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Saturn in Vedic Astrology signifies our karmic baggage, hard work, delay, depression, unexpected success, perfection, discipline, salvation, introspection, and persistence. Saturn is called Shani in Vedic Astrology.

Saturn is the farthest inner planet in our solar system and its slow orbit suits well with the significations such as persistence and hard work. Saturn is mostly recognized as a planet of obstacles and obstructions which cause much depression. In fact, this is for the highest cause – Saturn just wants us to learn from each mistake and unlike the natural beneficial planets, he does not get soft when we get exhausted from the delay. Saturn makes sure we won’t repeat the same mistakes in the future. The depression also turns us more introspective which helps us to discover the true meaning of our soul.

The sooner a person learns from their mistakes and becomes humble, the faster Saturn will bestow its blessings of the highest form. The lessons of Saturn are indeed very hard to cope but the fruits of the great progression are great too – it can bestow an unexpected success, which will last for a very long time. Saturn signifies all the success stories which last centuries. The achievements that are that big indeed require a lot of work, persistence, and discipline. People who have a strong well-placed Saturn in their charts have the blessing of persistence and endurance to keep pursuing long-lasting results.

Saturn is really the biggest blessing in disguise in our lives as it puts a big emphasis on our weakest spots in order to make them stronger with the help of discipline it delivers. We also know that without the rain, there is no growth – we have to embrace the storms in our lives that make us stronger. The strength that is gained thanks to the teaching of Saturn, will help to achieve great heights in life. That is why Mars gets exalted in the sign Capricorn ruled by Saturn – Mars likes hard work and have the endurance to keep up with the discipline.

Gateway to enlightenment

Saturn is the planet that has the ability to open up the gates to abundant enlightenment. Its lessons most often make us mature and realize the true meaning of our souls. When Sun gives the energy to become spiritual, then Saturn is the one who tests the endurance of our spirituality and devotion. When these tests are passed, Saturn grants us the abundant blessings of ever-lasting success and enlightenment. Saturn works best with energies of Jupiter – they both teach the ultimate cosmic law and truth that makes us humble. They both want us to have pious goals for the whole society and release thoughts of selfish pursuits. The strong influence of Saturn is found in the horoscopes of many greatest spiritual masters.

Saturn, which is the farthest inner-planet in the solar system, signifies the ending of physical life and helps to determine the afterlife and the future of the soul. Accordingly, if Saturn is well-placed, strong, and having good dignity it indicates a happy ending of life and a bright future for the soul afterlife on Earth.

Karmic Baggage

Saturn in Vedic Astrology also rules over our karmic logs – it contains karma of past lives and records the deeds that are done in the current life. Usually, it delivers the fruits of our deeds unexpectedly. Saturn also multiplies the results of our deeds – one good deed gets multiplied by four, and the same principle applies to bad deeds.


When Saturn influences our personality, it makes us more mature, but also strict and serious. People with a strong Saturn having an influence on the first house, its lord or Moon tend to be perfectionists. Perfectionism also creates some sort of disappointment as its rare to find perfection in this world. But what is interesting, these are the people who can achieve perfect results. It is because Saturn makes us act patiently and think more which results in a better result in whatever we create.


Saturn is the ultimate teacher of cosmic righteousness. This means that Saturn will never leave any bad deed unpunished. Thanks to dear Saturn, no bad deed gets away without punishment. Also, these punishments make bad people realize their mistakes and feel the same pains they have caused to others.

People with positive and well placed Saturn in their birth charts are extremely righteous and devoted. Saturn will also make them strict and protect righteousness in harsh ways when needed.


Saturn also governs over subordinates. Saturn will bless us authority only when we deserve it – when we respect subordinates and co-workers.

Rings of Saturn

In Astrology, rings around Saturn are created with the asteroids and various Moons. They signify the followers of Saturn. Saturn has the ability to illuminate masses. It is also the most humanitarian planet – thus it gains much following.

Additional significations regarding Saturn in Astrology

Signifies – servants, time, yoga, responsibility, large buildings, and introspection.

Body Parts – Lower legs and the nervous system.

Relations – Your subordinates

Professions – Leading or working in large factories. A Profession which is related to wood and metalwork. In addition to that, lawyers. Working in or leading a large construction organization.

Houses related to Saturn

the 5th house – Signifies followers.

the 6th house – Signifies servants and subordinates.

the 8th house – Signifies longevity and delay.

the 12th house – Signifies the gateway to enlightenment. Additionally losses and hospitalization.

Details connected with Saturn in Astrology

Vedic nameShani
Own SignCapricorn
Mooltrikona SignAquarius
Exalted inLibra
Debilitated inAries
Natural Malefic
Friendly PlanetsMercury
Neutral PlanetsJupiter
Aspects Houses3rd
Gains Directional Strength7th house
ColorDark Blue
Duration in a Sign2.5 years
Duration of Mahadasha19 years
Age of Maturation36th

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Classical Sources Used: BPHS, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Lal Kitab, Yavan Jataka. Regarding General Observations: Please include what was and wasn't accurate in the comments. Share the article with your friends using social media buttons below.

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  • Saturn, the greatest teacher of lessons, will show his effects not only in the house that he resides. It will also directly affect the house opposite to it ( 7th ). Also will affect third house ( count the first house as the house that it is in ) from its house, and the 10th house from the house it is in. Be sure to check these houses for Saturn’s influence on the chart!


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