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Saturn in 6th house unites with the energies of Mercury-ruled Virgo. As the 6th zodiac sign, Virgo naturally represents the 6th house and therefore shares common energies with it.

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The condition and dignity of Mars and the 6th house ruler carry a major role in determining additional outcomes of this combination.

Mars is related to the 6th house because it signifies resistance, physical strength, and endurance to battle adversities.

The 6th house ruler becomes a guide to Saturn in this house. Accordingly, a strong and dignified 6th house ruler extends the results of auspiciously positioned Saturn. Alternatively, a strong 6th ruler is capable of relieving ill-placed Saturn from giving entirely negative results.

Saturn, as a natural malefic, provides positive effects in the house of growth or Upachaya Bhava. It is primarily because natural malefic planets deliver the strength, courage, and endurance to withstand the difficult energies of ever-growing houses and advance in the process.

Results of Saturn in 6th House

Extremely Organized

The 6th house carries natural energies of the 6th zodiac sign Virgo, which is all about proficiency and organizational skills.

At the same time, Saturn is the planet of unshakable correctness and discipline. Accordingly, the planet Saturn resonates naturally well with the energies of the 6th house.

If Saturn is dignified and strong in the 6th house, it produces a very organized person whose skills are further amplified by their correctness and unshakable discipline that are provided by the given planet.

Alternatively, an undignified or weakened Saturn in this house indicates laziness and clumsiness. These traits negate efficient organizational skills.

Unshakable Fearlessness

Saturn is also the planet of fears which ultimately denotes fearlessness, if in good shape. The 6th house, in turn, signifies fights, war, litigation, as well as strength to overcome the adversities.

As Saturn is a natural malefic planet, its energies are perfectly suitable to battle the adversities that the 6th house provides.

In addition to that, Saturn casts its 10th (of discipline) aspect ray upon the 3rd house of courage and mental strength.

In other words, Saturn prompts the natives to discipline their courage and action-taking ability. Over time, slowly but surely, the courage of the native is increased.

Furthermore, Saturn casts its 3rd aspect ray (of courage) upon the 8th house of fears. This connection further amplifies the fearlessness of natives with this combination.

That is because Saturn prompts them to face all their deepest fears with courage. Facing and overcoming fears enables them to become unshakable and fearless in the process.

Increased Obstacles

With that being said, a strong and dignified Saturn in the 6th house increases the number of struggles in life, but for good reason.

That is especially true when considering the fact that Saturn is the planet of delay and obstacles itself. The main function of Saturn is to temper people to become more efficient and disciplined.

With trials, Saturn also tests the dignity and integrity of the native. That is, when the native keeps going diligently even in the hardest conditions, it proves their worthiness of abundant blessings offered by Saturn.

Namely, the more obstacles a native with a strong 6th house Saturn has, the more tempered and fearless they become.

That is to say, while they battle adversities, they train themselves to be more resistant, skilled, and disciplined. Besides this, facing fears helps these natives to become fearless in the first place.

With all that being said, if Saturn is dignified and well-shaped in the given house, it blesses the native with unshakable fearlessness, endurance, strength, and resistance to stress.

Such natives will always work diligently to fulfill their duty/service, no matter how hard the conditions are.

What is more, they are capable of overcoming adversities, opposition, and outscore their competitors and enemies with the help of their tempered valor.

Alternatively, a weak Saturn reflects various weaknesses of the native. To begin with, a damaged Saturn causes loss of courage to face adversities.

That is mostly because of lacking direction and determination. This, in turn, causes loss of will-power to compete and battle enemies or opposition.

Harsh & Merciless

Saturn is a very harsh and strict planet that never accepts sins. This is self-explanatory as Saturn is the ruler of karma which provides results accordingly.

The 6th house, at the same time, signifies enemies or opposition. Saturn in this house creates a very merciless person who does not forgive any sins made by others.

With that being said, if Saturn is dignified, it indicates that the native respects justice and treats others fairly at all costs. In fact, Saturn, as the ruler of the 10th zodiac sign Capricorn brings discipline and correctness to the 6th house with its placement.

That is to say, the native with dignified Saturn are very responsible and follow ethics and code of justice strictly and correctly. At the same time, they punish those who break these codes in a very harsh and unforgiving manner.

Alternatively, an undignified Saturn in the 6th house produces a very dangerous person. The reason for this is that such a native is undignified, treats others unfairly, and are capable of breaking ethics, traditions, and moral justice.

Additionally, weakened Saturn in the 6th house indicates an inability to overcome adversities and increased fears caused by enemies.

Loyal & Correct

Service is another important topic of the 6th house along with all the character traits required for the correct conduct of it.

Saturn, as the planet of discipline, order, and strict correctness in the 6th house indicates that the native is very competent and perfectly fit for any service-related activity, especially where resistance to stress and endurance is required.

If Saturn is dignified, it ensures that the native follows their duty responsibility, correctly, and honestly. Such natives are extremely loyal and fair in their behavior with others.

Organized Allies

Speaking of others, the 6th house also signifies teammates, employees, subordinates, and allies. A strong Saturn endows the native with traits that helps them to cooperate with previously mentioned people efficiently.

The main character traits are honesty, loyalty, and fairness which are highly appreciated by teammates or employees. As a result, good support and cooperation are ensured to the native from them.

On the other hand, Saturn as a strict and cold planet in the 6th house can make the native very critical and quarrelsome. As a result of being strict and critical, there is increased tension in relationships with teammates and employees indicated.

However, if Saturn is well shaped, despite minor relationship issues, the native benefits from successfully disciplining their cooperative members.

On the contrary, undignified Saturn indicates being deceived by enemies and allies in a very cruel way. That is mainly because the native treats them unfairly in the first place.

The enemies or former allies, teammates, and employees are capable of causing great damage to the native with weak Saturn in the given house.

Prolonged Debt

The 6th house also signifies debts. Hence, Saturn, the planet of longevity, in this house indicates increased and prolonged burdens of loans.

However, if Saturn is strong and dignified, the native is able to reap benefits by leveraging loans.

What is more, Saturn casts its direct (7th) aspect ray upon the 12th house of long term investments. With this influence, the native is able to gain from long-term investments that are made using loans. In this situation, the burden of loans is prolonged, but so are the benefits from it.

Alternatively, ill-placed or weakened Saturn in this house causes a heavy burden of loans that cause major financial obstacles and difficulties to the native.

The main reason for this is that the native is very careless and irresponsible regarding loans, finances, and expenses. Without analyzing and thinking everything through, they rush for another loan without repaying the current one.

Over time, the financial burden becomes unbearable as the loans and interest increase. The native with weak Saturn in the 6th house must avoid loans to improve this combination naturally.

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