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Last updated on July 6th, 2021 at 02:54 am

We value your commitment and enthusiasm to learn about yourself and therefore want to let you know that we are available to you if you have any additional questions about your chart or need further assistance in understanding the deep secrets of it.

If you need help with understanding your birth chart, want to know when specific events will take place, or have any other concerns/questions, please fill in this form to request a consultation from the experienced professional astrologers from Astrology.Community.

Please note that this is a paid service as the analysis requires valuable time. The price will be quoted depending on the complexity of your question and situation.

Before requesting a personal consultation, I advise you to read all the articles of the planetary combinations included in the free birth chart analysis that apply to you carefully.

It helps you to understand your situation and ask questions accordingly.

NB! Currently, only relationship matching and analysis services are available due to the high workload. Please write queries only about the related topic indicated in this notice.


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