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Know the numerical strengths & timings of your planets, significant events, favorable gemstones, and much more in the comprehensive 177+ page report with references to ancient classics and Sages. Money-back guarantee. Service provided by Aliferous Publications Ltd, Europe, Estonia. Currently unavailable due to major theological incorrections.

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18 reviews for Premium Report

  1. Ranah


  2. Sharon

    I would definitely recommend this service to any aspiring Astrologist, a detailed report is generated which can assist greatly in understanding and learning, there are also other elements added like numerology and a 5 year prediction which is a real bonus!!

  3. Sarah McCaffrey (verified owner)

    Very detailed and accurate report. Many thanks.

  4. Meelike (verified owner)

    I received my report and was surprised it had over 200 pages filled with information. It is very thorough and detailed. Much thought and care has gone under the development. I will definitely recommend this to anyone looking for answers from the stars. 🌟 🌟 🌟

  5. Chelsey

    I received my report after I input the wrong information, nevertheless they resolved my problem… and I was given two reports which were both packed with information and guidance to self. I would highly recommend to anyone. I just want to say thank you so much!

  6. JJ (verified owner)

    Very detailed report with all charts and nakshatras included.
    I missed a few details regarding input information which I later realised – however they were happy to resolve the issue and send a new updated report without any additional charges

  7. Michelle G (verified owner)

    I don’t know why this site has such few reviews. It’s far too underrated. I’ve been into western astrology for a long time and then I heard of vedic astro, found this site and for the small fee I thought “why not”. I cannot recommend this service enough. It’s extensive and FAR more accurate than any report I’ve ever read. Customer service was very personable as well (had to make a couple of inquiries). They were responsive and friendly. There are some things I’m unfamiliar with but it can be learned with a little time. Overall, I’d recommend to anyone who’s serious about themselves. Many thanks for the great report, AC.

    Cheers from Canada

  8. A. S. Gurappa

    It is more reliable astrlogy when compared to other astrologies appear on line

  9. Khalia (verified owner)

    Very detailed and worth every penny. Customer service was great as well. Thank you!

  10. T (verified owner)

    Well made, detailed report. I was blown away by the quality. Over 150+ pages, of personal, insightful, details about your personality and purpose here. Can really help you to see your strengths and blessings. As well as the beautiful nature of your soul. I would buy this report again. Thank you.

  11. Satyatma

    I am an Astrologer Myself and

    It is BY FAR the BEST Computer Printout Reading I Have Ever Since !!!

    Dhanavat !! πŸ‘πŸΎ πŸ™ŒπŸΎ πŸ™πŸΎ πŸ˜‡

    • Martin Boldovski (verified owner)

      Thank you Satyatma Sir! The info in the report is arranged by real people and contains priceless interpretations from various old books written by Jyotish Sages (saints) thousands of years ago. The report also includes unique personalized/alternative outcomes of specific planetary combinations according to the individual chart. The math formulas are also from books. A computer helps compose it into PDF form and does not come up with interpretations.

  12. Cheri McKenzie

    Why won’t it take my time frame with pm?
    Isn’t that important whether it is an or pm.
    I really want to get this report!!β™₯️

    • Martin Boldovski (verified owner)

      Thank you Cheri for your suggestion. I will add this feature to make it more convenient for you and others.

  13. Monica (verified owner)

    Thank you Martin at Astrology Community for such a great reading. I am so impressed with my premium report. The description of self so was spot on saying I have moles on my face, which I do. WOW!
    I ordered this for my birthday and received the a 195 page report report within 48 hours, I thought that was so impressive. I’ve had numerous astrology reports previously that cost me up to $250 so this was a absolute bargain for such a in-depth reading.
    I’ve already recommended the site to my friends and family so if your thinking about getting your report you won’t regret this one.

  14. Ha

    Best online site. Harshal

  15. Skylar (verified owner)

    The report was very long, but not specific enough, as it listed many placements with the auspicious and inauspicious results, however it did not say whether you would have the lucky or unlucky results based on the specifics in the chart. Too much information that was still impersonal, wish it would be clearer on whether my chart created the lucky or unlucky results. Sadly not personalized enough for the price.

    • Martin Boldovski (verified owner)

      Thank you for the feedback. We work hard to make it more clear in the report in the future. The report is very personal and strictly related to the birth data given by you and the additional inauspicious and auspicious results (these are usually different for people even when they have the same sign and house placement) were included according to incoming aspects from auspicious and inauspicious planets according to your Ascendant. In most cases, it is sadly true that a Graha in its period reflects mixed results (good and bad) and the challenging results manifest in the sub-period of the negative planet that gives its hard aspect. For sincere and good intentions, we still include both effects as acknowledging challenges and causes of difficulties, it is possible to prevent them from happening. Best wishes.

  16. daniel C (verified owner)

    can;t evaluate the report, but im not satisfied.
    makes me ditch astrology.
    i guess for someone who is into this it has lots of info to read on.
    good and bad predictions,
    some of the awful ones with transits makes be disregard such things.

    would have liked more info about gemstones. they recommended gems for lucky planets although its mentioned some quote from ancient texts indicating gemstones working as protection from bad influence of planets. I presume I have such bad influences of planets , yet the gem recommendation is for lucky planets.

    • Martin Boldovski (verified owner)

      A common mistake happens when attempting to grasp all the colossal info of Sages at once. I always suggest to learn step by step. To understand which challenges arise and how they could affect it is important to concentrate on the active Maha and Antardasha planet first. It is also useful to retrospectively analyse previous Mahadasha period and see how Mahadasha ruler planet effects unfolded. Speaking of which, in present you can disregard the effects of the future or last Mahadasha ruler that are not revelant. Both good and bad happenings in our lives are nothing but trials. When it comes to awful effects, it is common that according to planetary strength, bad results usually manifest in small measures and are not so dramatic as they might seem. Having all that said, I can totally understand you and suggest not to get into astro because for most it causes more confusion than clarity. Over time I have learned that Religious text and The Last Word is the ultimate cure for every worry and confusion. I only read some general patterns using Mahadasha and planetary effects according to Sages, who had the opportunity to channel the results.

  17. Tarek (verified owner)

    Super great report! learnt a lot about myself and super helpful to change anything if the time is wrong when entering.

  18. Tara

    A question: When writing the results, do you consider all of the sub charts, including Navamsa D9 and D10? Those are of particular importance to me.
    What makes this report more useful than the other papers on this website?
    I’m quite keen on getting this report, but I’m not sure how to apply it to my life.

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