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What does Mars in Aries mean? It means that the fiery, energetic, competitive, assertive, dynamic, powerful, enterprising, leading, motivating, disciplined, strong planet Mars combines with the fiery, adventurous, independent, valorous, enterprising, motivated, dynamic, cardinal fire sign Aries.

It is considered a very auspicious planetary combination as Mars is positioned in its own sign where it is able to express its significations effectively.

Accordingly, Mars has no guiding planet and therefore becomes its own leader, manager, and guide.

Mars in this sign is in 1st and 6th from its own signs Aries and Scorpio respectively. Herein the 1st disposition means being in its own sign and is very auspicious. That is because the 1st house, which represents the 1st disposition, is a favorable trine house or Trikona Bhava and quadrant house or Kendra Bhava at the same time.

The energies of the 1st house signify self, soul, dignity, vitality, initiation power, courage, mentality, etc.

The 1st house is powerful Kendra and Trikona simultaneously which protects from evil, removes obstacles, and promotes prosperity.

The 1st house is also known as the symbol of beginnings which becomes the main reason why it represents the energies of motivation, willpower, and initiation.

In other words, Mars forming the 1st disposition receives a special protective shield that protects and amplifies its natural traits.

The other 6th disposition signifies fights, quarrels, obstacles, competition. Positively, it signifies the ability to compete, discipline, precision, physical strength, teammates, coworkers, etc.

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Very Righteous & Blessed Souls

Aries is the 1st zodiac sign which represents the 1st astrological house which in turn belongs to the triangle of righteousness. The latter is termed Dharma Trikona in Vedic astrology.

Now that the planet of action Mars is in its own sign Aries, it amplifies righteousness in the minds and souls of such individuals to a tremendous extent.

They are so righteous that they seem so different and often eccentric to the average person. This makes them highly inclined towards ethical conduct. Even if they make a mistake, they take responsibility and try their hardest to correct themselves and strive to become even better.

What the wicked fears will come upon him, But the desire of the righteous will be granted.

Proverbs 10:24

Mars being the planet of force in Aries shows the actions, including the rage of these natives are guided by righteousness. Hence, when they perform good deeds, they are motivated by sincere intentions.

When they become angry, they do not hide it because they are straightforward and willing to temporarily sacrifice their reputation for the sake of righteousness.

They are sincere to extent that they do not want to artificially hide their anger but burst it all out instead. Because they are so direct with their thoughts, they do not intend to hold back and are not afraid to confront those who are not following the straight or righteous path.

Ironically, sacrificing their reputation does not actually ruin their name in the long run because sooner or later masses see the results of their righteous actions no matter how sweet or uncomfortable they are performing.

In the long run, they receive respect from the masses in massive amounts not only because of their righteousness but also their sincere attitude of not hiding emotions for secretive reasons.

It is also clearly mentioned in classical source Saravali that these natives are very truthful which makes them glorious.

Speaking of this, using their natural leadership talents they inspire many others to adopt the straight or righteous path.

In all Godly religions (including Hinduism) in the world, righteousness is the main priority because it is the straight and honest path that grants unconditional love and unshakable protection from Almighty God.

This reveals the highly righteous nature of Aries Mars natives is the secret for their immense protection that supports them every step of the way. So it means that this combination is not special nor these natives, but their faith is strong which grants them special divine support.

Inherently Intelligent

Mars is the natural ruler of the 1st zodiac sign Aries, both of which signify overall mental capabilities.

As Mars is dignified and strengthened in its own sign, it blesses with strong mental abilities including resistance to stress which heightens cognitive abilities.

Accordingly, individuals with this combination are inherently very clever and intelligent which they express in various forms. For instance, they have a natural inclination to create and construct something useful that benefits the audience or even masses.

In addition to that, Mars is enhanced by the blessings of the protective 1st disposition which represents wisdom and sciences. This reflects the ability of individuals with this combination to be proficient and resourceful in various fields.

They have a deep desire to be resourceful and apply their inherent wisdom to manifest ideas into reality.

The auspiciously formed 6th disposition by dignified Mars gives the ability to be clever and grab every opportunity effectively. Hence, they treat every situation in their life, both positive and negative, as opportunity to learn and develop mental strength.

These natives are always thirsty for new knowledge and experiences. Hence, they always have a tendency to work on something or involve in activities where they can obtain tons of new information.

In fact, as the 6th house is all about precision, tactics, and service, these natives are very cunning, strategic, and very precise in their activities, service, or enterprise.

Highly Independent Spirit

They have the ability to master their field of activity and yet have a desire to excel in more fields. What is more, as Mars is a naturally enterprising and independent planet, it gives these natives choose to work on something they desire rather than what others impose them to do.

As Mars in this sign is amplified, the desire to be independent becomes equally strong. This reflects the need to have the freedom to express their ideas and apply them resourcefully.

This also indicates that when they are restricted, they might become dull and unmotivated because of not having the opportunity to express and apply their natural enterprising characteristics.

When they feel restricted, they start seeking output naturally where they can apply their constant flow of ideas and manifest them into reality. Often, these traits lead them to establish their own enterprise or interest groups where they never feel restricted and perform according to their maximum potential.

However, if they are restricted somehow, they prove to be very proficient, skilled, and most importantly loyal in their service. That is shown by the well-formed 6th disposition, which signifies service and attention to detail.

This reflects their ability to organize their thoughts, and actions, and therefore fulfill their tasks with maximum precision and efficiency. They do not necessarily need their own enterprise to flourish but freedom of action is a must to become successful in service.

Powerfully Driven Initiators

Innovative ideas and movements are the motivating energy for Mars in Aries people. Aries is the 1st zodiac sign which signifies new beginnings and initiation power as per Vedic astrology.

Hence, people with Aries Mars are naturally driven to initiate new and innovative ideas in their field of activity. There can be many different suitable fields of activities for them as long as it offers challenges and a suitable environment where they can execute decisions independently.

The activities can be anything from sports, military, and politics, to the corporate world depending on the birth chart.

In the world of sports and the military, they can apply their abundant strength in order to compete. In the world of entrepreneurship, they feel motivated to apply their unique ideas to take action and create a great product or service.

They are the pioneers of their field of activity where their primary goal is to dominate and push through no matter how hard the obstacles can be. There is no such thing as impossible for them. Mars basically gives strength and power to any of their chosen fields.

Besides this, Aries Mars makes them very responsible and dutiful. That is because the significance 1st zodiac sign Aries amplified in a positive direction makes them concerned about the outcomes of their actions.

As a result, Aries Mars individuals put in tremendous efforts in order to deliver what is promised. Their highly dutiful nature along with willpower enables them to fulfill their promises and duties effectively and successfully.

Leads From The Front

There is mentioned in ancient scriptures of Vedic astrology that these natives achieve the status of the king, head, ruler, or manager in their society or work area.

The 6th disposition also signifies coworkers, teammates, and subordinates. At the same time, Mars is the main planet of leadership.

Therefore, the positioning of Mars in Aries also amplifies the ability to take action and initiate new movements to motivate their team effectively.

Their courage, confidence, and unshakable faith are what give their allies or teammates lots of motivation to push through all obstacles.

Most importantly, these natives lead from the front which offers a great sense of security and endows their teammates with lots of confidence that they are serious about their ambitions. This is how Aries Mars natives assert themselves and make their ways acceptable to whom it concerns.

In addition to that, Aries Mars natives are able to understand correct paths with their deep intellect. Not only that, but they are kind enough to show the way for others to excel as well.

These are major traits that make them genuine leaders who take care of every member by endowing them with tremendous willpower.

The 6th disposition also represents challenges, difficulties, and complex information. When a strong planet in its own sign forms this disposition it indicates being very decisive and having the ability to analyze various situations of different complexity to develop the best decisions.

The decisions made with the help of thorough analysis help to find unique and effective solutions to challenging issues.

They are very durable in intense situations making them capable of handling difficult tasks and making the right decisions even in the harshest conditions.

They are also capable of taking decisions very fast, using their perfect combination of intuition and mental intelligence.

Besides this, the 6th house energies are linked with discipline and the ability to fight. Hence, Mars which is the planet of strength and durability increases their perseverance manyfold.

Hence, individuals with this combination of Mars in Aries are extremely strong and durable heroes capable of performing great acts for society making them very honorable.

They are great commanders capable of guiding and leading masses towards the betterment either by wisdom or force/aggression.

If they are not managers officially, they indeed acquire that status nevertheless because of their natural traits usually during the main or sub-periods of Aries Mars.

Speaking of which, if working for someone else, their initiation powers attract great respect from their managers or allies. They have no issues serving as long as they can stand for truthfulness, honesty, and righteousness and they are not restricted or envied.

This also reveals that they do not chase authority or leadership restlessly. In psychology, it is told that people tend to chase something they feel is unreadable making them thirst for the very thing they chase.

As these natives have confidence and awareness of their traits, they do not chase high social status but naturally attract respect, honor, affection, and demand from the audience, allies, or authorities. After that respect is naturally attained, and they will advance in rank gradually.

Powerful Intuition

Their exceptionally strong intuition is provided by Mars which naturally rules over 1st and 8th zodiac signs which denote intelligence and intuition respectively. Accordingly, this combination is great support for the Sun and Moon, which represent intelligence and power of mind respectively.

As Mars forms the 6th disposition from intuitive Scorpio, it reflects their ability to have unshakable faith in difficult situations which enhances their general intellect and ability to make quick and efficient decisions.

In addition to that, strong intuition and hidden wisdom enhance the faith in their own abilities by giving them the ability to make precise and correct decisions quickly even when there is insufficient practical data to analyze.

They step up naturally without anyone encouraging or asking them to do so. Their desire to step up and make bold decisions comes naturally.

As the 6th disposition suggests, their leadership abilities are well expressed through efficient teamwork. They are able to lead a large group of people extremely efficiently.

Most of the time it is because of their motivating spirit which is able to bring much strength to their teammates. Their abundant level of self-confidence is very admirable to others.

Hence, they are not only able to motivate themselves to take action, but also everyone around them.

These individuals are the ones who can not only stand in front of the team, but also at the very back end to ensure that everyone is safe, well, and motivated.

Extremely Strong & Confident

Not only that they are resourceful, analytical, and decisive, but also physically very strong. That is because both Mars and Aries signify physical strength and vitality.

As Mars is strong in Aries, these natives are also blessed with good physical strength and vitality which helps them to endure even under heavy stress.

Their physical strength is further enhanced by increased vitality and self-confidence, which the 1st zodiac sign Aries is all about.

Being confident also implies that they have a strong belief in their ideas and what they do. In fact, the 1st disposition and 1st zodiac sign Aries belong to the triangle of righteousness.

As Mars is dignified, it ensures that their ideas and mentality remain righteous. What is more, being honest and truthful is what endows them with divine strength and courage whenever needed.

Moreover, what proves their genuine confidence is that they also uplift others without fearing losing out. When they believe in themselves, they do not have to artificially bring others down to appear better than others.

To support their confidence, they also exercise regularly which helps to maintain physical strength as well as mental discipline.

While they are confident, they are also able to protect themselves from arrogant people who try to bring them down. They refuse to be ill-treated and clearly say so, even if it requires a more strict voice.

They let others know that they respect themselves and therefore set boundaries on how they should be treated.

With that being said, individuals with this combination also respect others the same way they like to be treated.

Valorous & Competitive

The prosperity and rewards never come easily, even to individuals with Mars in Aries. What sets them apart from others is that they are not afraid of failures which makes them driven to persist until succeeding.

They are able to leverage failures by taking them as the biggest lessons. Instead of giving up easily, with the help of setbacks, they gain a lot of valuable information to improve themselves and eventually prosper even further than initially planned.

Speaking of which, the strong 6th disposition (challenges, obstacles)indicates that these natives have a lot of challenges and obstacles on their path.

The blessings of almighty God help these natives to overcome these difficult situations and obstacles with ease.

The obstacles they have manifest as blessings in disguise which help them to grow thicker skin and become more resistant. These individuals see obstructions as barriers to overcome instead of giving up.

This, in turn, enables them to become prosperous and undefeatable in the long run. This effect is provided by the energies of the 6th disposition that positively signify discipline, the power to confront issues, and resistance to stress.

It is also mentioned in Yavan Jataka that these natives are courageous and powerful to an extent that offenders are unable to assail them. This is another great manifestation of the invisible protection of Aries Mars natives.

The secret is that they stand for truth and righteousness. By doing that, God stands with them and endows them with unlimited power.

The power to confront issues involves the courage to face reality and deal with arising issues directly to solve them as quickly as possible.

With that being said, they are extremely fearless as well as Mars is the natural significator of courage. However, their courage does not come just by itself. It requires a lot of mental discipline and the ability to confront the arising fears.

By doing this, they develop the immense valor within which is further amplified by their strong sense of righteousness and divine faith in what they do.

With that being said, they deeply acknowledge their fear and analyze what causes it in order to get rid of the root cause of it. At the same time, they know that it is normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

After all, fear is a natural part of life. The only difference that sets courageous people apart from others is that they do not ignore this feeling and face it.

Fond Of Battles

Many classical sources also state that Aries Mars natives are fond of war and adventures whose confidence and best traits are expressed in battles.

The 6th disposition represents disputes, fights, litigation, opposition, and the ability to confront. With strong Mars endowing this disposition with strength, it shows having a strong inclination to confront and put in tremendous effort to win various battles in life.

Because both the 6th disposition and Mars are directly related to fighting through obstacles, these natives feel naturally comfortable in battles.

What makes them also very prosperous in challenging battles, is their ability to remain calm even when some of them are terrified within. They maintain strict order and discipline when disaster or disorder strikes which allows execution of the best decisions leading out of such situations victoriously.

With the amplified courage reflected by Mars in its own sign, these natives do not shrink in fear but remain headstrong and face all their evil opponents without even considering giving up.

As Mars and Aries signify, nothing makes them feel more fulfilled than fighting for truth, justice, and righteousness (will of God).

Supportive Allies

The 6th house is deeply interlinked with the 11th house of large groups, friends, communities, and fulfillment of desires. More specifically the 11th house is 6th place from the 6th house.

This connection shows that fulfilled desires require lots of discipline, hard work, overcoming obstacles, etc.

Another important signification of the 6th disposition is the “enemy of the enemy”. This connection is also derived through the Bhavat Bhavam (from house to house) technique where the enemy (6th) of the enemy (6th) is the 11th house.

A well-formed 6th disposition herein shows the great ability of Aries Mars natives to form supportive and profitable alliances with whom to win battles and fulfill great ambitions.

What is more, forming alliances comes naturally to Aries Mars natives because they are driven by the mentality to serve and protect (6th house). It also means that they are prone to give more than to take.

As per the law of nature and righteousness (Dharma) giving is the highest form of selflessness which attracts divine support from both the almighty and alliances.

Through helping others we help ourselves is another major driving attitude in their lives which grants them the necessary help at the right time.

In other words, they are able to form strong bonds which consist of both tangible and intangible values that keep alliances unshakable and strong throughout time.

When they are inclined to give, they build strong trust with their allies and the latter is willing to give them back at any time.

Many Enemies & Adversities

Speaking of obstacles and fears, these natives are prompted to face many enemies throughout life to the extent that it becomes completely normal for them. This is also the reason that makes them very competitive in the first place.

Mars rules two signs in astrology, Aries and Scorpio. Mars in Aries is in the 6th sign/house from its other sign Scorpio.

The 6th house belongs to Dusthana Bhava or houses of hardships and signifies disputes, jealousy, opposition, and wars. Mars in Aries becomes stronger and so does the significance of the 6th disposition in Vedic astrology.

As Mars is dignified, their ability to compete and defeat opposition becomes equally as strong. Enemies are meant for them so that they can practice and become wiser, more strategic, and stronger over time.

Accordingly, Aries Mars natives are naturally prompted to deal with many enemies and lots of opposition. Equally, they get to experience a lot of jealousy and envy from their many opponents.

Despite this being very frustrating for Aries Mars natives, they manage to overcome the adversity caused by numerous opponents efficiently. A strong Mars in Aries signifies having heavenly guards providing a great amount of mental and physical strength.

They are not blessed because all went right, but because they got a chance to fight.

Team Fearless

It means that they do not expect miracles to happen by themselves, but through sincere devotion, discipline, hard work, and sacrifice.

Aries Mars natives are naturally inclined to sacrifice their comfort zones, their resources, and time in order to battle adversities and never give up at the same time.

Fiery Mentality

They are said to be fierce in mentality and fond of wars and adventures, as per old Vedic astrology texts. It is so because Mars is a fiery planet of courage, valor, and aggression in its own sign.

Hence, such people are naturally brave and fond of winning all quarrels, litigations, and even wars. It is because they truly believe in what is right and ready to protect justice even when it means war.

They possess great inner and physical strength which gives them abundant endurance to win over the enemy with righteousness.

Kind & Charitable

Even though Aries Mars natives have that natural aggression and fiery straightforward attitude, they are very caring and kind.

Their aggression is often intense because of their unshakable respect for righteousness. When considering the fact that there are so many unethical deeds done, it is clear why they appear so frustrated and agitated often. They simply can not stand unjust acts and are not willing to accept unrighteousness.

With that being said, they are always having the courage and willpower to assist, protect, and guide others no matter what the circumstances. They are ready for heroic acts in society.

Not to mention, they are often the ones who share their food and fortune with others during difficult times. To prove it, this fact is mentioned in classical source Saravali that Aries Mars natives are always inclined towards charitable deeds and find great delight in such.

By being delightful, they are not prone to envy or despise others making it easy for them to perform charity regularly.

Moreover, the desire to help, protect, and assist others is empowered by their high sense of righteousness and this gives them a greater purpose in life that brings them immense satisfaction.

However, as they are extremely righteous and justice-loving, their kind-heartedness can convert into aggressiveness quickly, when their kindness is being taken advantage of unfairly by sinful people. In fact, they would take every chance to bring justice to its feet by any means.

Often they are not interested in authority or being a leader but despite this, they are still honored as great natural leaders for their natural protective and charitable traits. This is because of their high self-confidence and belief in the self which takes away the need to prove themselves to other people.

In other words, being a leader or authoritative figure is not a status for them, but rather a serious commitment and responsibility, which is actually true. Power should never be used to amplify self-worth or ego but to serve humanity and the will of divine forces.

Honorable & Prosperous

Classics state that such natives are honorable just like a king and possess a lot of landed property. As Mars is the significator of real estate and explorers, such natives are inherently talented in everything related to land, protection, security, and other matters related to landed property, such as construction or design.

In ancient times, the Aries Mars people were great leaders because of their courage, intuition, and mental strength combined which allowed them to conquer many lands or be the owner of them any other way.

Their great analytical and mental abilities combined with immense strength prove them to be very competent in this tough sphere of construction, lands, and protection.

This is what enables them to become prosperous and attain great rewards for their efforts. The exact field which they master is highly dependent on other influences in the natal birth chart.

It is important to note that these effects can also manifest partly depending on the degree of Mars. Not all of them will possess tons of land, but something similar such as royalty over a good design or plan that gives rise to the growth of the land.

Alternatively, they can be initiators of an important trend that grows gradually and changes the environment rapidly and effectively.

Possible Ruchaka Yoga

Mars in Aries can form a very powerful planetary combination called Ruchaka Yoga in Vedic astrology. It is one of the Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas which signifies great men.

The planetary combination or yoga forms when Mars is one of the Kendra or Quadrangular houses (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses) while it is in its own sign, Aries. This planetary combination extends the strong effects of Mars and provides a high level of success and prosperity to the native.

Digbala Mars

If Mars happens to be in the 10th house of the birth chart while being in its own sign, it forms a very special and powerful combination.

In fact, it is a blessing. Mars gains directional strength or momentum in the 10th house which further extends the results of strong Ruchaka Yoga Mars in its own sign in a Kendra (10th Quadrant house).

This set of combinations expands the good results exponentially and delivers tremendously positive effects.

Aries Mars Example

Jay Cutler

One great example of a modern-day person with this set of combinations (10th house Aries Mars) is Jay Cutler, who is simply unstoppable and made it to the very top of his expertise during the planetary period of Mars.

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  • Another family member of mine has mars in Aries, and first house! Description of this placement is spot on for this person. Good job!

  • Manglalik Dosh, in other words, stands for negative energies of the planet Mars that gives adverse impacts on the married life. In case of favorable positioning of Mars, the Mangalik Dosha effects are not brought to fore. However, a person can be domineering and overly pressurizing.

  • The description here is much more extensive than the online report. Although i kind of enjoyed it, I enjoy this one better. Also the report said only neg things of mars in 8th house in aries while these pages don’t (so obviously i prefer these descriptions better). In western i have mars in taurus in eighth and felt always so displeased with the taurus thing, i find kickass aries mars in vedic an awesome bonus


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