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Why is Moon exalted in Taurus? Moon is exalted in Taurus because it flourishes in the most comfortable, nourishing, and stable sign Taurus. Being loved, pampered, and nurtured by Taurus, a strong Moon provides all-round mental stability and peace of mind.

Moon in Taurus provides outstanding results as it is exalted in the considered sign according to sidereal Vedic astrology.

The auspiciousness of this combination can be further boosted and strengthened by the favorable positioning of Venus in the birth chart. It is because Venus becomes the guiding or leading planet of Moon in this zodiac sign which is governed by Venus.

Moon in Taurus is in 11th from its own sign Cancer which adds a lot of favorability to this combination in question. To be specific, the 11th house signifies the fulfillment of desires, aspirations, dreams, ambitions, friends, communities, large networks, and long term goals.

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Results of Exalted Moon in Taurus

Highly Compassionate & Empathic

Moon is the most compassionate planet which rules over the emotional and caring planet Cancer. In Taurus, Moon becomes exalted which means that its natural traits are greatly amplified.

As a result, people with exalted Moon in Taurus are inherently compassionate, nourishing, understanding, unconditionally loving, and empathic.

As Moon is the planet of nurture, care, and unconditional love, these natives are highly compassionate and willing to support their society anyhow possible.

The exceptionally strong Moon gives them the ability to empathize with others easily, which enables them to understand the pain and share feelings with them.

As they are able to find the root cause of the emotions of other people, they have an increased capability to nourish them psychologically. With that being said, they have the inherent ability to heal the emotional wounds of others and motivate them to become stronger.

Highly Sensitive & Stable

They are also very sensitive and can also absorb negative energies while trying to understand others. They feel absolutely all energies, including those which are hard to bear within.

To heal others, they are often prompted to absorb negative emotions, such as anxiety of others which exhausts them at times.

Because these natives are inherently kind and offer a lot of unconditional moral support to others, they are targets to negative people who try to steal the energy or bring them down.

Because of their abundant compassion, they are often even willing to support the selfish people, who only take energies without giving any gratitude in return. Hence, these natives must be very careful who they help and share their precious energies with.

On the positive light, an exalted Moon provides exceptional mental strength and durability to these individuals which enables them to develop strong protection against negativity. With this special ability, they are able to filter out any negative energies while still understanding the negative emotions of other people.

In addition to that, Moon as the planet of mind, emotions, and thinking patterns resonates perfectly in the environment of Taurus, which is the most stable sign.

That is because it carries fixed modality and represents the earth element simultaneously. Hence, Moon in Taurus provides exceptionally persistent and stable mindsets to individuals with this combination.

With that being said, they have the special ability to remain mentally stable and calm even after absorbing lots of different energies form other people.

Peaceful & Harmonious

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of peace, balance, harmony, and justice. With the Moon in Taurus, these individuals have heightened awareness of justice. They are able to distinguish good from bad, and moral from immoral.

Accordingly, they are of very righteous and moral mentality and expect the same from others. The bull is stable as a mountain but becomes enraged when they sense injustice and notice bad deeds.

More importantly, they have a very harmonious, balanced, and peaceful mindset which enables them to influence their surroundings positively. As they are very peaceful themselves, others who are surrounding them become calmer in a miraculous way through shared energies.

A dignified Venus as the planet of justice extends this auspicious effect to a great extent. To be specific, it helps them to express their compassion and promote peaceful movements through their creativity.

A strong Venus also gives them the ability to put their mindset into beautiful words and romanticize everything that promotes peace in society.

Charming & Sensual

Exalted Moon in Taurus makes natives with this placement in their birth charts naturally very sensual, attractive, and charming. That is mainly because Taurus is ruled by the planet of beauty and sensuality, Venus.

Hence, an exalted Moon intensified the energies of Taurus in great ways by also increasing passion and sensuality. With that being said, they appear to be very attractive to people, especially to the opposite gender.

They carry that natural glow like Moon and attract masses with their sensuality, passion, and attraction. As the Moon is dignified, they do not use their beauty to mislead people but rather unite together for good causes.

Socially Dynamic

In addition to that, Taurus is naturally the 2nd zodiac sign which signifies face and speech. This denotes that exalted Moon in Taurus bestows them with an attractive facial appearance and beautifully toned voice. They express their ideas in a manner that comforts and unwinds others.

Their pleasant voice will make them stand out in public. The 11th disposition formed by Moon in Taurus signifies socializing, friends, communities, and large networks.

This indicates that their warm and radiant way of speaking supports this disposition a lot. To be specific, using their pleasant speech, they perform well in large groups where socializing is a definite necessity.

The 11th disposition in combination with their inherently attractive speech makes them skilled socializers who can connect people harmoniously together and create meaningful things together. With that being said, their charming personality is best expressed in large groups through socializing.

If Venus, the planet of beauty is dignified, their sensuality is further expanded and so is their general appearance.

Alternatively, an undignified Venus also amplifies their appearance, but they might use it to attract people for selfish purposes.

Great Networkers

Moon is a very sociable planet and the fact that it forms the 11th disposition (of socializing in large groups) and becomes exalted at the same time makes Taurus a fortunate position for this planet.

As a result of these connections, the best socializing skills arise from this combination. The 11th house is all about large networks and groups of people where they perform efficiently and where their social skills are highly appreciated.

First of all, what makes the great networkers is their highly compassionate character which enables them to be good listeners. To connect with other people in large groups it is crucial to not only talk, but also listen. This ensures a strong connection and that information flows freely in large groups. As great listeners, these natives are a strong and crucial chain within any network.

With a strong Moon, these natives are also inherently assistive and collaborative. Their compassionate and collaborative nature makes them very trustworthy to others because no one wants to listen to those who are not willing to cooperate properly.

With that being said, these natives are extremely kind and helpful. They are always willing to take part in group activities and contribute to achieving a common goal. This also reflects their selflessness which motivates them to contribute to attaining goals that are meant to benefit the whole community, not only a single person.

This is another reason why the unconditionally caring Moon resonates well with the energies of the 11th house, where selfless goals are highly appreciated.

With a strong exalted Moon, such natives are extremely sociable. This makes them pleasant people to be around with as energies and ideas always flow unrestrictedly around them.

Their compassionate nature and selflessness make them tolerant of the viewpoints and ideas of their community members. This is another crucial trait that enables becoming successful in large groups of people. In order to attain common selfless goals, the opinion of every person must be considered which these natives gladly do.

Most importantly, a dignified Moon makes them trustworthy and sincere communicators which is the basis of successful networking. That is to say, these natives always speak the truth and are sincere with others. When they say they care, they actually do and other people can subconsciously feel that.

As these natives are highly trusted, they have the ability to form connections with successful people who inspire them to become more skilled and efficient. As they have the chance to collaborate with other prosperous people, their likelihood of succeeding is tremendously increased.

Highly Ambitious

Speaking of which, the well manifested 11th disposition makes these individuals extremely ambitious, which influences their friends or community members positively.

Their ambitious character makes it easier for these natives to engage and collaborate with various other networkers and attain great prosperity as a result.

The fixed modality of Taurus indicates having a very stable, determined, and powerful mindset that sets these natives apart from others and helps to shoot for the stars.

This also reflects the immense will power which helps them to attain their dreams and aspirations without giving up whenever setbacks appear. Another reason why they are so persistent is that they have a higher meaning which empowers their motivation to keep pushing forward.

Their selfless goals and higher meaning behind their ambitions is provided by a dignified Moon, which in other words motivates them to perform pious acts.

With a strong Moon which means having a powerful mind, they are able to fulfill many of their goals, ambitions, and desires.

Fortune & Luxury

Venus, which rules over the zodiac sign Taurus, also signifies wealth and luxury. In addition to that, the 11th house in Vedic astrology stands for gains and profits.

It means that natives with this placement of exalted Moon in Taurus are extremely fortunate regarding profits, gains, the fulfillment of desires especially when it comes to luxury.

These people feel a sense of accomplishment when they are gaining large amounts of profits. Acquisitions of large amounts of possessions provide them emotional security which increases their general contentment in life.

A strong Moon as the planet of nourishment spoils these natives with abundant comforts and pleasure during significant periods throughout life.

A dignified Venus as the planet of luxury and conveyances amplifies this positive effect by blessing them with an abundant amount of comforts and conveyances which makes their life more enjoyable.

Family Matters

The natural 2nd sign Taurus is also connected to family matters. Therefore, Moon placement in Taurus makes these natives extremely caring and loving towards their family members.

Moreover, the Moon is the planet of parenting, warmth, care, and affection. Hence, this combination also blesses with parental love and care in abundance.

As they strongly believe that comforts and luxurious conveyances are the roots of pleasure and stability, they provide these comforts also to their loved ones.

Blissful Marriage

Venus, a planet that rules over Taurus, also signifies marriage. Accordingly, a strong Exalted Moon in the sign of Venus usually provides a lot of marital bliss to the natives with this combination.

They love to be taken care of and showered with beautiful compliments. Moreover, as they are very passionate and sensual, they have the ability to keep the relationship warm and alive.

They also love spending a good time together with their partners to share beautiful energies and keep the relationship strong for a long time.

A dignified Venus amplifies this positive effect because of being the planet of marriage and spouse. Hence, if Venus is strong, it also blesses them with a brilliant spouse with whom they can share warmth, care, and affection in abundance.

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