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Rahu in Vedic Astrology signifies soul urge or direction, desires, intelligence, illusion, the digital network, fame, sudden changes, materialism, gadgets of technology, speculation, and gambling. Rahu is the North Node of the Moon and is a shadow – it isn’t a physical planet. It is called the Dragon’s Head in Vedic Astrology because it symbolizes desire and expansion.

Soul urge

Rahu in Astrology is an important karmic entity that signifies the direction of one’s soul.

No lordship

As Rahu is a shadow, not a planet, it has no lordships over signs. It will amplify the results of the lord of the sign which Rahu is placed in. It is similar to Saturn in nature – it likes to give sudden and huge success. Depending on the placement, it is also capable of giving authority, power, and not to mention, huge wealth.

Rahu is extremely beneficial when makes a connection with its dispositor, which is also well-placed and strong in a birth chart. It is further beneficial if the connected planet is a Yogakaraka planet for the person. Yogakaraka is the planet in a birth chart that rules a Kendra or Quadrangular house and Trikona or triangular house at the same time. The Kendra houses are 1st, 4th, 7th, and the 10th house. Trikona houses are 1st, 5th and 9th house.


Rahu also signifies endless desires. If Rahu is especially strong and aspected by a strong planet it increases appetite regarding the sign and the house it is placed in. On the one hand, it makes you work harder on the related matters but on the other hand, it may not give satisfaction – Rahu always wants more than it is.

Exponential growth

Rahu also symbolizes the exponential growth. It always expands matters it is connected with. Digital and social networks are signified by the ever-growing Rahu.

A powerful Rahu can also give the ability to read others’ minds.

On a negative side

A negative Rahu can make a person run after desires at the same time being fake and deceptive. They can have excessive addiction to alcohol and drugs. They may also indulge in illegal activities often.

Additional significations related to Rahu in Astrology

It signifies lust, cats, animal instincts, greed, esoteric knowledge, psychology, and ability to read others’ minds, and glamour.

Negatively signifies thefts, drug addiction, fear, phobia, roughness, fakeness, invasion, greed, and dissatisfaction.

Relatives – Paternal grandfather.

Profession – Everything related to casinos. Jobs related to networking such as Managing a website, social community. In addition to that, all professions related to the movie industry such as actors, operators, directors and so on. Occult related works.

Details related to Rahu

Vedic nameRahu
Natural Malefic
Aspects Houses5th
Duration in a Sign18 months
Duration of Mahadasha18 years
Age of Maturation42nd

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Can please tell me about Rahu in 4th house for Taurus ascendant and it’s dispositer is located in 7th house along with mercury and Venus in it and also here Jupiter from 10th house aspecting Rahu

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