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Saturn in 2nd house unites with the energies of Venus-ruled Taurus. As the 2nd zodiac sign, Taurus naturally represents the 2nd house and therefore shares common energies with it.

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The condition and dignity of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and the 2nd house ruler carry a major role in determining additional outcomes of this combination.

The above-mentioned planets are related to the 2nd house through the following significances.

Namely, Jupiter is the main planet of wealth which links it to the 2nd house (wealth). Jupiter also signifies progeny and family, just like the given house in question.

Venus is the natural representative of the 2nd house because it rules over the 2nd zodiac sign Taurus and therefore signifies wealth and luxury.

Mercury is the planet of communication the condition of which influences the speech of the native.

The 2nd house ruler becomes a guide to Saturn in this house. Accordingly, a dignified and strong 2nd house ruler extends the auspicious results of a dignified Saturn or saves a weakened Saturn from giving entirely bad results.

With all that being said, the majority of the results of this combination is dependent on the dignity of Saturn in the 2nd house.

Results of Saturn in 2nd House

Deep & Harsh Speech

The 2nd house rules over the general speech of the native while Saturn is a cruel, dark, and serious planet.

Therefore, the speech of the native is highly influenced by the general characteristics of Saturn. As a result, the speech of the native inherits very deep, dark, and frightful intonation.

Nevertheless, their speech sounds very stable and soothing, nearly hypnotizing. What is good about this Saturnian speech is that others take the native with this combination more seriously.

With that being said, their speech is capable of causing deep shivers to others.

As Saturn is a stable and slow-moving planet, it causes a slow flow of speech and expression of words.

If Saturn is dignified and strong in the 2nd house, it indicates that individuals with this combination are sober spokespersons and radiate seriousness with their words.

Alternatively, an undignified Saturn causes a fraudulent speech to the native. That is to say, they talk about false matters and give fake advice usually out of greed. They harness socially very unacceptable words that repel others.

Weakened Saturn also indicates difficulties in speaking and unclear speech. That is the native misarticulates sibilants of words. Their speech becomes stammering and involuntarily silent, at times.

Deep Gaze

Saturn being a deep and mysterious planet also creates a very deep gaze in the eyes of the native. That is because the 2nd house also governs everything that is connected to the face, including eyes.

The gaze also has a frightening effect on others. Their overall facial mimics are also influenced by Saturn.

That is, most of the time, they carry a serious look on their face which may reduce social life but definitely increases their ability to influence masses.

Strict Family Life

Saturn is a strict planet because it governs over a very disciplined and harsh 10th zodiac sign Capricorn.

All these energies influence the family life of the natives because it is another major signification of the 2nd house.

As a result of Saturn influencing the 2nd house, the native was likely raised strictly by their parents and other family members. They have been corrected or reprimanded for even the slightest of their mistakes.

If Saturn is strong and dignified these natives learned to become disciplined, organized, and responsible early in life.

With the traits obtained from early childhood, they also influence their own family and progeny. Namely, these natives ensure that their children will be as disciplined and responsible as possible by raising them with strict tactics.

To achieve that, they often raise their children by disciplining and teaching them the hard way, in a good sense. They want to forward the message of responsibility to their children.

So natives with a dignified Saturn also teach karmic lessons and wisdom to their children. They want their children to know that every sin is not left unpunished and every honest or generous act results in great blessings.

The human receives everything that they deserve according to their karmic record. They want their children to be free from sins so that they could enjoy a prosperous life.

At times, the children of these natives might feel burdened, limited, and exhausted. Their children might also perceive these natives as being too cold. This is the way how Saturn likes to teach. The compassion and care of these natives are well expressed through unshakable structure and order.

Nothing makes these natives happier when seeing their chldren and other family members being loyal, sinless, and unshakably structured.

On the contrary, if Saturn is undignified in the 2nd house, it indicates that the native is abusive towards family members and treats them unfairly. It also indicates that the native is raised unfairly in an abusive manner.

It is important to note that there is a huge difference in raising strictly and raising abusively.

Concentration On Assets

Another major topic of the 2nd house is assets, wealth accumulations, and different kinds of possessions. In fact, the 2nd house belongs to the triangle of wealth or Artha Trikona.

Therefore, this combination indicates that the energies of Saturn are concentrated on the accumulation and maintenance of assets.

As Saturn is a slow-moving planet, it indicates slow growth of assets. However, if Saturn is dignified in the 2nd house, it indicates a slow but steady growth of valuables, assets, and possessions of the native.

As the nature of Saturn suggests, the native takes very carefully calculated steps to maintain and grow their wealth. They are very responsible for financial matters which ensures steady growth.

As they are rather conservative, they avoid schemes that claim to get rich quick and other risky shortcuts of wealth. This ensures the sure, secure, and steady growth of their financial foundation.

These natives also have a tendency to become tightwads because of having experienced some deficiency of wealth, especially during their childhood. The fear of financial instability is what makes them very cautious and conservative regarding wealth.

If Saturn is strong and exceptionally well placed in its own sign or exalted, it blesses the native with long-lasting wealth which is obtained through legal sources rightfully.

Delay & Effort

There might be a delay in attaining certain assets because Saturn likes to take it slow and secure.

In fact, Saturn casts its 10th aspect ray upon the 11th house of profits, gains, and fulfillment of desires. As per the natural nature of Saturn, it indicates a delay in the fulfillment of desires.

As the 10th aspect suggests, the native is prompted to struggle hard before having their ambitions, goals, wishes, and aspirations fulfilled.

On the other hand, as Saturn is the ruler of Karma, it indicates huge sudden blessings after an honest effort. In other words, the better the karmic records, the bigger the blessings.

What is more, the results that are attained with persistence, honesty, and disciplined effort are long-lasting. The delay caused by Saturn makes the native value every piece of their resources. This is the blessing in disguise of Saturn.

Saturn creates resistance in wealth matters. Whether the native takes it as an amplifier or blockage, is up to them.

Negatively, if Saturn is undignified in the given house, it creates a very greedy person who is capable of grabbing the wealth of others through deceptive tactics, and later losing more than they gained through unjust means.

In addition to that, the weak Saturn in the 2nd house indicates various blockages and delays in establishing a good financial foundation. It also blocks gains and fulfillment of desires because of the aspect upon the 11th house.

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