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Know the timings of your planets, special planetary combinations, significant events, lucky gemstones, and much more in a 200+ page report.

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Why study astrological indicators and interpretations?

Astrology is the oldest and one of the most accurate sciences. A birth chart, which is calculated using astronomical calculations can be used as a map that helps you to understand your life events and even purpose when looked at a deeper spiritual perspective.

The essential and fundamental interpretation of your birth chart is available for free on this website while the Premium Horoscope holds additional secrets about your birth chart which requires a more personal and individual approach. The premium horoscope reveals information about your personal planetary periods, strengths, general effects from planets during these periods, many mathematical calculations of additional branches of astrology, and much more.

Nakshatra Analysis

Nakshatra in other words is the exact star. The analysis covers the effects which are provided by your natal Moon in a specific star and portion of the star (there are 4 portions of each star).

This is a very important part of your horoscope because Moon is considered the primary planet in Vedic astrology from which all other calculations, such as planetary periods and Panchang predictions are made.

Planetary Periods

The planetary period system is the most common and important predictive technique in astrology which is calculated using the position of the natal Moon with respect to actual star positions or nakshatra.

Planetary periods are used to predict and interpret general life events. These are important key periods when the effects of the planetary periods unfold and start giving results in life.

Whether these periods are good or bad, the information is equally important. That is because the effects of a bad planet can help you prepare for difficult periods and endure them to avoid any kind of losses as much as possible. This helps to welcome better periods which are provided by good planetary combinations.

Lucky Stones

This section of the report reveals which gemstones are recommended for you according to your personal natal birth chart.

Gemstones are an essential part of creation and nature. Therefore, they carry energies and vibrations just like our bodies.

As different gemstones carry different molecular structures, they also carry different vibrations just like different planets do according to their nature. Hence, it is very important to know the right gemstone which resonates with your natal birth chart.

Annual Predictions – Your Solar Returns

This section of the Premium Horoscope contains the analysis of your next 5 years according to the Solar Return Charts Vedic sidereal system. The analysis is of monthly precision and includes general effects according to the results of planetary transits.

Panchang Analysis

This part of your Premium Horoscope contains the analysis of various aspects according to the relationship between Sun and Moon in your natal birth chart. This is a very specific part of astrology and therefore reveals additional interesting facts about yourself.

General Predictions

General predictions include interpretations about various lords in different houses according to your natal birth chart. The house lords also show which areas of your life and how they are influenced.

In addition to all of the above-mentioned, the Premium Horoscope contains many additional sections that are helpful for you in the journey of self-discovery.

Did you know that these mentioned effects manifest in specific periods?

  • Specific periods when the results of planets manifest fully - with personal interpretations
  • Dignities of planets with five-fold table - see if bad dignity is cancelled
  • Detailed analysis of planetary main and subperiods tens of years ahead
  • Solar Return Charts - Monthly analysis of 5 next years
  • Special Panchang or Sun-Moon Yoga Analysis
  • Your Nakshatra and Pada interpretation
  • All the Divisional charts - Discover Planetary Effects in Different Life Areas
  • Mathematical Planetary Strengths
  • Special Lal Kitab Interpretations
  • Many General Detailed Predictions
  • Lucky Gem Stones
  • And much more in a 200+ page report (0.15 usd/page).

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7 reviews for Premium Horoscope

  1. Ranah


  2. Sharon

    I would definitely recommend this service to any aspiring Astrologist, a detailed report is generated which can assist greatly in understanding and learning, there are also other elements added like numerology and a 5 year prediction which is a real bonus!!

  3. Sarah McCaffrey (verified owner)

    Very detailed and accurate report. Many thanks.

  4. Meelike (verified owner)

    I received my report and was surprised it had over 200 pages filled with information. It is very thorough and detailed. Much thought and care has gone under the development. I will definitely recommend this to anyone looking for answers from the stars. šŸŒŸ šŸŒŸ šŸŒŸ

  5. Chelsey

    I received my report after I input the wrong information, nevertheless they resolved my problem… and I was given two reports which were both packed with information and guidance to self. I would highly recommend to anyone. I just want to say thank you so much!

  6. JJ (verified owner)

    Very detailed report with all charts and nakshatras included.
    I missed a few details regarding input information which I later realised – however they were happy to resolve the issue and send a new updated report without any additional charges

  7. Michelle G (verified owner)

    I don’t know why this site has such few reviews. It’s far too underrated. I’ve been into western astrology for a long time and then I heard of vedic astro, found this site and for the small fee I thought “why not”. I cannot recommend this service enough. It’s extensive and FAR more accurate than any report I’ve ever read. Customer service was very personable as well (had to make a couple of inquiries). They were responsive and friendly. There are some things I’m unfamiliar with but it can be learned with a little time. Overall, I’d recommend to anyone who’s serious about themselves. Many thanks for the great report, AC.

    Cheers from Canada

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