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Mercury in 11th house unites with the energies of Saturn-ruled Aquarius. As an 11th zodiac sign, Aquarius naturally represents the 11th house and therefore shares similar energies with it.

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It is important to note that the positive placement of Jupiter and the 11th house lord carry an important role in amplifying the favorable effects or saving from negative results of ill-placed Mercury in the 11th house.

Jupiter is linked with this house because it mutually signifies the fulfillment of wishes and abundant gains with the 11th house.

The 11th house ruler becomes a guide to Mercury in the 11th house. Therefore it is important to consider the condition of the 11th ruler in order to determine deeper outcomes of this combination.

Additionally, the majority of results are also determined by the sign-in which Mercury resides in the 11th house.

Results of Mercury in 11th House

Expanding Intelligence

Generally speaking, Mercury, the planet of intelligence, analyzing capabilities, and swiftness performs extraordinarily well in the ever-expanding environment that the 11th house is able to offer. The reason for that is that the 11th house represents the ever-expanding environments of complex networks, friends circles, communities, and so forth where Mercury thrives naturally well.

Besides this, astrologically speaking, the 11th house is considered as a house of growth or Upachaya Bhava in astrology, giving freedom for the significances of Mercury to grow exponentially over time. As a result, the combination indicates being very intelligent, kind, poetical, and communicative.

With their ever-expanding intelligence, they are able to come up with brilliant ideas and strategies on how to operate in modern complex systems and networks. In addition to that, they are proficient in dealing with large groups of people, who have similar interests.

The 11th house signifies fractals and exponential expansion of all matters, just like branches of trees, ends of a lightning strike, or even snowflake. With the intellectual Mercur in this house, the intelligence spreads the same way and this is why this planet operates extremely efficiently in this house.

The witty and analytical Mercury is always able to adapt to the complicated systems or environments of the 11th house.

Kind-Hearted & Articulate

The aspect of Mercury upon the 5th house (of heart, wealth, children) from its positioning in the 11th house indicates being generally fortunate regarding wealth and progeny, which provides lots of happiness and contentment in life. The considered planetary placement also indicates being noble, kind-hearted, polite, and generous (5th house).

Their style of communication is very articulate, fluent, and delightful which perfectly fits to the crowded and complex environments of the 11th house.

That also means that their way of communication influences their feelings and they always express their feelings in a detailed manner.

Renowned in Community

Mercury in the 11th house (of friends, communities) indicates being surrounded by the highly intellectual company because of attracting highly like-minded people who have Mercurian traits.

Moreover, natives with this combination are socially outgoing and often found in environments of various celebrations. In addition to that, their kindness, intellect, nobility, and generosity makes them extremely affluent and also indicate being admired by society, community, or just people in surroundings.

All of this influences the honor and reputation of the native positively because of the aspect of Mercury upon the 5thhouse of honor, reputation, and authority.

Determined & Focused

The 11th house mirrors the goals of a native and Mercury in the considered house directs the intellect in order to achieve these goals and desires. As a result, this combination provides a high amount of determination and focus on achieving the desired results, especially in activities related to networking, entrepreneurship, marketing, communication, communities, and so forth by the utilization of Mercurian traits – intellect, the swiftness of thinking, poetical talents, and communicational skills.

Fulfillment of Desires

Favorably positioned Mercury (by sign placement) indicates many successfully fulfilled desires and great achievements, which are related to the significations of the considered planet. This positive Mercury is especially aspiring and capable of shooting to the stars through the (possible) hurdles.

Alternatively, if Mercury is ill-placed in the considered house, it indicates various struggles in life that hinder the process of fulfilling the desires. It is mostly related to lack of valor and motivation which indicates procrastination and inability to take action. The native becomes caught up in a state of constant dreaming but finds it hard to strive towards them.

Abundant Wealth Gains

The well-placed 11th house Mercury is capable of providing abundant gains through activities related to the 11th house. The aspect of well-placed Mercury upon the 5th house also indicates a massive amount of profits from speculation, share markets, and other similar activities. Furthermore, the gains are growing exponentially over time if the 11th house lord is also auspiciously positioned.

Alternatively, if Mercury is ill-placed in the 11th house, the gains of wealth are compromised and there is a danger of losing them.

Highly Efficient Effort

Moreover, Mercury is the planet of merchants which indicates gains from various entrepreneurial pursuits. Yet, the native with this combination has the energy of one person but with the help of their highly efficient way of thinking they are able to handle multiple tasks at any time.

These natives are masters in building automated sources of income. That is, they are able to integrate their hard work and intellectual effort into complex systems and networks that generate income partly passively as it grows over time.

Alternatively, if Mercury is an unfavorable sign in the given house, it indicates a lack of complex and efficient thinking abilities which also makes them very hard to establish passive income streams. Without assistance, they find it hard to figure out how to automate their efforts.

Classical Analysis

Bhrigu Sutras

According to this classical source, the native is involved in various auspicious celebrations and auspicious ceremonies.

This effect is provided by the fact that the 11th house signifies auspicious celebrations and moments. In this house, a natural planet Mercury indicates various happy and delightful celebrations.

Moreover, Mercury casts direct aspect upon the 5th house which belongs to the righteousness triangle which indicates that these natives with this combination are involved in various auspicious ceremonies and activities.

There is also mentioned that these natives attain gains and profits from multiple sources. The 11th house of profits is a house of expansion in which Mercury is able to harness its witty, analytical, and intellectual way of thinking which enables them to generate wealth from multiple streams efficiently.

Such a native is very compassionate from the heart and attains wealth as early as at the age of 21. Around this time, they are also likely to have their first child, as per this classical source.

Furthermore, if Mercury is in its own or exaltation sign, the native attains abundant gains from virtuous and righteous deeds.

However, if Mercury is fallen or undignified in inimical sign, the native is bereft of righteousness and it reflects unethical and sinful deeds. These lead to losses of gains.

If Mercury is conjunct with or aspected natural malefic planets, their way of expression becomes harsh, quarrelsome, rude, and strict.

Brihat Jataka

In this classical source, it is straightforwardly and confidently state that such natives become wealthy and prosperous. It is important to note that this is possible only when Mercury is dignified in the 11th house.


According to Phaladeepika, individuals with this combination are valorous and always remain true to their words without letting to be influenced by others or stressful situations.

Such natives will attain a great amount of wealth and be satisfied in life in general. It is also stated that these natives enjoy comforts from employees, subordinates, or allies.

That is because the 11th house is powerhouse or Bhavat Bhavam of the 6th house of teammates, coworkers, employees, subordinates, or allies. Hence, a well placed Mercury n the 11th house indicates great cooperation with and support from employees or teammates which is helpful in attaining enormous profits.


According to Saravali, individuals with this combination will be well learned and attain great resources using their wisdom. They are fond of luxurious life and constantly strive for the attainment of more luxuries. Such a native will have great cooperation with coworkers and obedient employees.

Chamatkara Chintamani

In this classical source, it is stated that there are rarely any abundant gains unless Mercury is in the 11th house. By this, it is meant that Mercury is extremely favorable regarding abundant gains and increases the likelihood of becoming enormously wealthy in the 11th house. However, it does not mean that other combinations in horoscope do not bless with above normal gains.

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