What is numerology?

Numerology is a universal language of the universe itself which helps to translate different energies into practical numbers, that are understandable to human beings. Numbers are the gateways that create bridges between tangible and intangible energies.

“Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.”

Saint Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354–430)

Application of the language of numbers throughout history

In history, numbers are used in all spheres of life just like in modern days. During history, numbers carried an important role in science, predictive numerology, and astrology. In modern days, we can witness the language of numbers in computer software, maths, science, calendar, stock markets, the economy in general, and most importantly in numerology and astrology where life path and destiny numbers carry the utmost importance.

Numbers as language

Numerology is widely believed as an occult science that has only paranormal effects, which can not be proved in scientific ways. Actually, numbers are used in mundane life much more than in occult sciences, such as astrology and numerology. Numerology is the science itself that connects intangible energies with tangible energies. Let us see some examples of how numbers are used in different spheres of life:

Computer Science – Numbers 0 and 1 are used to build computing architecture that all the computers and digital gadgets in modern-day use. The fundamental computing logic is further used to build algorithms that translate various effects in day to day life.

Economy – Numbers are used in creating algorithms that help to translate the movement of human masses that also influences the trend of various markets.

Mathematics – Is the scientific branch that teaches how numbers function in various formulas that help to observe other sciences, such as physics, chemistry, and so forth.

Engineering – Numbers with formulas are used to translate forces that are crucial in engineering. For example in architecture, it is important to calculate the weight distribution of bridges and buildings. Without using formulas, we can never know if the building can really withstand and fulfill its function safely. To dive further, without having the knowledge of numbers and formulas (physics), we could have never landed on Moon – science is crucial to calculate how to send spacecraft into space. Same way, numbers with formulas are used in all other branches of engineering that really shape human lives.

Numerology – Each number carries specific energy and frequency that influence our lives corresponding to the character behind each number.

Astrology – Numbers help to calculate birth charts and translate the movement of heavenly bodies in the universe into numeric values that are easily observed by humans. Continued below.

If you wish to understand the universe, your life, and destiny – think of energy, frequency and vibration.
If you would only understand the magnificence of numbers (especially 3,6,9), you would have the key to the universe.

Nikola Tesla, Scientist & Electrical Engineer

Numerology & Astrology

In astrology, numbers are important because it is the universal language of translating the movements of planets and many other metaphysical effects into a practical language that all humans are able to read, grasp and learn.

In astrology, each planet rules a number:

PlanetNumberDominant Trait
Sun1Natural Leader, King
Jupiter3Abundantly wise, Religious
Rahu, Uranus4Go Getter, Hard Working
Ketu, Neptune7Spiritual, Creative
Saturn8Authoritative, Harsh, Powerful
Mars9Natural Leader, Courageous, Enterprising, Bold

Note: By clicking on the planet, you can learn more about the energies of it and the corresponding number.

According to the table above, we can see that each number is ruled by a specific planet and thus carries the energies of the planet which also shapes our personality, life path, and destiny.

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