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Mars in the 2nd House unites with the energies of Taurus and its ruler Venus. That is because Taurus is the 2nd zodiac sign which shares common energies with the 2nd house.

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It is important to consider the condition of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and the 2nd house lord in determining additional results of this combination. That is because these planets are related to this house by sharing some common significances.

Namely, Jupiter signifies wealth, progeny, and family lineage. Venus signifies luxury and wealth, as a natural ruler of 2nd zodiac sign Taurus. Mercury is the planet of communication which influences the speech of the native.

In addition to that, the 2nd house ruler becomes the guide of Mars in the 2nd house. Hence, it is important to analyze the dignity and strength of the 2nd house ruler which determines whether it leads Mars towards betterment or not.

Results of Mars in 2nd House

Facial Appearance

The 2nd house governs face and Mars in the considered house indicates having a ferocious look in the eyes. If Mars is well-placed, it indicates (like timepiece) being blessed with (by God) the masculine beauty of the face, which is especially beneficial for males as it attracts females.

Females find the masculine beauty and fierce gaze of the eyes irresistible. However, this is not a generic rule, as some males are also fond of females with a fierce gaze of the eyes.

Harsh Speech

A fiery, aggressive, and dynamic planet Mars in the 2nd house produces a very straightforward and harsh speech. If Mars is well-placed in favorable sign in the considered house it indicates having a tone of honesty and righteousness of the speech but which is also harsh, stingy, and straightforward.

Moreover, the considered combination of Mars makes the intonation of the speech demanding, dominating, and commanding. People with this combination have a hard time being honest without hurting others.

Additionally, a well-placed Mars in its own sign or sign of exaltation provides a powerful, charismatic, and influential speech. The style of speech provided by Mars in 2nd house is especially beneficial in the political arena as Mars aspects (4th aspect ray) the 5th house of politics and authority from its position. This aspect also indicates intelligence regarding real-estate which promotes profits from related ventures.

Nutritional Values

The 2nd house represents nutritional values and Mars in the considered house indicates a fondness of sweet-spicy dishes. Additionally, the condition of Mars in the 2nd house determines the quality of the food consumed mostly throughout life. Accordingly, a well-placed Mars in the 2nd house indicates eating healthy food which also supports better health and vitality.

Alternatively, if Mars is ill-placed, badly aspected, or debilitated, it indicates bad nutritional values and habits (intake of junk or overly poisoned food) which may take a great toll on health.


Generally speaking, an impulsive planet Mars in the 2nd house is hard to tame as it makes one a spendthrift which inflicts damage to accumulated assets. Nevertheless, this combination gives passion to establish a strong financial foundation by working hard and also applying the available intellect or other resources in the process.

Deeper results are highly dependent on the condition of Mars in the considered house. If Mars is in its own sign Aries or Scorpio, it forms a powerful wealth combination or Dhana Yoga, which indicates (like timepiece) being blessed with (by God) strong financial security.

Exalted Mars in Capricorn (5th lord exalted in the 2nd house) creates even stronger wealth combination blessing with abundant wealth, great speculative skills, creative intelligence, and fortunate children. Exaltation maximizes the results of the considered planet, its significations, and houses ruled by the planet.

Alternatively, a debilitated Mars in the 2nd house causes loss of wealth through unfortunate accidents and enemies. If Mars is aspected by the natural beneficial planet and/or 2nd house lord is well-placed, it improves the 2nd house by saving from great losses of wealth.

Classical Interpretation

Bhrigu Sutras

According to this classical source, people with this combination are inclined towards earning wealth more than obtaining an education.

That is because Mars is a straightforward and impatient planet while the 2nd house signifies the value of the head or mentality, which are talents and gained wisdom. Hence, such natives are prone to skip the theoretical course and get straight into the action and start gaining wealth right away.

However, if Mars is in own or exaltation sign, it also provides a great number of talents and wisdom to the native. In this case, they will also have great education combined with a strong drive and motivation to push forward and take action which enables them to accumulate a great number of assets.

As the 2nd house is about face and eyes, a strong Mars also strengthens the eyesight of the native. In addition to that, they are foresighted and establish a detailed plan of action which makes them well prepared for any situation in life.


According to Phaladeepika, weak Mars in this house affects the face and speech of the native adversely.

That is, the facial attributes become unpleasant or unattractive and their style of speaking is undesirable and mean, which repels others.

Such natives are prone to be active in underground or sinful societies. That is because Mars is casting a direct aspect upon the 8th house of sins and hidden matters (negatively).

However, it is important to remember that these negative results will not manifest when Mars is in good dignity and strong in this house.

In such a case, despite their voice being strict and harsh, it is very influential and benefits the native. They are capable of using their strong and commanding voice to gain wealth.

They might also be in service of secret organizations that deal with uncertainty, swindlers, or criminals behind the scenes as the aspect upon the 8th house suggests.

Chamatkara Chintamani

People with this combination become miserable because of being prompted to deal with lots of uncertain events in life, as the aspect upon the 8th house suggests. However, they will overcome them and defeat their enemies effectively.

These effects are manifested when Mars is well placed in this given house, which ultimately provides positive outcomes.

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