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What does Mars in Libra mean?

It means that the fiery, energetic, competitive, assertive, dynamic, powerful, enterprising, leading, motivating, disciplined, strong planet Mars combines with charming, balanced, peaceful, harmonious, justice-loving, diplomatic, idealistic, calculative, cardinal air sign Libra.

Astrologically, it is an average placement for Mars as being neutral towards Venus, the ruler of Libra. Hence, this placement does not weaken nor increase the strength of the given planet by default.

The outcomes from this planetary combination are largely reliant on the condition and positioning of Venus in the birth chart which becomes the guiding planet for Mars in Libra.

Additionally, Mars in this sign is in 7th and 12th from its own signs Aries and Scorpio respectively. Herein the 7th signifies love, harmony, balance, peace, unity, partnerships, marketplaces, trading, etc. while the 12th signifies the power to manifest dreams into reality, expenses, long term investments, as well as losses, isolation, separation, and mental distress.

In addition to that, being in 7th from own sign means that Mars is in the farthest (opposite) sign from its own. This reflects that Mars feels uncomfortable but whether this is for the highest benefit or not, is highly dependent on the condition of Venus in the natal birth chart.

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Results of Mars in Libra

Restless Adventurer

Mars as the ruler of 1st zodiac sign Aries is a very adventurous planet. For the same reason, Mars is also considered planet of action, as it gives urge to explore. At the same time, the 7th and 12th disposition signifies traveling and foreign lands respectively.

Hence, individuals with this combination have an inherent urge to discover various places, landscapes, and foreign lands. They are in constant need to wander and never settle down.

As Libra is the opposite sign to Aries, they do not feel comfortable in their birthplace which can be the main reason for their constant desire to travel.

All of these astrological connections line up for one strong astrological effect that these natives are definitely lovers of adventures.

Venturesome & Sociable

Because of their strong drive to explore and discover, they are very enterprising. In ventures, risk-taking nature and curiosity are crucial traits that these natives have.

What makes them even more enterprising is the fact that Libra is the cardinal zodiac sign which signifies the power to initiate, motivation, and great force to take action.

As Mars is the planet that signifies the same things (rules over cardinal Aries) it resonates naturally well in the environment of Libra.

In addition to that, the 7th disposition formed by this combination signifies trading, marketplaces, and venture partners. Mars forming this disposition shows that individuals with this combination have the ability to take action and initiate movements.

They are also eager to sign agreements and form partnerships which is another strong trait that helps them in their undertakings. The air element carried by Libra expands the fire of Mars manifold which reflects their desire and ability to communicate constantly which favors them in undertakings, especially where social activities are involved.

The fact that Mars exiled from its own sign Aries to Libra gives them the ability to leave their comfort zones completely.

On the other hand, having no comfort zone brings more delays, hurdles, and issues that have to be dealt with before succeeding. Aries is the sign that loves doing everything quickly while Libra is the exact opposite.

Libra likes to take it slowly in a balanced or risk-free manner. They are still capable of taking risks, but only if they are well calculated. This is the main reason which causes delays but can improve the results of their actions if the calculative traits are manifested well.

With that being said, the energies of Mars are manifested well if a dignified Venus supports it. Venus is the planet of compromises, balance, and peace. If it is strong, it enhances the ability to sign agreements and form partnerships.

They are very active socializers but Venus softens it a bit by giving a very compassionate attitude which makes others feel that they are actually cared for.

Most importantly, a dignified Venus also guides the energies of neutral Mars auspiciously which ensures that they pursue results using ethical and socially acceptable ways. Having social support will greatly increase their likelihood of prospering.

On the contrary, if an undignified Venus misguides Mars in Libra, individuals with this combination love the ability to be compassionate and harmonious in their way of dealing with various issues. If they do not have enough compassion for others, their success in partnership ventures is decreased.

An undignified Venus also makes them overly materialistic which in turn decreases their spiritual and justice-loving character traits.

When they concentrate too much on materialistic matters while having undignified Venus (lacking justice, unfair) gives them impulse to step on immoral paths and become involved in bad ventures which must be avoided at any cost.

That is because of illegal activities or immoral ways of attaining materialistic benefits does not last long and destroy harmony in life in all areas.

When Venus is undignified, it also manifests the 12th disposition of Libra Mars negatively by causing losses and difficult obstacles. These losses are linked to immorality in ventures and lack of compassion.

Increased Expenses

Speaking of 12th disposition, which signifies losses, can have multiple outcomes.

One thing is for sure that these individuals have increased expenses one way or another. Whether the expenses are beneficial or not, is highly dependent on the dignity of Venus.

Accordingly, a weakened Venus indicates that individuals with this set of combinations are prone to spend a large portion of their income, which is obtained with lots of effort and struggle.

The legal issues may also cause a high fluctuation in their finances which can bring increases financial obstacles.

However, if Venus is dignified, it ensures that they will have plenty of gains and always have enough to spend on articles that improve their life. With that being said, they do not have to spend on unnecessary expenses but on those which improve their overall life quality.

With that being said, they have a strong ambition to ensure a luxurious lifestyle that they are able to attain using strong Venus, the planet of luxury and beauty.

Alternatively, it indicates that they are highly responsible regarding expenses and carefully monitor their expenses. They also have the ability to generate profits from expenses that are made for wise investments in the marketplace.

Charming & Flirtatious

Even though Mars in Libra gives great initiation power, it takes away some of the key traits of this fiery planet. Namely, in the sensitive sign of Libra, Mars becomes softer and sensuous instead of remaining stiff and strong, as it naturally is designed to be.

There are also other astrological indications for that. Namely, the 7th diposition formed by this combination also signifies sensuality and physical enjoyments.

The 12th disposition signifying bedroom related comforts increases this effect as well.

When considering all the above-mentioned facts, individuals with this combination are very sensual, charming, and therefore very flirtatious. At the same time, they are also sensitive.

If Venus is dignified, it greatly enhances their sensuality and makes them very pleasant at the same time. A dignified Venus also ensures that their increased sensuality remains under control and is not released on negative purposes, such as on illicit physical relations with forbidden partners.

On the contrary, if Venus is undignified, it misguides the increased sensuality of these natives. Such natives use their special charm in the wrong directions by flirting with various people, even when they are taken.

They are also inclined towards flirting with the spouses of their friends and acquaintances. In rare cases, Mars in Libra misguided by undignified Venus can lead to the enjoyment of dirty pleasures.


Their overly sensuous and seductive character also influences their relationships a lot because the 7th disposition signifies marriage or life partnership as well.

Whether their heightened sensuality benefits them or not is dependent on Venus.

Accordingly, if Venus is strong and dignified, it directs the sensuality in a way that benefits the relationship. In this situation, the seductive character is beneficial and helps to keep the spark of love and passion alive with the life partner.

Mars is the masculine planet which empowers relationship by combining its active and dynamic energies with sensuality. This trait makes these natives irresistible and especially attractive to their partners.

In addition to that, Venus is the main planet of relationship and spouse. If it is strong, it enhances the marriage life by itself. It provides a very dignified partner as well with whom to share blissful and passionate energies.

A strong Venus also provides these natives with plenty of comforts that allow them to enjoy great marital bliss and a luxurious life. Most importantly, Venus is the planet of balance, peace, harmony, and equity.

Hence, these individuals have the capacity to improve their relationship using a tactful approach in dealing with arising issues. In other words, these individuals always put their energy to find mutual compromises and agreements which reduce the number of conflicts in matrimony.

However, it is highly advised for these natives to postpone the marriage because of their wandering nature.

They are prone to discover a lot of new people before settling down. Hence, if they feel restricted, they can easily withdraw themselves from the early relationship.

According to this, it is better for the natives with Mars in Libra to marry or commit themselves to life partnerships after the 28th year. It is the year when Mars becomes mature in terms of Vedic astrology.

By this time, they have explored a lot in the world of love and relationships and therefore are ready to form a union with special significant other.

Alternatively, if Venus is undignified, it indicates various struggles in relationships due to wandering and uncontrolled sensual desires.

As they are unable to tame their flames of passion, they are inclined to exhaust their energies on various physical partners.

By doing this, they give rise to many conflicts that cause disharmony in relationships. They wander from person to person and explore various partners because of finding it very hard to settle with someone.

To add difficulty to this position, Mars is in 12th from own sign Scorpio signifies losses and mental suffering caused by marital issues.

In addition to that, as individuals with Mars in Libra lose their fiery traits to a certain extent, they are usually dominated by their spouses. They feel very restricted and limited when being in a life partnership.


Both Libra and the 7th disposition signify balance and partnerships. Whereas Mars governs our actions. Moreover, there is no enmity between Venus (rules over Libra) and Mars in Astrology which means that Libra provides a decent environment for the significations of Mars to thrive.

The actions of Mars in Libra natives are based on peace, balance, and harmony, according to Vedic astrology. They naturally strive to create and maintain harmony in partnerships be it in business or between family members.

Their energy is directed to grow their diplomatic traits and wisdom. They are very tactful and capable of finding agreements or compromises without offending anyone during the process. With this trait, they can prosper any activity which involves situations where their tactful traits are required.

These activities can range from creating diplomatic relations between countries to arranging agreements between married couples or even form partnership ventures. The possibilities are endless because the tactful approach is highly appreciated in any field of activity.

People with Mars in Libra are excellent in finding mutual interests that help bring harmony and a sense of fairness to both parties. They are very sensitive in dealing with others and can achieve great outcomes at the same time.

For this reason, people with this combination of Mars in Libra are often found in professions where they find compromises and sign agreements without hurting any party.

If a dignified Venus supports Mars in Libra, these positive traits are further amplified. That is because Venus as the planet of justice ensures that individuals with this combination harness their energy by being fair, honest, and follow societal norms.

On the contrary, if Venus is undignified, it ruins this combination because of lacking a sense of justice, equity, and respect for society. Such individuals may become very unreliable.

They are capable to speak untruthfully while appearing to be sensitive and tactful. Instead of striving to bring harmony to society or surroundings, they damage it and initiate conflicts.

Sensitive Public Image

The 7th house, which is a natural home for Libra, also signifies the reflection of ones’ souls in the world as per Vedic astrology.

Accordingly, their sensitive and tactful traits also shape their social image or how they appear to be in public.

If a dignified Venus supports, they appear to be very harmonious, balanced, peaceful, and friendly all of which are the traits of Libra.

They are also known as the action takers who are ready to protect the peace withing society with their acts. Such natives have a strong sense of unity which makes them capable of harmonizing the relations between people and unite them effectively. They have the capacity to become great peacemakers using beautification or romanticization of ethics.

With that being said, as these natives are rather soft and sensitive, they romanticize matters in order to bring a change instead of directly battling for it. While they do so, they usually achieve great results because Libra Mars directs its energy to become more tactful.

Mars loses its domineering and assertive traits because of being 12th from Scorpio and opposite to Aries which signify dominance and assertiveness respectively.

These two astrological indications reflect that they are anything else than dominant. They can bring out their best traits by being sensitive and compassionate.

Additionally, their harmonizing and charming character attracts a lot of admirers from the public, especially those of the opposite gender.

It is important to note that Venus must be dignified so that Mars could express its traits in Libra effectively.

Otherwise, if an undignified Venus ruins Mars in Libra, these natives can become emotionally dull, resentful, and tactless which reflects an inability to influence masses in a positive direction.

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  • Hello Martin,
    what if there are three planets in scorpio and mars is in libra, will some traits of scorpio will be lost?
    I have my Sun, South Node and Mercury in scorpio . My Venus is in libra with Mars in 5th house.
    Can you please tell some results ?

  • Mars- Venus in libra in 5th house. Mars is in scorpio in d9 in 11th house .What will be the results? And in dasha period as well.

    • In the dasha (period) of Mars, the results of it in Libra will unfold. The dispositor of Libra Mars, which is Libra, will show in which direction and outcomes it will unfold. Venus also shows the outer influence on the period of Mars. Read Venus in Libra to understand in which direction Libra Mars will move the native under its planetary period.

      • So that means I’ll also get results of Venus in libra in Mars’s dasha?And Martin will mars in scorpio in d9 add any significance ( like an internally strong mars),this placement giving any good results?

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