North Node in Virgo ♍️


What does North Node in Virgo mean?

It means that the shadowy, secretive, cunning, daring, adventurous, reckless, fearless, unusual, dangerous entity Rahu combines with argumentative, wishy-washy, critical, analytical, serious, disciplined, well-organized, perfectionist, intelligent, communicative, mutable earth sign Virgo.

It is important to note that North Node of the Moon which is also known as Rahu and the head of the dragon is not a physical planet and therefore has no rulership over signs.

Therefore, the results and outcomes of this combination are highly dependent on the strength and dignity of the Mercury which is the ruler of the Virgo zodiac sign.

With that being said, the shadowy entity Rahu integrates its natural characteristics with and takes shape of the planet Mercury. Rahu also amplifies the results of Mercury in the birth chart.

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Results of North Node in Virgo

Versatile & Flexible

To begin with, the general characteristics of Rahu the North Node resonate well with the ones of a mutable sign Virgo. These matching traits are versatility, resourcefulness, and flexibility, for instance.

Not only that the energies of Rahu thrive well in this sign, but these traits are also amplified to a great extent.

As a result of this combination of North Node in Virgo, very flexible individuals are created who are capable of adapting to various situations and conditions with ease.

If Mercury is dignified, these natives use their abilities provided by mutable modality piously. That is, while they are very adaptive, they accommodate to ethical standards and activities.

On the contrary, an undignified Mercury guiding the dangerous energies of Rahu the North Node creates a very tricky but deceptive person.

In fact, Rahu is very cunning and when it is hosted by weak Mercury, it amplifies the wicked character.

In this situation, these natives use their adaptability for their own selfish gains by fooling and tricking people with various illusions or lies.

Their adaptable nature enables them to change behavior and attitude easily which makes it easier to mislead others.

All-round Skillsets

Not only that they are easily adaptive, but also have cognitive flexibility. That is to say, these natives have the capability to respond to changing trends and adapt their mental strategies accordingly.

In fact, Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which signifies mental intelligence and swiftness. Hence, such natives with this combination have the skill to switch between multiple concepts. If necessary, they are also able to think about multiple concepts concurrently.

The exceptionally strong cognitive adaptability is what gives them the ability to obtain versatile skill sets that are helpful in ever-changing environments.

Rahu the North Node is the dangerous master of illusion whose energies are directed by Mercury. Hence, it is very crucial for Mercury to be dignified so that the cognitive skills would be applied ethically.

With that being said, if Mercury is dignified, North Node in Virgo extends the auspicious effects of this planet. It also ensures that they apply the strong traits of this combination in ethical pursuits.

Rahu, the master of illusion enables them to be very efficient in this materialistic world.

That is, by being resourceful and productively harnessing all skills into action, they are capable of reaping great results in their main activities while refraining from performing sinful acts at the same time.

Alternatively, when undignified Mercury hosts North Node in Virgo, it indicates using versatile skillsets in an attempt to prosper in unethical acts.

Very Communicative & Analytical

Mercury is also known as the messenger planet that denotes communication and analytical abilities. Hence Rahu the North Node also amplifies these traits.

As a result, a person with great communication skills is created. The air element of Rahu amplifies the sociable characteristics to a great extent.

Their analytical way of thinking influences their style of communication. That is to say, their logical reasoning enables them to use words efficiently and properly to win over every debate.

If a dignified Mercury is amplified by Rahu, the analytical way of reasoning as well as great communication skills help prosper in activities that require swift information transfer, complex analysis, etc.

As Rahu is the significator of everything that takes shape from matter or creates pictures in the eyes, this combination also helps to prosper in television, the worldwide web, or other ventures that involve information transfer through various platforms.

When Mercury is undignified, it indicates being very illogical but an expert in fooling people at the same time.

That is to say, such natives are capable of manipulating and influencing others even with very illogical arguments. It equally means that they are very hypocritical and prone to alter the reality for their benefit.

In addition to that, they lose their analytical abilities as they rather rely on unconfirmed facts and beliefs, which have no scientific or practical proof.

Overly Punctual

Moreover, Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign which is very argumentative and perfectionists. Virgo is most known for being a master of detail while Rahu the North Node is master of matter or illusion. These two astrological entities resonate well regarding this matter.

Hence, individuals with this combination also put excessive attention to little details and notice things that most people overlook.

On the other hand, the influences of aggressive Rahu makes them very choosy, dismissive, and quarrelsome. That is, they have a habit of picking on others’ decisions, tastes, and behavior.

If Mercury is dignified, then the amplified attention to details benefits them and their surroundings. That is they have a perfect eye on various aspects that enable them to attain perfect results in the area of their expertise.

On the contrary, if the energies of the North Node is ill-guided by undignified Mercury, it indicates that these natives use their punctuality to initiate useless quarrels, litigation, and disputes. They become masters of verbal disaster.

Healing Capabilities

Virgo as the 6th sign also denotes service and healing abilities. The healing abilities are provided by Mercury, which carries the knowledge of alchemy, poisons, and matter in general.

For the same reasons, the symbol of Mercury-ruled Ashlesha, the coiled snake is used by ambulances from ancient times till today. Thus, Mercury has both swiftness, complex intelligence, and healing capabilities which enables one to heal others.

Rahu the North Node, at the same time, is master of material realm using the energies of which help to apply the wisdom of Mercury more efficiently to heal people.

That means that individuals with this combination have heightened healing capabilities. Whether they use it for the benefit of others or not, is determined by the dignity of Mercury.

Accordingly, if Mercury is dignified, it indicates having very good knowledge of various chemical as well as natural substances and their effects using which they can heal people physically from outside to inside.

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