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Mercury in Vedic Astrology represents our intellect and how we communicate in general – that is why it is universally symbolizing the messenger. It is called Buddha in Vedic Astrology and relates to the intellect of mankind. The considered planet also represents our conscious mind. The combination of Sun (Atma-soul), Moon (Manas-mind), and Mercury (Buddhi-intellect) creates Ahankar, which stands for the ego of an individual.


Mercury represents our ability to process information using our consciousness. The planet also describes the way you interact or communicate in the world. It relates to the 2nd house of speech – the placement and condition of Mercury give information about your style and tone of your speech. It also signifies how you will be using your speech in society – for example, it can give a clue if you will be a writer or rather prefer speaking in front of the public.

Everything connected with writing or publishing is ruled by Mercury. A strong Mercury in your chart can give you excellent writing abilities and help you publish wonderfully written creations. Mercury also gives us poetic talent, especially when connected to Venus in a birth chart.

Mercury is said to be the strongest in the 11th house in astrology. The reason for that is because the 11th house is the house of communities and networks – the planet of communication and intellect Mercury can apply its natural characteristics in the most efficient way in this house. The signification of communication from Mercury naturally connects networks and creates fully functioning societies.

The Messenger

Due to the perfect intellect and swiftness of Mercury, it is universally considered as the messenger. It represents a person with a horse successfully delivering the letters through different obstacles and situations. A well placed Mercury in the birth of a person helps him to complete his tasks in a quick way.


Mercury represents the ability to analyze and improve all matters in life – Mercury is the ruler of the zodiac sign Virgo, which represents analyzing personality in Vedic astrology. It helps to make better decisions in life with the help of an excellent ability to analyze viewpoints and aspects of a situation.

Additional significations related to Mercury in Astrology

Significations – Learning, education, commerce, trading, journalism, telephones, communication devices, short travels, skills, logic, memory, diplomacy, libraries, and post offices.

Relatives – Maternal uncle.

Body Parts – tissues of the nervous system, skin, arms, and intestines.

Profession – All professions related to communication, trading, publishing, and post office. In addition to that, banking, accounting, and astrology.

Houses related to the Planet

the 2nd house – signifies speech.

the 4th house – signifies studies.

the 10th house – signifies achievements and honors.

the 11th house – signifies linkage and communication between communities and networks.

Details related to Mercury

Vedic nameBuddha
Own SignGemini
Mooltrikona SignVirgo
Exalted inVirgo
Debilitated inPisces
Natural Benefic
Friendly PlanetsSun
Neutral PlanetsMars
Aspects Houses7th
Gains Directional Strength1st house
Duration in a Sign25 days
Duration of Mahadasha17 years
Age of Maturation32nd

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