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Moon in the 11th House unites with the energies of Aquarius and its ruler Saturn. Eleventh House reflects the aspiring nature of Aquarius. The energies of Aquarius are directed towards love for humanity and creating a positive impact in the world by being humbly involved in large communities, networking, and socializing.

The 11th house relates to (by significance) Jupiter. Jupiter mutually with the 11th house signifies abundant gains of wealth.

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It is important to note that the positive placement of Jupiter and the 11th house lord carry an important role in amplifying the favorable effects or saving from negative results of the Moon in the 11th house. Additionally, the majority of results are also determined by the zodiac sign in which the Moon resides in the 11th house.

In addition to that, it is very important to analyze the additional outcomes with respect to the phase of the Moon in this house. Waxing and Full Moon is auspicious and promotes positive side effects while waning and dark Moon does the exact opposite.

Results of Moon in 11th House

Sociable & Compassionate

Moon is the significator of public appearance which suits naturally well in the 11th house, which signifies celebrations and large communities making these natives very eager to socialize with many people.

Besides this, their way of socializing is very compassionate which attracts lots of audiences. Their ability to listen is as powerful as to speak. This is important because people in their community want to be heard and understood which 11th house Moon natives are well capable of.

Moon in the 11th house of growth increases the signification of Moon which amplifies the caring, loving, and compassionate nature of the native with this combination.

Equally, the combination blesses charisma and physical attractiveness all of which are necessary to perform well within large groups of people.

Highly Aspiring Mindset

The 11th astrological house belongs to the triangle of desires and signifies aspirations as well as fulfillment of them.

Hence, the placement of the Moon (mind) in the 11th house produces a highly ambitious and aspiring mindset.

The thinking patterns of such individuals are highly driven by aspirations and ambitions which automatically guide their actions towards fulfilling their dreams.

With that being said, this combination blesses with abundant gains with less amount of struggle and effort. When their minds align their actions towards their aspirations, it is only a matter of time before their visions start to manifest one after another.

What characterizes these natives precisely is the fact that whenever they achieve something it expands their ambitions to create something more. This is a perfect combination of gratitude and gradually increasing ambition.

Furthermore, the positive results of this combination get amplified when Moon is Waxing, Full, and in its favorable sign.

If the 11th house lord is well-placed in its favorable sign according to the birth chart, it will grant access to abundant wealth gains whereas the ill-placed 11th lord indicates lots of struggle in obtaining profits.

Intelligent Out-of-the-Box Thinker

Additionally, with this position, one will be well learned and exceptionally wise because the 11th house amplifies the Moon gradually over time.

As a result, the cognitive powers of these natives are expanding over time as well making them more capable of grasping new information and applying them to correct places effectively.

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

Salvador Dali

The 11th house relates to humble Aquarius, which signifies a broad mindset driven by innovation. Therefore, the positioning of the Moon in the considered house indicates great out-of-the-box thinking abilities using which the native is capable of producing various unique and innovative ideas that benefit the whole community.

At the same time, Moon reflects the mind which means that their mindset constantly expands which is helpful in manifesting ideas into a fruitful reality.

They will harness their strong emotional intelligence in generating ideas efficiently which greatly increases the chances of becoming prosperous.

Moon in the 11th house equally indicates resistance to restriction and boundaries (freedom loving) which indicates highly independent nature and great entrepreneurial abilities.

Alternatively, if Moon is Waning, Dark, ill-placed, or influenced by malefic or unfriendly planets, it indicates struggles and failures in ventures. If 11th lord is well-placed, it offers support to the damaged Moon and enables success after a certain amount of struggle in life.

Upright & Famous

Additionally, this combination makes one especially humble (11th house) and compassionate (Moon) towards society.

That is the effect of the unconditionally loving traits of Moon being expressed in environments that involve lots of people.

Moon in 11th house, if well-placed and waxing (or full), blesses with good recognition which makes one glorious and famous in specific area or society.

The nobility, ambition, modesty, and courage that Moon in the 11th house of expansion (Upachaya) provides attract lots of followers and admirers who are eager to learn from and follow the steps of the native with the considered combination.

Good Friend Circle

Moon in 11th house blesses with sincere and trustworthy friends who are always willing to assist the native with this combination in time of need.

Additionally, the considered combination also indicates friends of authoritative positions as Moon in the 11th house directly aspects 5th house of authority.

The involvement of the Moon with the 11th house also connects the individual with this combination with many like-minded people with whom big projects are initiated.

Other than that, as the 11th house governs large networks of people or communities, Moon in this house indicates being fond of involved in large causes.

People with this combination adore being involved in large projects and communities where they work for a greater purpose. In fact, their peace of mind is supported by socializing and working with large groups of people.

Fortunate Children

Moon in the 11th house aspects the 5th house of progeny. Accordingly, strong (Waxing, Full) and well-placed (in own or sign of its exaltation) Moon in the 11th house blesses with wise and fortunate children from whom lots of happiness is indicated.

Aspiring Mother

Moon in the 11th house indicates the mothers of such natives are naturally ambitious, aspiring, motivated, active, cheerful, friendly, sociable, etc.

Additionally, as the 11th house is the 8th house (longevity) from the 4th house (mother), the favorable placement of Moon in the considered house increases the longevity of the mother.

Classical Interpretation

Bhrigu Sutras

According to Bhrigu Sutram, this combination (if well-formed) has the capacity to bless the native with ample wealth gains without forcing them to work hard.

Moreover, if Moon in this house is supported by a natural benefic planet (Venus, Jupiter, Mercury) by conjunction or incoming aspect ray, it extends the auspicious results.

For instance, if Venus conjoins Moon in this house, it provides luxurious conveyances to the native. That is because Venus is the natural significator of vehicles and other conveyances.

Back in old times, horses and chariots were considered Venusian conveyances.

If Moon is also strong by being in favorable sign or waxing/full, it makes the native with this combination very fortunate, highly intelligent, and humanistic. That is, they will contribute to a better world by being involved in various organizations where they can help or protect others.

Moon in the 11th house casts direct aspect upon the 5th house of intelligence and progeny.

Hence, there is also mentioned that such natives are well learned and emotionally intelligent, They are also blessed with smart, well-behaved, and helpful children.

Alternatively, if the 11th house lord is weak or ill-placed, the native becomes greedy and incur lots of expenses of their profits. That is because the 11th house is about profits and if the 11th house lord is weak, it causes damage to the good effect os well placed Moon in the 11th house. That is damage to profits that are earned with hard effort.

Brihat Jataka

According to this classical source, people with this combination have the capacity to become celebrated. That is, they acquire a lot of fame and recognition.

This effect is provided by the general significances of the 11th house of communities, large networks, friends, celebrities, celebrations, etc.

Accordingly, a well-placed Moon in this house illuminates the native in their community which naturally attracts recognition. With that being said, they become attractive with their praiseworthy character traits, bright intelligence, and humane way of thinking.


In this classical source, all the auspicious results of a well-placed Moon are listed, just like in previous scriptures.

In addition to that, it is stated that such natives are privileged to have subordinates/employees working for them.

Teammates, employees, subordinates, etc are the significance of the 6th house. The reason why these topics are related to the 11th house Moon is that the 11th house is the powerhouse or Bhavat Bhavam of the 6th house.

In other words, the 6th from the 6th house is the 11th house. Accordingly, a well-placed Moon in this house provides cordial relations with employees. In addition to that, they treat them compassionately and respectfully which grants lots of support to the native by their subordinates.

In Saravali, all the similar results are mentioned.

Chamatkara Chintamani

In this classical source, it is mentioned that such natives are supported by authorities and officials.

That is to say, such natives are trusted and admired by officials who are motivated to fund these natives in order to manifest the great ideas of the natives into reality.

There is also mentioned that this combination provides enjoyment of the good company of the opposite gender.

However, as the Bhavat Bhavam connection with the 6th house, such natives have to put in hard work and constantly evolve in order to keep up with the quickly improving network systems (not only digital) and prosper.

In other words, this combination reflects many failures before succeeding. Overnight success is possible only when Moon is in its own exaltation sign in this house.

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  • Great Article Martin!
    My moon is eleven house in cancer trine mercury in 7th
    But it is opposite to saturn/uranus/neptune and that stops me from being famous .. For now 😀

    • Thank you for your feedback, Igor! It is important to analyze your timeline via the Vimshottari Dasha system. The results of your Moon unfold during its significant periods more rapidly.

      The aspect of Saturn makes the receptive planet starving. In your case, aspect of your Saturn upon your Moon indicates thirst for popularity and admiration from the community. At the same time, if Saturn is well placed, it provides a very mature mindset to you.

        • That is great as it means that 9th house lord Moon is in 11th house. Your desires shall be fulfilled. What makes it especially easy is the fact that your ascendant lord Mars is friendly towards Moon.

    • It all depends on the holistic chart. Generally speaking, yes you have the ability to become popular in large groups because of your thirst for socializing and be recognized.

  • I’m a cancer ascendant with Taurus moon in the 11H and Sun, Venus, mercury and Rahu in the 4H Libra. Going through the end Sun Mahadasha right now. What do you think @Martin Boldovski?


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