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Mars in sidereal Vedic astrology mainly signifies courage, passion, motivation, stamina, initiation power, and landed property. It is a dense and fiery planet with immense power and thus getting the commander-in-chief status in Vedic Astrology. Strong Mars can bless with success at young ages and staying young from heart and soul even in older ages.

Courage and Ambition

A strong Mars in a chart blesses a native with abundant strength, motivation, and courage to achieve their goals. With the help of their strength and will-power, they are able to overcome most of the obstacles. Mars is impulsive and does not think long before they act – this is one big advantage from strong Mars. When situations are tough and pressurized, strong Martians are the best people to make the best decisions in minimum time frame thanks to their incredible intuition – intuition relates to the natural 8th house in astrology and naturally ruled by Mars.

Fighting Spirit

The first Nakshatra or constellation in Aries is Ashwini, which is ruled by an extremely spiritual planet Ketu. This connection links to the fighting spirit of strong Mars – if you are blessed with an excellent Mars in your birth chart, you are having an extremely brave spirit who will fight for justice and defend righteousness or Dharma. In ancient stories, Mars was the one who protected morals and righteous energies.

Damaged Mars

One of the negative results of an afflicted Mars is aggression and can end up in wars. Depending on the level of affliction, it can also make a person lose their willpower and ambition – they are likely to give up soon and prone to self-destructive behavior. If Mars is negatively placed but powerful then their willpower remains untouched but they can become greatly violent and reckless.

Mars & Astrology

Mars is the natural ruler of 1st and 8th zodiac signs, which are Aries and Scorpio respectively. The significance of the 1st house is initiation and leadership. Whereas the 8th house signifies occult studies such as ancient texts including Astrology. A well placed Mars can make a person very talented in Astrology.


Mars is the natural significator of landed property in Vedic Astrology – that is why people with strong Mars are fond of real estate and architecture. Well placed and positive Mars in a birth chart helps the person a lot to achieve their dreams related to real estate. These can be for example constructing a dream home or even establish large hotels.

Additional significations related to the Mars in Astrology

  • Significations – courage, maths, science, engineering, mountains, soldiers, police, management, and technology in addition to all above mentioned.
  • Relations – Brothers
  • Body Parts – blood, bone marrow.
  • Professions – Soldier, law-enforcement, real estate agent, manager, real estate investor, architect, mechanic, an adventurer like Bear Grills, wrestler, boxer, sportsman, cook, and weapons engineer. Jobs that involve adrenaline and risk such as stunt actors, drifters, and racecar drivers.

Houses signified by Mars

Mars Data Table

Vedic nameMangala
Own SignAries, Scorpio
Mooltrikona SignAries
Exalted inCapricorn
Debilitated inCancer
Natural Malefic
Friendly PlanetsSun
Neutral PlanetsVenus
Aspects Houses4th
Gains Directional Strength10th house
ColorAll shades of Red
Duration in a Sign45 days
Duration of Mahadasha7 years
Age of Maturation28th

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. Regarding General Observations: Please include what was and wasn't accurate in the comments. Share the article with your friends using social media buttons below.

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