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What does Mars in Taurus mean? It means that the fiery, energetic, competitive, assertive, dynamic, powerful, enterprising, leading, motivating, disciplined, strong planet Mars combines with stable, persistent, down-to-earth, realistic, reliable, generous, loving, fixed earth sign Taurus.

Mars is sharing a neutral relationship with the ruler of Taurus, Venus. This indicates that the significances of Mars are not damaged nor strengthened.

This means that the outcomes of these combinations are strongly dependent on the placement of Venus, which guides the energies of Mars in this sign.

Mars in the sign of Taurus is in 2nd and 7th from its own signs Aries and Scorpio respectively. Herein the 2nd signifies wealth, assets, family values, etc while the 7th signifies trading, partnership ventures, love, sensual pleasures, marriage, balance, peace, harmony, etc.

Hence, Mars along with the guidance of Venus shapes the results of these significances according to their favorability in the birth chart.

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Results of Mars in Taurus

Highly Passionate & Sensual

Mars is the planet of drive and fiery motivation while Venus-ruled Taurus zodiac sign denotes everything related to sensual pleasures. Therefore Mars, the planet of action directs its energies towards the significations of Venus, such as love, romance, luxury, etc.

In addition to that, the energies of sensuality are greatly amplified by the 7th disposition, which also signifies sensual pleasures.

Hence, this combination creates an extremely passionate person who has power, drive, and motivation to seduce their partners.

To add to it, Mars casts a direct aspect upon its own sign Scorpio from Taurus, which increases the passion manyfold and adds mystical and deep intonation to intonation to it.

As a result, this combination makes these natives extremely passionate who have a lot of desire for sensual pleasures that have slightly aggressive tone to it.

Whether these extremely passionate energies benefit them or their partners is highly dependent on the condition of Venus in the natal birth chart.

Accordingly, if a dignified Venus guides the energies of Mars well, it indicates that these individuals are able to keep their marriage spicy and interesting with their extremely high libido and passion.

In fact, marriage and relationships are influenced by this combination a lot because of the 7th disposition formed by Mars, which signifies the same matters.

In addition to that, Venus, the guide of Mars in Taurus also signifies relationship, physical sensuality, and spouse which makes the condition of this planet very important in determining whether the impulses of Mars bring good or bad outcomes.

With that being said, a strong and well-placed Venus improves the relationship a lot by itself and needless to say, guide the drive of Mars productively.

To be specific, these natives with strong Mars and Venus are very powerful and motivated when it comes to seducing and offering pleasure to their partners.

Using their great passion, they are capable of maintaining great spark and passion for a very long time with their spouse which definitely improves the quality of matrimony.

Most importantly, individuals with dignified Venus while Mars is in Taurus are faithful to their chosen ones and concentrate all their energy on one person which gives them the ability to please their partners in the first place.

Not only that they are able to maintain the spark of passion, but also attain marital peace, balance, and harmony, as the strong Venus and well manifested 7th house energies suggest.

On the contrary, if an undignified Venus misguides Mars, it indicates being unable to keep the excessive desire for sensuality under control. This can lead to having illicit physical relations with various people, including those who are taken or married.

By doing this, they waste their energy on various people and thus lose energy and ability to offer ultimate satisfaction to one person.

It is self-explanatory that this indicates an inability to maintain peace and harmony n relationships which damages the later a lot.

Furthermore, Mars also forms the 2nd disposition which signifies family values and matters in general.

Hence, if Venus misguides Taurus Mars, these natives are inimical to own family members and can bring the reputation of the whole family down with their uncontrolled passion and sensual desires.

Impulsive Speech

The 2nd disposition formed by this combination also signifies speech while Mars is a very assertive, dominant, and fiery planet.

Therefore, this combination also influences the speech of the native. As a result, individuals with this combination are very assertive and express themselves in a straightforward way.

When combined fiery Mars with persistent fixed sign Taurus, they become very stubborn and this trait is also reflected through their way of speaking.

That is to say, when they speak their word, it must remain like that. When they are opposed, they often respond with a fiery temper and sudden impulse. They also have a tendency to express themselves before thinking and considering their words.

As Taurus, the 2nd zodiac sign is related to speech naturally, the positioning of fiery Mars here in this sign proves that such natives are very impulsive and have a tendency to talk before they think.

Alternatively, if Venus, the guide of Mars in Taurus is auspiciously positioned, it creates a very balances, justice-loving, and harmonious person, even though still being stubborn, straightforward, and impulsive.

However, in such a case, the native strives for harmony between family members and is ready to establish justice with the power of self-assertion and using strict words.

To be specific, they are confident that their views are good-natured and thus dominantly promote their views, desires, and values.

With that being said, a strong Venus supports this combination because it is the planet of equity and justice.

On the contrary, if Venus becomes undignified, they lose these traits and as a result prone to become aggressively dominant regarding their views, even if these views are not in harmony with justice and equity.

An undignified Venus also indicates being untruthful and deceptive which makes these natives rather unloved by society.

The 7th disposition also signifies society and compromises and when these energies are directed ineffectively it indicates being stubborn, inflexible, and have inclinations that oppose societal norms. Moreover, they also have an inclination to use forceful tactics to impose their views.

They also lose a great portion of self-confidence because their unrighteous actions are not supported by divine energies.

Steady & Headstrong

Taurus is a fixed earth sign and the placement of Mars, a planet of action, confidence, and will-power makes these natives very headstrong and persistent.

That is because the fixed modality in combination with earth element is all about persistence and stability which is empowered by Mars.

Whenever they choose a goal, they become extremely determined to achieve it in any way possible by applying all their fiery passion, force, and will-power on it.

They are ambitious, practical, and headstrong in their beliefs which makes it almost impossible to change their mind or course of action.

If this combination has the strong support of Venus, they will easily achieve their goals. It is because Venus makes them act righteously according to social norms which are the basis of all success in life.

A strong Venus also guides the force of Mars towards the protection of peace, harmony, and morals. In such a positive example, these natives are not applying their fiery force immorally and are well known for protecting good and righteous people.

On the contrary, if Venus is undignified, Mars gives power and motivation to persist in unethical and socially unacceptable goals. As a result, they face a lot of social disapproval which may lead to losses or various obstacles.

Desires & Luxury

This combination of Mars will make a person pursue luxury and sensuous pleasures as per sidereal Vedic astrology. That is because the 2nd disposition is all about values and tells about what the native gives worth to.

With this combination, the native gives a lot of value to the matters of Taurus, such as luxury, comforts, and everything that makes life sweet. In addition to that, they cherish eating a lot of sweet and fine dishes.

Hence, these natives are especially fond of hedonistic and lavish lifestyle and take a lot of action to attain it.

However, the level of success depends strongly on the placement of Venus in the birth chart of an individual. If Venus is strong and positive in the birth chart, it promises a lot of wealth and luxury to the native.

That is because Venus is the planet of luxuries, beauty, and everything that improves the taste of life.

The 2nd disposition also signifies valuables and wealth accumulations which indicates that Mars which forms this disposition in Taurus makes a person very resourceful and gives them the capability to achieve a strong financial foundation.

On the contrary, an undignified Venus can make them irresponsible with finances which can create issues and financial instability. Their impulsiveness regarding wealth matters and excessive attachment to comforts can increase financial instability.

Fights For Stability & Harmony

Accordingly, if Venus is well-placed, it indicates that individuals with this combination value love for peace, harmony, and stability. This indicates that people with this combination strive for balance in life that makes them very stable and persistent.

The reason for this effect is the fact that Mars in Taurus is in 7th from its another sign Scorpio. Herein the 7th signifies peace, balance, and harmony. Mars, the fiery and aggressive planet of action makes these natives protective towards these significations.

In addition to that, Mars is the planet of protection which makes these natives very protective regarding peace and societal norms. They are willing to fight in order to protect and maintain peace and harmony.

While doing so, they remain true to their own ideas and words. With that being said, they persist through difficulties and challenges that may arise. The fixed earth sign Taurus gives them enough persistence to not give up and keep striving towards their values.

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