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What does Saturn in Leo mean?

It means that the cold, restrictive, patient, serious, harsh, precise, slow-moving, justice-loving planet Saturn combines with self-centered, proud, charismatic, responsible, confident, radiant, authoritative fixed fire sign Leo.

This position is considered inauspicious as Saturn is sharing an inimical relationship with Sun, ruler of Leo.

Sun also becomes the guiding planet to Saturn in this sign owned by Sun. Therefore, the deeper and additional outcomes of this combination are highly dependent on the strength, dignity, and placement of Sun in the birth chart.

With that being said, Sun neutralizes the enmity with Saturn, if it (Sun) is placed in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th sign from Saturn in the natal birth chart.

Saturn in Leo is in 7th and 8th from its own signs Aquarius and Capricorn respectively.

The 7th disposition represents a very beneficial 7th quadrant house or Kendra Bhava which signifies spouse, marriage, partnerships, venture partners, trading, marketplaces, balance, peace, harmony, societal norms, etc.

The 8th disposition represents malefic 8th house which signifies sudden events, transformation, hidden wisdom, intuition, hidden information, mysteries, storage of overall karma, occult science, everything underneath the surface, unearned wealth, marital bondage & prosperity, etc.

By default, negative outcomes are extracted from the above-mentioned significations unless Sun is strong and/or enmity with Saturn is canceled.

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Results of Saturn in Leo

Arrogant & Sensitive

Leo, which is ruled by Sun, is all about self-awareness, confidence, and pride. This is the reason why it is ruled by the planet of kings, Sun. At the same time, Saturn is also the planet of authority and status, but not self-centeredness.

That is the fundamental reason why Saturn does not resonate with the energies of Leo harmoniously. Hence, an undignified Saturn in this sign loses its humble characteristics while damaging the self-esteem of Leo.

It is important to note that healthy self-esteem is crucial, which gives self-confidence. However, the confidence is decreased to a great extent when there is an undignified planet in the zodiac sign Leo.

Their arrogance is actually increased due to a lack of self-confidence which gives them the inclination to become arrogant. Accordingly, arrogance is actually a compensatory method to deal with insecurities and low confidence. By being arrogant they belittle others to make themselves feel superior.

As Saturn, the law of karma and justice is undignified, it reflects an indication to treat others unfairly by harnessing arrogance. They often talk about the mistakes of others to make think that they are better than everyone else.

As Sun rules over the heart and its ruler Sun signifies soul, it indicates that there are deep insecurities that cause arrogance in the first place. Therefore, arrogance is definitely contrary to high self-esteem.

With that being said, there is also an increased desire to be admired by others behind their arrogance. They often compare themselves, traits, and accomplishments with the ones of others.

If they feel they are better, they express that with arrogance. If they feel being inferior, less competent, or successful, then they develop secret jealousy inside which increases their sensitivity and deep insecurities.

Saturn is also a very cold planet which in Leo indicates being coldhearted. That is, these individuals lack affection and fail to offer sufficient warmth of the radiant Sun to others. The coldheartedness enhances their arrogance and inclination to hurt others out of their own personal insecurities.

However, if Sun is dignified and/or cancels the enmity, it improves this condition to a great extent. That is because a strong and dignified Sun as the planet of confidence amplifies the self-esteem.

More importantly, a dignified Sun helps to build up healthy self.awareness which decreases arrogance. While they are proud and confident, they are also very loving and warmhearted.

When it comes to Saturn, when its dignity is restored by the cancellation of enmity, it makes individuals with this combination very authoritative and confident at the same time.

It also means that they are very successful in positions where authoritative character traits are required. Their success also increases their confidence over time which reflects losing arrogance completely. Hence, a strong Sun increases their dignity and reduce motives to belittle others to discourage them.

Overly Self-Critical

Saturn is the conservative planet of perfection and in the sign of Leo, it indicates being overly self-critical.

The Sun-ruled Leo denotes everything that a person carries inside, such as vitality, willpower, self-esteem, and self-worth. With an undignified Saturn in this sign, they often doubt their durability and capabilities which leads to loss of self-esteem.

That is to say, they are discouraged by their own negative thoughts about their own self and souls. While absolutely every person carries insecurities inside, individuals with Sturn in Leo have too many of them which drain and exhaust them from time to time causing stagnation.

What makes this matter worse is their heightened desire to dominate, attain accomplishments that most can not, and be better than others in everything.

This unrealistic expectation and bad intention definitely increase their disappointments whenever obstacles appear in their path. Constant inner voices of self-criticism are what hinder the progress of overcoming these difficulties.

However, if Sun is dignified and/or cancellation of enmity with Saturn occurs, it turns the situation around completely. Namely, a strong Sun as the planet of vitality, will-power, and initiation makes these natives extremely motivated by endowing with lots of energy to take action.

With amplified vitality, they are capable of overcoming their own critical thoughts about themselves easily. What is more, these critical thoughts actually help them to raise their own standards to learn and achieve more. They battle insecurities by seeking ways to prove that their inner voices are wrong.

For instance, if they feel they are not smart enough, they immediately take action and obtain more wisdom to overcome specific barriers. If they feel they are not strong enough, they immediately start exercising. If they feel having insufficient resources to achieve their desires, they go work for it instead of complaining and doing nothing.

In other words, the strong Sun as the planet of vitality gives the motivation to do something meaningful which definitely helps to overcome all personal insecurities regarding low confidence and self-worth.

Fear Of Rejection

The 8th disposition formed by this combination signifies phobia, fear, and everything that is uncertain. As it is inauspiciously manifested by undignified Saturn, it indicates having various fears regarding the significances of Leo.

To begin with, the low self-esteem caused by this combination may further lead to a fear of rejection. This also causes them to be hypersensitive to external factors.

That is to say, they are fragile from the soul and feel that they are way too easily wounded by others, especially when they receive critical comments about them or their progress in any activity.

While they are overly sensitive, they are prone to see danger and issues where there are not any of them. Namely, they imagine or see disapproval from society or people even when there actually is no reason for this feeling. This is a direct result of damaged 8th house energies and significances of the 5th zodiac sign Leo.

Herein the 8th disposition signifies hidden wisdom while 5th zodiac sign Leo is all about heart, gut feelings, and intuition. In other words, it reflects that their gut feelings often give them wrong signals which make them respond negatively to their surroundings. While they are arrogant, they also expect everyone else to be that way.

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Some of The Last Words of God via The Last Prophet [PBUH]

This defensive layer created by fear of rejection and inaccurate gut feelings damage their social maturity to some extent, which is the significance of the 7th disposition of this combination. By expecting everyone around to be overly critical and rejective, they damage their social image by their negative and oftentimes unjustified responses.

What they fail to realize is that even when they are socially rejected or abandoned, it is due to the arrogance caused by low confidence and various unrealistic fears. This causes a loop effect which can increase social fears over time which makes them think they are not socially competent enough.

Now after knowing the root cause of possible social issues, there are absolutely no excuses to not do something about them and remain arrogant.

If Sun is dignified and/or cancels the enmity, it helps to harness various fears in order to become stronger.

In other words, with the cancellation of enmity, the fears of rejection do not cause damage to their social reputation but rather motivate these natives to improve themselves and social skills. This includes dealing with arrogance and getting rid of it which improves their social image to a very great extent.

In addition to that, the Sun is the planet of dignity, honor, and charisma. Hence, if it is strong, it helps to mitigate this negative effect by making them charismatic, brilliant, honored, and reputed.

Desire To Dominate

Both Leo and Saturn are very authoritative astrological entities, the combination of which increases the natural desire to be in charge, lead, or dominate others.

At the same time, an undignified Saturn gives the inclination to dominate others using immoral and unfair tactics, such as criticizing or belittling others, their personal traits, and their accomplishments.

As this combination is inauspicious, the intentions behind domination are not pure. Namely, the desire to dominate is mostly provided by the inherent desire to have more than others do or be superior to them in every way.

This is also the side effect of Saturn losing its humbleness in Leo which is directly opposite to the most humanistic sign Aquarius. Saturn is completely out of its comfort zone in Leo.

In addition to that, the inauspiciously manifested 8th disposition also enhances this effect by making them very jealous and envious. This jealousy fuels their desire to be better than others. Against those who seem to be better than themselves, they develop a very bitter attitude.

In worst cases, they might commit acts that cause damage to those who they are jealous of. As the 8th house signifies everything hidden, it indicates that they do it behind the back using secret and unethical tactics.

Accordingly, domination becomes another method to deal with personal insecurities and jealousy. If they accomplish something great and dominate others, they feel superior which gives them ultimate satisfaction.

However, as their accomplishments are motivated by selfish desires, they do not necessarily improve their dignity, honor, and reputation. Instead, as they always boast with their accomplishments in front of society, they tend to damage their social appearance and reputation, as the 7th disposition (society, marketplaces, social appearance, etc) signifies.

Saturn in Aquarius provides a desire to achieve something great to benefit their whole community or society while Saturn in Leo gives the inclination to seek personal gratification.

However, if the Sun is dignified and/or cancels the enmity, the negative results do not manifest. Instead, a dignified Sun ensures that there are good intentions behind increased thirst for domination, status, and power.

Namely, they want to achieve something for their family, society or promote other positive changes. Having good intentions, in turn, provides that necessary social support makes them very honored, and helps to achieve their goals easily.

In other words, a dignified Sun along with the restored dignity of Saturn reflects that they never abuse their power to belittle others or make themselves superior.

Instead, they use their spotlight to promote something good to everyone in addition to reaping personal benefits. That is because a strong Sun amplifies confidence and promotes a healthy ego.

Delays & Professional Struggles

Saturn is the planet of karma, responsibility, and main duties in life. As it is weakened in Leo, it indicates being less disciplined and dutiful.

Accordingly, individuals with this combination always seek an easy way to get around in life by putting in less effort and hard work. At the same time, they have very grandiose desires and aspirations.

Therefore, their lack of desire to work hard and insufficient discipline causes delays in fulfilling their own aspirations. This also indicates having various professional hurdles and struggles.

Oftentimes, they expect more rewards for less amount of work, and this can cause disappointments as well as troubles with the authorities.

Saturn is the ruler of the 10th zodiac sign Capricorn which signifies high authoritative figures while the 5th sign Leo signifies authorities as well.

As Saturn forms the connection between these signs with negatively manifested 8th disposition of sudden events, it indicates that there are sudden obstructive events in professional life that are caused by a clash with authorities.

Often, the conflict is arising due to unrealistic fears of rejection which makes these natives respond to the demands and reasonable criticism negatively which leads to specific professional issues.

For instance, their authorities may offer them promotion but also require to pass specific tests to which these natives often respond negatively because of inner insecurities and belief of deserving to be admired without conditions.

However, this may indicate that they lose a lot of good opportunities in professional life. Even though tests are tough and cause anxiety, they help to actually increase their own standards and improve skills that are required in higher positions in life.

Alternatively, this combination might simply indicate that these natives do not like anyone to tell them what and how to do it. This is self-explanatory that it repels or delays any promotion or high rise.

Therefore, it is highly advised for these natives to refrain from confronting authorities or refusing any reasonable demands in order to ensure a successful rise in career or business.

However, if Sun is dignified and/or cancels the enmity of Saturn, it can improve this condition to a great extent. That is because the Sun is the natural significator of professional success and dignity. Therefore, a dignified Sun gives them the inclination to work hard and ethically to ensure gains and rise in life.

A strong Sun as the planet of self-worth also improves their ego by making it positive which reduces arrogance. As a result of increased healthy confidence and decreased arrogance, the relationship with the authorities and supportive figures in life is tremendously improved.

The heightened confidence also allows them to accept any challenges given by authorities which increases their chances of reaching great heights in life tremendously.

A strong Sun as the planet of vitality also gives a lot of will-power to work for high aspirations regarding the status and high success. It makes them accept the fact that they must work hard to deserve great results.

What is special about this combination is that if it is positively formed, it prompts to work hard first but gives great success later which grants the highly aspired freedom and comfort to these natives.

This is further supported by the fact that both Saturn and fixed sign Leo share the same trait of persistence and being true to one’s words.

Selfish Motives

In addition to that, another major cause of delay in their success is the lack of humble intentions. To be specific, there are selfish reasons for their ambition and motives.

They might strive to achieve great success and high status just to satisfy their insecurities and desire to be admired by masses rather than to offer great value to their society or community.

However, if Sun is dignified and/or cancels the enmity, it gives a higher purpose behind their ambitions which increases the speed of success a lot.

That is because the Sun is the planet of truth and righteousness. When it is strong, it gives individuals with this set of combinations desire to fight for the truth. The fixed modality of Leo enhances their determination to keep pushing forward until succeeding.

A dignified Sun also endows them with natural charisma which promotes greater success in their undertakings. Their truthfulness and good intentions towards everyone also attract a lot of support from society and their surroundings.

Impolite & Rude

As the 7th disposition comes from the sociable 11th zodiac sign Aquarius, it indicates that their way of interacting with others is not diplomatic or harmonious which may further intensify specific barriers in their career, business, or personal life.

This effect is actually produced by negatively formed 7th disposition which is represented by the 7th zodiac sign Libra which is all about diplomacy, politeness, harmony, and balance.

Hence, their unbalanced and rude attitude combined with unfairness by undignified Saturn repels social success and status as well which makes it even harder to achieve great heights and social rank in life.

In addition to that, out of jealousy, they are prone to criticize others destructively with the intention to cause moral damage to them. Instead of finding and emphasizing good traits, they are inclined to concentrate on the flaws of others. This becomes an additional reason why they face issues in social life often.

Furthermore, the damaged 8th disposition causes having low morality. Herein the inauspiciously manifested 8th disposition signifies aggression which is harnessed unfairly, as the undignified Saturn signifies. This, in turn, attracts hostility from the members of society against them.

A dignified charismatic and brilliant planet Sun endows them with confidence which also improves their social skills a lot. A dignified Sun also makes them charismatic, sympathetic, and brilliant.

With these positive character traits, they attract members of society around them naturally. It also reflects that a strong Sun mitigates or neutralizes the initial ill-effects from this combination. Hence, they are less likely to repel people and damage the harmony of their society.

Most importantly, a dignified Sun helps to motivate their surroundings by making them concentrate on positive sides. This, in turn, ensures good cooperation with others in their personal life, career, business, or social life.

Fear Of Spotlight

The cold and restrictive energies of Saturn are not well expressed in the warm environment of Leo, which represents self-centeredness, individualism, and uniqueness.

Accordingly, afflicted Saturn in this sign indicates having a lot of social anxiety which is a direct result of lack of self-esteem. As a result of insufficient confidence and unrealistic fear of rejection, they develop a fear of being in the spotlight.

In case they have bad intentions it further extends social anxiety because of fear of possible consequences caused by their unethical attempts to attain high social status.

This effect is provided by weakened 7th disposition of social appearance from the 11th zodiac sign Aquarius of communities and large groups of people.

It also indicates that they have spotlight anxiety even when not being actually noticed by others. In other words, a weakened 7th disposition causes thinking that the spotlight is constantly highlighting their mistakes and most vulnerable aspects.

This can lead to an identity crisis which gives them an inclination to change public identity in order to hide their insecurities or true face.

As Sun is the planet of confidence, it is self-explanatory that if it is strong and dignified, it reduces the ill effects of this combination by helping to reduce social anxiety and fear of spotlight. When they have fewer insecurities or dirty secrets, they have fewer reasons to dread criticism or judgment of others.

Most importantly, if the Sun is dignified and cancels the enmity, it restores the dignity of Saturn. This reflects that they have good intentions in their mind which mitigate social anxiety greatly.

That is because a dignified Sun strengthens the soul by making it pure and dignified. When they have no bad secrets to hide, they become more confident and know that they are supported by almighty God.

They are confident that when they wish good for others, it is returned to them as well. This proves that unshakable valor comes from honesty, righteousness, and dignity.

Increased dignity and a sense of righteousness also increase the ability to cooperate with society and large groups of people efficiently without fear of rejection. When they take good care of their community members, they are safe in the knowledge that they are also protected by them.

Restricted Creativity

Leo is the 5th sign which is about creativity and independent expression. At the same time, Saturn rules the 11th zodiac sign Aquarius which signifies innovation and out of the box thinking.

Therefore, the afflicted Saturn in this sign restricts both the creative and innovative ways of thinking.

Hence, this combination indicates that these individuals are forced to accept the traditional rules and regulations by circumstances. This also blocks their creativity as well as confidence in themselves to some extent.

At the same time, the damaged 7th disposition indicates their tendency to oppose traditions and social norms in order to impose their personal ideas and values, which they believe are the only correct ones. The damaged 8th disposition suggests that they often express their ideas forcefully without any sympathy.

What is more, the afflicted Saturn indicates that their ideas are often controversial or socially unacceptable because they inflict damage to traditions and social values. This, in turn, causes a situation where they are restricted and suppressed by authoritative figures and members of society.

On the contrary, if a strong and well placed Sun supports this Saturn, it indicates the ability to develop unique ideas that are in harmony with traditions.

A dignified Sun also restores their sympathy which gives them the ability to consider the needs of others so that they can accommodate their ideas with the values of the whole community.

What is special about this set of combinations is that the cancellation of the enmity of conservative Saturn can give rise to great outcomes. In other words, it gives them the ability to set new trends and harness unconventional ideas while not damaging old traditions and social norms.

Surrendering Lower-Ego

The self-esteem becomes damaged because it forces them to give up the desire to shine in the public with an excessive love of self. However, this can give rise to great enlightenment. Namely, by surrendering and giving up selfish desires and self love, it gives room for the development of healthier self-awareness

The dramatic and difficult events provided by the 8th disposition makes them realize that the lower ego must be given up in order to become truly enlightened. In fact, the 8th disposition is represented by the 8th astrological house which belongs to the triangle of salvation and thus promotes spiritual awakening.

Over time, they will understand the truth behind the higher purpose and that illustrious and widespread reputation should not be attained for the sake of satisfying their selfish desires. Instead of that, the gained fame and reputation should be used to enlighten or spread wisdom to the members of the community or society.

However, to maximally harness the potential of this spiritual 8th disposition, Sun as the guide of Saturn in Leo and significator of spirituality should be also dignified.

If Sun, the dispositor of Saturn, is strong and well-placed in a chart, it is capable of lifting souls to great heights by enlightening them. Saturn in Leo creates an opportunity to become humble after experiencing humiliation which causes great damage to self-realization in the first place.

Saturn with restored dignity teaches that the real truth behind authority and fame is to give value to masses instead of taking the energy for the sake of self-satisfaction.

Saturn in Leo, while Sun is dignified, can replace selfishness with humbleness. However, the process can be painful for limelight-loving Leo, because of being forced to surrender the pride and desire to shine in public.

Moreover, Saturn and Leo both are related to power and authority in astrology. Hence, the connection between them is capable of blessing with a powerful status and position after becoming humble and selfless.

Speculation & Marketplaces

Leo, the tenant of the 5th house, signifies gain from speculation and stock markets. Moreover, the 8th disposition signifies gambling and the gain of unearned wealth from unexpected sources.

However, as Saturn is undignified, it causes these natives to be short-tempered. Emotional sensitivity can lead to compulsive gambling which can lead to sudden losses. Hence, unless a strong Sun supports, it is advised for these natives to refrain from short term investing.

The 7th disposition also signifies joint ventures and partnerships. As it is negatively manifested, it indicates that their jealous, selfish, and arrogant attitude damages cooperation with venture partners.

When becoming joint in any venture, selflessness, love of society, and compromise is the key to success. As these natives lack these traits, they are prone to lose good and supportive venture partners in the process.

The lack of compassion also reduces the ability to function in marketplaces efficiently. To be prosperous in any marketplace, it is important to offer real value to customers first before reaping great rewards.

However, if Sun is dignified and/or cancels the enmity, this negative effect does not manifest. A dignified Sun as the planet of mentality gives strong emotional intelligence which helps to make correct investment decisions that result in profits and prevent losses. It also helps to maintain levelheadedness which is crucial to avoid becoming a compulsive gambler.

A dignified Sun also gives them a sense of higher purpose while Saturn with restored dignity makes them dutiful and responsible. This, in turn, attracts many supportive venture partners and authoritative figures with whom to make great and meaningful things happen.

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