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What does Mercury in Scorpio mean?

It means that the intelligent, witty, communicative, talented, strategic, analytical planet of merchants Mercury combines with mysterious, unpredictable, intuitive, domineering, intense, aggressive, passionate, secretive, assertive, cunning, obsessive, demanding, fixed water sign Scorpio.

It also means that the significations of Mercury, such as intellect, wit, skills, entrepreneurial wisdom, courage, etc are combined with and expressed through the traits of Scorpio zodiac sign, such as mysticism, aggression, darkness, deepness, mystery, etc.

Mercury shares a neutral relationship with Mars, ruler of Scorpio which makes it an average position for this planet.

It also means that the outcomes of the results of this combination are highly dependent on the strength and placement of Mars in the birth chart. Namely, if Mars is auspiciously placed, it provides favorable outcomes as guiding the planet Mercury in the right direction.

In addition to that, the combination in question is also considered somewhat difficult due to the following reasons. Namely, Mercury in this sign is in 3rd and 6th from own signs Virgo and Gemini respectively.

Herein the 3rd house signifies struggle, effort, as well as mental strength, communication, the power to take action, drive, ambition, risk-taking ability, skills, hobbies, etc.

The 6th house negatively signifies fights, quarrels, litigation, disputes, disharmony. Positively, it signifies discipline, flawless service, teammates, coworkers, etc.

Whether more good or bad results will be extracted from the above-mentioned significations is decided by the placement of Mars.

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Results of Mercury in Scorpio

Demanding Communication Style

The given combination influences the style of communication, both written and verbal, a lot because of numerous astrological reasons.

To begin with, Mercury itself is the main planet of communication, connections, and information transfer.

In addition to that, the same planet forms the 3rd disposition which is also all about exactly the same matters.

Mercury being in the fixed water sign Scorpio, this sign influences their intonation of communication a lot.

Namely, Scorpio is a very demanding and strict sign. It is the most mysterious zodiac sign and also the darker side of Mars.

Accordingly, the style of communication of natives with this combination is very strict and demanding.

The mysteriousness of Scorpio often makes it hard to understand the emotions of these natives. That is, they never fully express what is in their minds.

The water element of Scorpio brings emotions to this equation. To be specific, these individuals can become very emotional at times and say stingy words out of sudden impulses.

They also have characteristics of passive-aggressiveness, such as smiling while being angry at the same time. With that being said, they tend to use bitter sarcasm often.

The 6th disposition formed by this combination makes them also very critical and quarrelsome which is well expressed through their way of interacting with others.

As Mercury is neutral in this sign, deeper outcomes how they use their communication are highly dependent on Mars.

Assertive & Critical

Accordingly, if Mars is dignified, it indicates that their demanding speech benefits and supports them in their undertakings.

The fixed modality makes them stick to their words which helps them to attain their demands.

Speaking of which, a dignified Mars as the guide of Mercury in Scorpio ensures that their demands are righteous and not evil.

Hence, their good intentions attract support from surroundings naturally which helps them to achieve their goals using their demanding and strict way of communication.

That is because they are able to state their needs and wants clearly while behaving appropriately and respectfully at the same time. Whenever they attain their goal, especially in teamwork, they always appraise and show respect to them.

In fact, as this combination forms the 6th disposition, these natives often apply their communication style to manage or discipline the team. With that being said, they are very critical and demand strict discipline from others.

As the 6th signifies quarrels and disputes, the intonation of their voice becomes a bit aggressive despite the fact that Mercury is a natural benefic planet.

If Mars is undignified, the style of communication becomes aggressive instead of assertive. That is because an undignified Mars misguiding Mercury in Scorpio makes people think that they are superior to others. Thus, they also become very abusive with their words.

Scorpio being a secretive sign, negatively when its ruler Mars is weak these natives have a habit of faking their expressions. For instance, they can appear to be supportive but secretly disrupt others on purpose.

They can also become generally very contradictory and have an opposition with smart and righteous people.

Competent & Ruthless

The 6th disposition formed by Mercury in Scorpio also indicates that they are ruthless and capable of taking revenge in a very aggressive manner.

If Mars is strong, it indicates that these natives can defeat their enemies successfully with their cruel mentality combined with mental powers, and physical strength.

A well-guided Mercury also provides them with an intellect which combined with the strategic thinking of the 6th disposition makes them very competent.

Moreover, the 3rd disposition adds courage to these natives, which means they never second guess their decisions regarding their strategies. They are extremely confident about their competence.

A well-manifested 3rd and 6th dispositions give them great mental resistance and never back down attitude. With this attitude, they are willing to confront issues and tackle them effectively using the intellect of Mercury.

Alternatively, if Mars is ill-placed, it indicates that these natives are very quarrelsome with wicked mentality. They are also very envious over the success of others and capable of causing serious damage to them.

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Some of The Last Words of God via The Last Prophet [PBUH]

An undignified Mars misguiding Mercury in Scorpio indicates using strategic thinking and communicative abilities in sinful directions.

That is because an undignified Mars (ruler of 1st zodiac sign) makes a person bereft of righteousness, morals, and ethics.


The 3rd disposition, when maniested negatively, signifies conspiracies and hypocrisy. In other words, it is communication disinformation which is unethically altered for sinful pruposes.

This maifestation can happen if a very weak or fallen Mars misguides the planet of communication Mercury.

For instance, in profession or politics, people with this combination can be involved in corruption, money laundry, and obtaining unearned wealth in general.

Penetrative Mental Power

Scorpio is the natural 8th zodiac sign and signifies occult science and secret knowledge. When the energies of MErcury combine with Scorpio, a very deeply penetrative mind is created.

Individuals with this combination can penetrate through the minds of others and understand their motives clearly, as a result.

With this special ability, they are naturally very talented in psychology and other similar topics. They make great healers and even hypnotizers.

Other than that, they have the capacity to become very successful forensic scientists where deep intellect, strategic thinking, and psychological wisdom is required.

For instance, they are efficient in studying cases of fraud and forgeries. The deep mindset provided by the combination helps to trace tricky criminals even when there are few clues about them.

They can become very successful if they channel their deep knowledge and hypnotizing style of communication properly in the above-mentioned activities.

If a dignified Mars supports this Mercury, it amplifies their intuition while ensures that they remain ethical with their special abilities.

That is because Mars is the natural ruler of 1st zodiac sign of righteousness and the 8th zodiac sign of intuition.

Strong Mars also endows them with immense courage that enables them to dive deep into the dark unknown world to discover hidden aspects of it.

If an undignified Mars is misguiding Mercury in Scorpio, it indicates that these natives are involved in psychological dominations to influence other people negatively and ofter for selfish purposes.

Their deep intellect enables them to control others using false statemetns and various psychological tricks.

In other words, they harness their psychological and deep intellect on sinful pursuits.

Unearned Wealth

The 8th zodiac sign Scorpio also signifies secrets and unearned wealth, or the wealth of others, including insurance, etc.

In a positive case scenario where a dignified Mars directs Mercury, it indicates the ability to work on the wealth of others, such as taxes, inheritances, insurances, etc.

They also possess good strategic intellect which makes them proficient in managing the monetary resources.

Most importantly, a dignified Mars makes them ethical and righteousness which also indicates that they have the dignity and capacity to work on large charitable organizations.

On the contrary, a weak or undignified Mars produces a mentality of a thief. Hence, individuals with this set of combinations are inclined to obtain unearned wealth unethically.

As a result, they may be involved in frauds where they use secret tactics to trick other people.

Gains Through Obstacles

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, which is the natural 6th house sign as per Vedic astrology. Its placement in Scorpio creates an effect similar to the 6th lord in the 8th house.

Hence, these natives often gain through overcoming obstacles and sudden changes. In fact, these sudden events manifest as great blessings in disguise as it is what prompts them to develop their psychological skills and deep intellect.

Additionally, they can be in a service where they battle obstacles or enemies as the 6th disposition (of service) suggests. With that being said, they usually battle enemies with aggression and merciless tactics.

In a negative case, when Mars is ill-placed, these natives can gain by creating lots of damage to others both physically and materially by means of cheating, frauds, or any other illegal activity.

Other illegal activities include smuggling or merchandising of illegal goods, tax evasion, and fraud in the digital world.

Punctual & Flawless

The 3rd disposition is also about effort, the power to take action, and motivation. At the same time, the 6th denotes discipline and service.

With Mercury in Scorpio and forming these dispositions, it indicates having strong attention do detail and therefore being flawlessly correct in any service-related activity.

A dignified Mars can amplify this effect greatly with increased courage and will-power.

The will-power also enhances their risk-taking ability and motivation to take action. Courage also helps to keep any self-doubts or hesitations away that may keep them from taking action. Thus, they are usually very active and action-oriented people who get things done correctly.

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