-Moon Yoga combination which is governed by the North Node of the Moon, Rahu. Indra provides auspicious results.

Rahu is an astrological entity that is very cunning, fearless, ambitious, clever, and manipulative in nature. These traits also influence individuals born with Indra Yoga.

Namely, they are extremely wise and possess knowledge of different topics which makes them quick and effective decision-makers.

Speaking of which, such individuals are clever and capable of finding ways on how to quickly gather intel on any topic very quickly and harness it successfully to promote effective outcomes.

They are also extremely ambitious which amplifies and supports the 3rd and 11th dispositions of Leo Sun and Libra Moon. Indra Yoga gives them a very clever mind on how to attain their ambitions quickly and efficiently.


Vaidhriti is the 27th Sun-Moon Yoga which is governed by the natural benefic planet Jupiter. This given Sun-Moon Yoga provides inauspicious effects.

Jupiter is the planet of higher wisdom, philosophy, faith, spirituality, righteousness, religion, luck, and fortune. Individuals born with this Sun-Moon Yoga are well versed in such matters but they are very restrictive and strict from nature.

Jupiter also has a more strict side which is why it signifies lightning strikes which describe the nature of these individuals as well.

They are especially strict, straightforward, and strike or decide suddenly with anyone barely noticing. No matter how controversial their course of action might be, they are usually driven by higher purposes or desire to attain good outcomes through adversities.

Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. References to The Last Word of God are included not to mix Sunnah Kitab or Quran with worldly science, but to offer the best cure for worldly issues. Always know that this science and the latest religious revelations are separated from each other for more than 5000 years. If you were to evolve from old Vedic science and adopt the latest religious teaching, the leap is worth more than 5000 years of human evolution. I am currently conducting theological updates on all articles, hence some errors may be there. All credit for increased wisdom goes to the best & brightest man who ever walked on Earth who is no other than the Greatest Blessing For Humanity & Seal of Prophets Muhammad ï·º, and people who kindly taught me the Word of God. All glory to God Almighty.

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