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What does Mercury in Cancer mean? It means that the intelligent, witty, communicative, talented, strategic, analytical planet of merchants Mercury combines with affectionate, moody, emotional, sensitive, nurturing, loving, caring, sarcastic, proud, cardinal water sign Cancer.

The position of Mercury in question is considered unfavorable as this planet is sharing an inimical relationship with the Moon, ruler of Cancer.

As Moon becomes a guide to Mercury in this sign, its condition carries a major role in determining deeper outcomes of this combination.

Therefore, if Moon is auspiciously positioned and strong, it is capable of neutralizing the enmity and bringing out positive effects from this combination.

With that being said, Moon is able to cancel or neutralize the enmity with Mercury, if it (Moon) is placed in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th sign from Mercury in the natal birth chart.

Mercury in this sign is in 2nd and 11th from its own signs Gemini and Virgo respectively. The 2nd house signifies family values, wealth accumulation, assets, financial foundation, facial attributes, speech, etc.

The 11th house, in turn, signifies fulfillment of desires, profits, auspicious events, celebrations, large networks, communities, friends, etc.

By default, the above-mentioned significances are influenced negatively by an undignified Mercury.

However, if the Moon is also strong and neutralizes the enmity of this position, this combination proves to be highly beneficial to the native.

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Results of Mercury in Cancer

According to Saravali, when a planet is in inimical sign, it is not completely powerless. Therefore, Cancer Mercury has the capacity to produce various positive outcomes.

Very Clever

First of all, Cancer is the sign that is linked to the mind while Mercury signifies general intellect. The linkage between these two indicates that these individuals are very clever from their minds.

As the 2nd and 11th dispositions are tightly related to wealth, they are capable of coming out with tremendously ingenious ways on how to earn income.

In Brihat Jataka, it is stated that they earn well through water-related matters or services. Water is governed by the Moon, the ruler of Cancer.

Hence, it shows that they are naturally talented in activities where water is related anyhow. They have a natural understanding of how water-related matters function in human life.

However, they should avoid using their clever mind to produce dishonest tricks in order to prosper in life which could cost them dearly in the long run.

Efficient Multitaskers

In Saravali it is stated that Cancer Mercury natives are capable of undertaking multiple tasks or activities.

This effect is produced by the 2nd and 11th disposition formed by Mercury from its own signs. Herein the 2nd signifies mental resourcefulness and the 11th expands the general adaptability of Mercury.

Therefore, these natives are very flexible, adaptable, and resourceful which makes them capable of multitasking.

While they are able to undertake multiple ventures, they must monitor their energy levels to avoid premature exhaustion. They are in danger of losing concentration when undertaking too many tasks.

Increased Desires

Saravali states that such natives have an increased desire for intimacy. This effect is probably indicated by the 11th disposition of Mercury from its own sign Virgo.

Herein the 11th disposition represents the 11th astrological house which belongs to the triangle of desires. The 11th is also the house of gradual growth and expansion. Cancer, at the same time, is a very feminine and affectionate sign.

Hence, this combination shows that the desire for affection, protection, and intimacy grows gradually over time.

Speaking of this effect, it is important to keep those desires under control and seek satisfaction for affection morally by finding a suitable life partner.

Famous & Celebrated

In Saravali it is stated that these natives are famous and bring glory to their family members. This effect is also indicated by the 11th disposition which denotes community, celebrities, and communication.

Mercury which is the planet of networking and communication resonates well with the energies of the 11th disposition.

This connection shows that they are very efficient communicators and perform well in communities and large groups. Their way of expressing themselves sounds often very poetic, pleasant, and beautiful.

Therefore, they have chances to become celebrated in large groups. The members of their community carry a major role in promoting these natives. Their activities also make their family members well known and proud which is the influence of 2nd disposition.

Very Talkative

Due to the influence of the 2nd and 11th dispositions formed with Mercury in Cancer, these natives have the ability to communicate endlessly.

That is because Mercury, 2nd, and 11th disposition all are related to speech in some way. Mercury is the planet of communication, 2nd is the house of speech, while 11th signifies networking between large groups.

The 11th being linked to houses of gradual growth makes their speech unstoppable. When adding their flexibility to the equation, it is clear that they are very unstoppable communicators. They have the ability to elaborate on various topics endlessly.

Mercury in Cancer Dignity

As Mercury is afflicted in Cancer, it is important to acknowledge the possible negative effects that this combination indicates. Some of these effects are elaborated on below.

Avoid Enmity With Community

The 11th disposition signifies friends and communities while Cancer as the 4th sign denotes domestic affairs.

With an undignified Mercury forming this disposition in Cancer, it is indicated that the native is inimical towards people from their own communities.

A weakened Mercury as a planet of communication gives a tendency to be involved in useless gossips within groups of people. They are also quarrelsome and prone to initiate useless disputes with others. This greatly damages their character and leads to a situation where they lose the support of people.

However, the negative results are neutralized when Moon, the ruler of Cancer is strong and well placed which also cancels the effect of enmity with members of their own community.

The main reason for this is that Moon is a planet of friends, and if it is strong, it provides support from friends and close ones.

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A dignified Moon also provides them with a mature and strong mind which prevents them from using their communication abilities in the wrong ways.

What is more, with a dignified mind they can become celebrated and appreciated by their friends and members of their community.

This effect is also provided by the 11th disposition which denotes celebrations as well as communities and large networks.

At the same time Cancer is a cardinal sign in which Mercury with a supportive dignified Moon gives the ability to arrange groups of people together for which respect is gained.

However, an undignified Moon misguides the energies of Mercury in cardinal sign and reflects the tendency to arrange groups of people for malefic, disharmonizing, or destructive causes.

Avoid Enmity With Family

This combination also indicates troubles and friction with the members of their own families. The reason why family members are involved in this combination is the 2nd disposition.

The affliction to Mercury from the inimical sign Cancer could cause problems and disputes with siblings over property, land, mother, etc.

However, there’s a greater likelihood of problems with the mother’s health than problems with siblings.

Because of the relationships between the sign Cancer at Mercury is in and the signs that it rules – Virgo and Gemini – it is imperative that there is good clear communication among family members.

There can be sensitive issues related to family members that need to be treated with the utmost care and forethought. This will help prevent any serious issues with family members.

Therefore, well functioning guide of Cancer Mercury, which is the Moon, is important so the lines of communication are good and there are no misunderstandings.

If a strong Moon does not help establish cordial relations, enmities between family members may affect the health and happiness of the mother. Astrologically this is shown by the signs being involved: Gemini which relates to siblings, Cancer, which relates to mother, home, and happiness.

With that being said if Moon is dignified or cancels the enmity with Mercury, it certainly improves the relationship with family members and siblings.

A strong Moon is able to make them compassionate which in turn decreases their quarrelsome and inimical tendencies towards their own family members. The increased empathy and compassion motivate to improve communication as well.

In addition to that, a strong Moon as a significator of the mind improves their thinking patterns which enables them to treat sensitive issues responsibly.

Emotionally Volatile

Cancer is a water sign which signifies emotions. When an undignified Mercury is in this sign, it makes emotions highly volatile.

This volatility is caused by the conflict between emotions and logic. These two are not meant to be paired together.

The same happens in the minds of these natives. Their highly volatile emotions can cause them to behave inappropriately and illogically, at times.

This combination also causes emotional distress which is reflected by the afflicted planet of intellect Mercury in the sign of emotions. Emotional stress, in turn, increases the inability to think on feet.

As a result, individuals with this combination are prone to act or talk without the inclusion of rational or adequate reasoning.

To avoid this, these natives must not make important decisions during the periods when their emotions interrupt their cognitive reasoning excessively. When there are unexplained emotions flowing in, meditation helps to reorganize thoughts.

Overflow Of Thoughts

Moreover, such natives find it hard to find direction because of having a highly volatile mind. Mercury as the planet of intellect overwhelms their minds with various ideas.

They feel just as they want to start and manage all of their ideas at one time which makes them unable to concentrate on one task and master a specific skill. Having an overflowed mind causes them to become distracted and inefficient in management.

However, if Moon supports, they have a powerful mind that helps them to concentrate on one task at a time and master it which will ensure profits and gains in abundance.

Another way to avoid issues caused by emotional volatility is to shift focus to one or two specific things at a time.

A well-placed or dignified Moon as the guide of Mercury definitely improves this condition. That is because a strong Moon increases the ability to deal with multiple complex thoughts and tasks at a time.

Illogical Argumentation

Mercury rules over communication while in the inimical sign it indicates using the energies of communication in the wrong direction and purposes, at times.

Their high emotional volatility makes them sometimes say bad words without thinking whether what they say is proper or not. What is more, they are prone to use very illogical arguments, when they are involved in debates or verbal fights.

As their arguments are not backed by logic and not supported by rational thinking, they are prone to lose debates, even the ones they initiate themselves out of emotional impulses. Not only that they are prone to lose the debates, but also spoil their reputation.

This combination is difficult to handle because these natives who have it often fail to realize their irrationality and actually think that what they do is completely fine. This is caused by the failure of analyzing or reasoning their own decisions and actions.

However, if the Moon is strong and/or cancels the enmity, it makes the mind powerful and strong, which decreases the negative effect.

A strong Moon gives the ability to control emotions which becomes major support to Mercury by helping them to think rationally. By controlling emotions and speaking productively, these natives take a positive direction in life and use their words wisely on fruitful pursuits.

More importantly, a strong Moon improves the overall capabilities of the mind and thus enables better cognitive performance. This actually gives Mercury, the planet of intellect, more room to become intelligent and obtain knowledge.

Therefore, Mercury in Cancer can make the native incredibly intellectual and knowledgeable if a strong and dignified Moon allows it.

While logic does not collaborate with emotions, it definitely helps to improve the overall mind, when the latter is strong, stable, and controlled.

Alternatively, If the Moon is weak or undignified in the natal birth chart, it increases the instability of the mind which leads to developing very bad behavior and attitude. That is because what is in the mind tends to influence the actions.

In such a situation, their mind becomes even weaker which makes it almost impossible to control thinking patterns which in turn causes irrational decisions and lots of troubles.

Avoid Excess Desire For Wealth

This combination influences matters of wealth and gains a lot because of the 2nd and 11th dispositions produced by the positioning of Mercury in Cancer.

Herein the 2nd is about wealth accumulations, assets, and financial stability while the 11th is about the fulfillment of desires, gains, and profits.

However, an afflicted Mercury causes damage to all of these matters. First of all, the undignified planet forming the 11th disposition increases the desire for materialistic values.

It is generally not bad to have ambitions and earthly desires in condition when they are under control. However, as both dispositions related to wealth are negatively formed, there is a danger to have desires growing so fast that they become out of control.

When rapid growth of ambition and desire occurs, then the mind becomes very scattered and confused. Rapidly growing desires can lead to uncontrolled hoarding of assets with materialistic value.

A scattered mind can lead to situations where logical reasoning is interrupted and irrational decisions are being made in an attempt to satisfy desires that grow rapidly. If Moon is also undignified, it can lead to greed and excessive hoarding of materialistic assets.

Ironically, greed can have a severe impact on the ability to gain wealth because it distracts from concentrating on true values. In fact, the 11th belongs to the triangle of desires.

By default, with undignified Mercury, these natives have a weakened financial foundation due to troubles caused by irrational decisions and greed.

Their impulsiveness causes them to make bad investment choices or financial decisions. These actions are performed without proper forethought and analysis which may decrease available resources as well as repel great profits.

They are also prone to rush out of the increased desire for wealth which makes them using illogical argumentation in an attempt to attain profits quicker. However, by doing this, they might actually end up decreasing their chances of gaining profits rather than increasing them.

The deeper outcomes of their efforts depend on the placement of the Moon in the birth chart.

A dignified Moon also helps to stabilize the flickering and emotional mind of Cancer Mercury natives. Stabilized mind, in turn, helps to keep materialistic desires under control by not letting them influence the actions and decisions.

With that being said, stabilized emotions help them to make better investment decisions that ensure great profits from investments.

With a stronger mind, they are also able to improve their merchant and communication skills using which they earn more and through which they fulfill their desires.

Strong Moon provides them with compassion which enables them to map the actual necessities and desires of other people. Using this information they are able to manifest their ideas and achieve their goals more efficiently without repelling or irritating others.

More importantly, they are able to manifest the numerous ideas that flow in their minds which are provided by Mercury in Cancer. A strong Moon or mind enables these natives to catch and organize all their ideas into order and manifest them into reality one by one.

If they succeed in this, they unlock abundant gains and improvement of overall financial condition.

On the contrary, a weakened Moon with Mercury in Cancer causes becoming extremely envious.

The increased jealousy, in turn, gives impulse to cause trouble for other people.

Moreover, an undignified Moon indicates becoming deceptive and developing the mentality of a thief. With this mentality, they are inclined to attain gains through frauds and tricks.

Discover Mercury in various astrological houses for more extensive results.

Planetary Period of Mercury in Cancer

During the planetary period of Mercury in Cancer, the effects of this combination will unfold gradually. The significances related to this combination will come to the fore and influence life directly.

As the Cancer zodiac sign is involved, individuals with this combination will start becoming more compassionate towards others. They also start to crave more affection from others.

During the period governed by Mercury, these natives will use their speech and mental agility more than usual. Because of the affliction to Mercury, a specific speech, style of communication, or activities undertaken could lead to quarrels with community and family members.

Quarrels may also arise because these natives become more ambitious than usual. Hence, jealous people from family and closest community may try to demotivate individuals with this combination.

Regarding the 2nd disposition, matters such as family, wealth, speech, self-worth will need more attention.

What to emphasize during this period:

  • Concentrate on communication skills by taking courses
  • Meditate a lot to help organize thoughts and ideas
  • Avoid becoming greedy and keep desires under control
  • Be active and financially responsible but do not prioritize wealth over anything else
  • Avoid using intellect and wisdom immorally
  • Stay away from fraudulent activities
  • Do not get involved into useless arguments and gossip
  • Avoid developing bad and bitter charateristics
  • Start networking with good people

The planetary period of Mercury lasts for 17 years and the beginning and ending date of this period is different for each person depending on the birth chart.

Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. References to The Last Word of God are included not to mix Sunnah Kitab or Quran with worldly science, but to offer the best cure for worldly issues. Always know that this science and the latest religious revelations are separated from each other for more than 5000 years. If you were to evolve from old Vedic science and adopt the latest religious teaching, the leap is worth more than 5000 years of human evolution. I am currently conducting theological updates on all articles, hence some errors may be there. All credit for increased wisdom goes to the best & brightest man who ever walked on Earth who is no other than the Greatest Blessing For Humanity & Seal of Prophets Muhammad ﷺ, and people who kindly taught me the Word of God. All glory to God Almighty.

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