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What does Libra Sun in combination with Taurus Moon mean?

It means that Sun is in Libra while Moon is in Taurus in the natal birth chart. Individuals who have this set of combinations in their birth charts are influenced by the effects arising from the sub-combinations of it.

In addition to that, the placements of these luminaries in relation to each other form a specific angle between them which gives deeper insight into soul, mind, and behavior.

Namely, the specific angle forms certain Yoga combinations which carry energies and significances which influence the life path.

Prelude to Libra Sun & Taurus Moon


Sun is the planet of self, soul, vitality, energy, mentality, courage, general intelligence, spirituality, accomplishments, authority, the direction of the soul, etc.

Libra is the 7th zodiac sign which is harmonious, compassionate, tolerant, fair, justice-loving, diplomatic, charming, well-balanced, peaceful, romantic, and seductive.

First of all, it is not an easy combination to cope with because Sun is fallen in Libra. As a result of this, the significances of the Sun are damaged or the native feels deficiencies regarding them.

Sun is the planet of self-esteem the fall of which in Libra makes natives with this combination extremely gentle, soft, and sensitive.

Because of frequent feelings about being undervalued, they start to crave attention excessively. It also means that they get frustrated a lot because not everyone is able to live up to their huge expectations that are fragile.

Sun in Libra is in 3rd place from its own sign Leo. Herein the 3rd disposition signifies communication, courage, efforts, skills, hard work, action, etc.

With Libra Sun forming this disposition, their communication becomes sweet, gentle, and well recognized.

With the fall of the Sun, however, sometimes their way of expression can bring them troubles with society and authoritative figures.

More specifically, they might be very heartless, uncompassionate, and rude at times. As they are easily hurt themselves, they are easily triggered to unleash such ways of expression.

The craving for higher self-worth and recognition can bring them troubles with father figures and authorities.

Other than that, Libra is governed by the planet of beauty Venus which makes them very romantic, seductive, and passionate.

The fall of the Sun heralds certain immaturity related to the enjoyment of worldly and sensual pleasures. Hence, these natives must practice self-discipline in order not to get overly passionate and unethical in their pursuits.

Sun, the planet which signifies self and soul, in Libra also shows that their general life direction is likely related to worldly matters, wealth, luxuries, and entrepreneurship.

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Moon is the planet that rules over the mind and therefore signifies thinking patterns, cognitive abilities, as well as general appearance in front of the audience. It shows how their soul illuminates their mind and influences their way of leaving an impression on others.

Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac belt which is steady, persistent, tough, focused, practical, sensual, passionate, kind, generous, reliable, and determined in nature.

This is an outstanding combination to have because Moon is exalted in Taurus. That is, the energies of the Moon are expressed most efficiently in the given zodiac sign.

As a result of this exaltation, the significances of the Moon are amplified in a positive direction making these natives emotionally very stable and persistent.

What adds extra stability points to this equation is the fact that Taurus is an earth sign which represents stability and groundedness.

This is why the Moon, the planet of the mind, works best in stable earth signs. When it comes to modality, Taurus is fixed making these individuals extremely persistent from the mind.

These natives are able to remain loyal to their goals and visions which motivate them in great ways which increase their chances of succeeding.

Mental persistence is important for two major reasons. Firstly, it helps to maintain ambition and motivation. Secondly, it helps to persevere through challenges effectively.

Emotional stability is the most important factor that brings a sense of contentment as well. Hence, the exaltation of the Moon makes these natives very delightful and grateful for the most part.

Those two positive maters combined give them a great ability to filter out negativity from the mind and become immune to various stress factors. It means that they are less likely to experience excessive oxidative stress increasing their overall health besides emotional stability.

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LIBRA Sun & TAURUS Moon Disposition

Planetary Relationship

When Sun is in Libra while Moon is in Taurus, the 8th and 6th dispositions are created between these planets.

More specifically, Taurus Moon is in the 8th sign from Libra Sun. When taking Moon as the reference point, then Libra Sun is in the 6th sign from it.

According to the temporary relationship rule of astrology, planets occupying the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th place from each other are temporary friends.

When it comes to this set of combinations in question, temporary enmity is formed between Sun and Moon.

This reflects some difficulties that are caused by the temporary mismatch between mind and soul. More specifically, the difficult angle between Sun and Moon indicates a fundamental conflict between thinking patterns and feelings.

This mismatch is very intensive in this situation because Moon is exalted while Sun is fallen and weakened.

It indicates that their thinking patterns are very stable, self-motivating, and good-natured while their souls tend to urge toward immorality at times.

Similarly, Taurus Moon’s mindsets inspire them to provide, support, and give unconditionally while Libra Sun is more inclined towards sheer profits.

As a result of this ideological mismatch, these individuals experience temporary delays caused by internal challenges.

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All people are practically beleivers if they believe in one God, The Prophets (some of them: Solomon, Moses, Jesus) and The Seal of Prophets (Muhammad) peace be upon them. That is, do not be quick to judge and leave judgment to God except when there is direct threat to righteous beleivers.
I heard Allah's Messenger (ï·º) as saying while pointing his hands towards the east: The turmoil would appear from this side; verily, the turmoil would appear from this side (he repeated it thrice)(Sahih Muslim 2905e).

Muhammad [PBUH] was most akin to Jesus [PBUH], who is coming back, and the best of people will be under protection of Jesus [PBUH].
(Riyad as-Salihin 1808)

Some of The Last Words of God via The Last Prophet [PBUH]

There is a constant battle between good and bad inside their minds and souls. It brings to a situation where they have to choose between two distinct paths often which is very nerve-wracking and difficult.

Theoretically, a planet with more strength tends to dominate and indicate the direction the native chooses.

Apart from this, these natives always have the opportunity to make better choices. Choosing the path of morality and dignity brings long-term rewards and lasting happiness while shortcuts and unethical ways lead to sudden destruction.

Speaking of which, Sun and Moon are natural friends. Hence, despite the fact that they form temporary enmity, the natural friendship neutralizes it.

As a result, the difficulties are not permanent and temporary delays give room for growth, expansion, and more choices.

8th & 6th Dispositions Analysis

The 8th disposition represents the 8th astrological house which signifies sudden events, fears, darkness, defamation, conspiracies, and everything hidden or unknown.

In a positive light, it signifies transformations, becoming stronger after upheavals, sudden gains, and knowledge of the unseen.

Taurus Moon becomes influenced by the energies mentioned above. As Moon in Taurus is highly dignified, positive results are extracted from these difficult significances.

Even though the 8th disposition represents the darkness in which the luminary Moon feels very uncomfortable, the exaltation proves that there are many positive effects.

To begin with, the 8th disposition represents sudden disasters and also the ability to recover from them. With the powerful Taurus Moon, these natives have a very stable mind allowing them to withstand prolonged pressure without breaking down mentally.

As a result, these individuals are able to persevere through disasters and conspiracies without falling too hard and losing their dignity.

That is, when sudden upheavals strike, they stand tall and face fears by simply being persistent and often doing nothing special. When the timing is right, they take proper action.

Besides this, the bad things happening around do not inspire them to harness immorality but remain loyal to good manners and ethical tactics making them definite winners in the long run.

Moon linked with the 8th house energies definitely indicates having deep worries and distress due to the unknown.

With exalted Moon, these natives are able to transform this difficulty to their greatest benefit by preparing for the unknown. No matter if something unexpected they anticipated happens or not, they make sure they are prepared, secure, and well off in any situation.

The 6th disposition represents the 6th astrological house which signifies challenges, obstacles, opposition, enemies, fights, wars, litigation, disputes, quarrels, etc.

In a positive light, this difficult disposition signifies discipline, training, teamwork, stress resistance, ability to compete, fulfillment through adversities, etc.

Libra Sun becomes linked with the energies of the given disposition. As Sun is undignified (fallen) in Libra, it indicates harnessing the 6th house energies unethically at first which with the help of a highly dignified exalted Moon eventually leads to positive outcomes and gained wisdom after important lessons.

Negatively harnessed 6th disposition by fallen Sun indicates damaged fame due to immature attitude towards others.

In addition to that, the overinflated and unrealistic focus on self can lead to increased criticism which might further push these natives to express themselves egoistically and treat others unfairly.

The habits these natives have might be detrimental to their minds which leads to difficulties in communicating with others.

To avoid this, it is important to practice gratitude and mindfulness which helps to filter out negative thoughts which in turn motivates to undertake healthy habits.

Also, they tend to choose comfortable and often unethical shortcuts instead of confronting challenges and competing with others fairly.

In fact, practicing mindfulness and other mentally auspicious activities are important for them because of the exalted Moon, which gives a strong mind to change everything into positivity.

A negatively harnessed 6th disposition by Libra Sun also indicates taking advantage of coworkers and friends in order to become materialistically successful.

This leads to increased opposition through the transformation of friends and coworkers into enemies creating lots of unnecessary obstacles.

Taurus Moon eventually transforms this selfishness into regret and urges to give back credit much more than initially lent from others.

When repenting happens, all the unnecessary obstacles will be removed and the speed of success skyrockets exponentially.

Phases of Moon

Libra Sun combined with Taurus Moon gives the possibility of formation of the Waning Gibbous lunar phase.

Waning Gibbous

When Sun is in Libra while Moon is in Taurus, it means that Moon is in a waning phase which is considered to provide some inauspicious effects as per Vedic sidereal astrology.

The inauspiciousness is reflected through the deficiencies of the natural significances of the Moon, such as wealth, emotional wellbeing, public appearance, general attitude, and availability for emotional nurture.

Accordingly, these individuals with waning Moon experience increased mental stress due to decreased availability for emotional nurture and affection from friends, parents, or mother figures. As a result, these natives are prone to become emotionally cold, negative, and depressive.

It is important to note that the waning Moon does not reflect completely bad results or outcomes. It rather indicates certain deficiencies where the native is naturally inclined to put more emphasis and likely experience abundance, especially with the powerful exalted waning Taurus Moon.

Theoretically, when the full Moon represents the energies of the 7th astrological house, the next phase from it can be indirectly related to the energies of the 8th astrological house.

It means that these individuals are concentrated on matters that are hidden from the public or simply too complex for average people to deal with. They have good cognitive powers from the exalted Moon to conduct deeply complex research to complement their intellect greatly.

Libra Sun & Taurus Moon Panchang – Astrological Diary

Tithi – Vedic Lunar Phase

In Vedic sidereal astrology, there is a very precise lunar phase system used in which the whole cycle of the Moon is divided into 30 tiny sectors. Each of these sectors represents a specific lunar day.

Each day, in turn, is represented by a specific supremacy and planet which reveals important significances and deep effects.

Sun and Moon can be in different degrees in their respective zodiac signs which creates the possibility of the formation of various Vedic lunar phases.

In this article, 3 possible Vedic lunar phases formed by Libra Sun and Taurus Moon are elaborated.

Krishna Tritya

Krishna Tritya is the 18th lunar day and conjointly the 3rd part of the Waning Moon phase. It is characterized by Bala Prada which is the provider of strength, resistance, and power.

In fact, Mars, the significator of strength, courage, action, and durability, represents this lunar day which endows natives born on it with these characteristics.

Such individuals are blessed with increased competitive power, strength, and durability which is helpful to battle various challenges and difficulties of life.

The energies of this lunar day are especially helpful to transform the difficulties of the 6th and 8th dispositions into the greatest benefit.

The highly competitive spirits of these individuals are grateful for having lots of chances to improve themselves in order to come out of adversities victoriously.

Krishna Chaturthi

Krishna Chaturthi is the 19th lunar day and the 4th part of the Waning Moon phase which is characterized by Khala Prada which is the promoter of aggression, cruelty, and wickedness.

Accordingly, individuals born on this lunar day have strictness as their dominant trait. It is a rather difficult lunar day because it can amplify the ruthless attitude of the Libra Sun in the wrong direction.

The combination of the fallen Sun and Khala Prada indicates that these natives can become extremely rude and wicked capable of performing acts that are not accepted by society.

When adding the effects of the exalted Moon to this combination, it shows that these natives are very clever and competent in serious works where strictness and force are required.

They can be very skilled in dealing with enemies/opponents the hard way through secret tactics and conspiracies.

It is important to keep in mind to be as fair as possible because any unethical and unfair action can give negative outcomes in the long run, even if there is success in between events.

Krishna Panchami

Krishna Panchami is the 20th lunar day and the 5th part of the Waning Moon phase which is characterized by Lakshami Prada which is the giver of wealth, fortune, love, and motivation to pursue goals.

Accordingly, individuals born on this lunar day are especially joyful and motivated to fulfill lots of wishes.

It brings out the good side of Libra Sun, which is the success in materialistic pursuits and binds the powerful effects of exalted Taurus Moon to be prosperous in such undertakings.

As a result, such individuals are able to fulfill many of their wishes and desires which improve the quality of their life tremendously.

It is important to note that prosperity is not always in form of huge wealth, but also spiritual satisfaction and contentment.

A dignified mental attitude helps to make the most of each resource and situation in order not to feel a lack of anything in life. This attitude helps to be satisfied when there are fewer resources available and look happily forward to receiving abundance, both spiritual and material.

Libra Sun & Taurus Moon Yoga

Another important astrological combination formed by Sun and Moon concerning each other is Nitya Yoga.

Sun and Moon are luminaries and thus the primary indicators of the personality of a person.

The distance or exact degrees between these luminaries create a specific Yoga that gives deeper insight into the soul and mind of a person.

This is why Libra Sun combined with Taurus Moon people are not all the same and still have differences in their mentalities and general behaviors.

There is a total of 27 Nitya Yoga combinations and when Libra Sun combines with Taurus Moon, there is a possibility of the formation of many different variations.

In this article, we shall learn about 3 possible Nitya Yoga combinations that can be formed by the placements of the Sun and Moon in the mentioned zodiac signs.


Dhruva is the 12th Sun-Moon Yoga combination which is governed by the South Node of the Moon, Ketu. This Yoga provides auspicious effects and outcomes.

Ketu, which represents this combination, represents spirituality, sheer religious devotion, valor, selflessness, and detachment.

The character of individuals born with Dhruva Yoga is driven by the keywords of Ketu. Namely, these individuals are extremely devoted to higher religious values and driven by faith.

This is beneficial both materialistically and spiritually as it inspires them to attain their goals as ethically as possible.

Because of their ethical style of conducting their work, they often attain results that are stable and long-lasting. That is largely because of their high aims to achieve something meaningful that carries very high moral values.

Their unshakable faith amplifies the valor to a great extent making them almost unstoppable in front of heavy obstacles appearing in their way. Because they are detached from worldly values, they attract lots of opposition.

If they manage to overcome their weaknesses caused by Libra Sun, they are definitely prosperous and capable of overcoming all the heavy obstacles.


Vyaghata is the 13th Sun-Moon Yoga which is governed by the natural benefic planet Venus. Despite this, Vyaghata provides inauspicious results.

The name of this Yoga stands for hindrance, obstruction, interruption, and contradiction. Hence, individuals with this combination have a very destructive behavior and thus attract lots of interrupting people as well.

This Yoga amplifies the difficult effects of 6th and 8th dispositions greatly making them also very quarrelsome, vindictive, and suspicious.

Combining the effects of Vyaghata Yoga, the fallen Sun, and the 8th disposition indicates very contradictory and mysterious behavior.

These natives can appear overconfident and aggressive because from inside they feel a lack of security and self-identity which is a direct result of the weakened Sun, the significator of self.

However, what definitely transforms the initial weaknesses into strengths, is the dignified exalted Taurus Moon making them wise and knowledgeable.

With wisdom, they are eventually able to understand the long-term effect of their decisions and actions inspiring them to choose acts that bring lastingly positive outcomes.


Harshana is the 14th Sun-Moon Yoga which is governed by the natural malefic planet Sun. Harshana provides auspicious results.

The name of this Yoga stands for excitement, enthusiasm, joy, and delight. These keywords influence these natives a lot making them prominently enthusiastic.

This bright great enthusiasm they perform their tasks with makes them very well known and renowned.

With that being said, they are also great mentors and guides because of their enthusiasm combined with the ability to dig deep into each topic which enables them to transfer wisdom to others.

This Yoga combined with Libra Sun makes them very renowned figures in society regarding worldly matters mostly.

Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. References to The Last Word of God are included not to mix Sunnah Kitab or Quran with worldly science, but to offer the best cure for worldly issues. Always know that this science and the latest religious revelations are separated from each other for more than 5000 years. If you were to evolve from old Vedic science and adopt the latest religious teaching, the leap is worth more than 5000 years of human evolution. I am currently conducting theological updates on all articles, hence some errors may be there. All credit for increased wisdom goes to the best & brightest man who ever walked on Earth who is no other than the Greatest Blessing For Humanity & Seal of Prophets Muhammad ï·º, and people who kindly taught me the Word of God. All glory to God Almighty.

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