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What does Scorpio Sun combined with Virgo Moon mean?

It means Sun is in Scorpio while Moon is in Virgo in the natal birth chart. The effects of both combinations carry a significant role in determining the outcomes of the combination in question.

In addition to that, an angle is formed between Sun and Moon when they are in mentioned signs. This angle helps to calculate specific Nitya Yoga combinations and reveals the exact Vedic lunar day. All of those carry deeper significances that can be helpful in understanding life from another perspective.



Sun is the planet of self, soul, vitality, energy, mentality, courage, general intelligence, spirituality, accomplishments, authority, the soul’s direction, etc.

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac belt which is assertive, highly intuitive, domineering, competitive, possessive, mysterious, manipulative, cunning, and stubborn in nature.

Scorpio is a fixed sign which denotes powerful resistance, determination, and enormous willpower.

Sun itself governs another fixed sign Leo which shows that the native feels comfortable having it in fixed Scorpio.

As a result of this, individuals with this combination feel in control in every environment they enter. It also reveals their highly driven and dominant soul.

When they feel they are being controlled, they respond with fierce confrontation almost instantly. The reason is that Scorpio is also a water sign which signifies emotions.

With a fiery Sun in watery Scorpio, the emotions are always intensified reflecting constant restlessness and readiness to confront someone.

They have intensive emotions built up in them which are usually in good control because the Sun is sharing friendly Vedic relation with Mars, the governor of the Scorpio sign.

This fact makes them very competent warriors or someone who protects specific views or matters with strict tactics. More so that they have deep emotional reasons for protection.

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Moon is the planet that rules over the mind and therefore signifies thinking patterns, cognitive abilities, as well as general appearance in front of the audience. It shows how their soul illuminates their mind and influences their way of leaving an impression on others.

Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac belt, which is analytical, critical, conservative, logical, organized, disciplined, confrontative, and disputatious.

Virgo is also an even sign which carries lots of feminine energies making the Moon in this sense a great match to it. That is because the luminary has also many feminine qualities as it governs another gentle sign Cancer.

Therefore, natives with this combination are inherently sweet-spoken and pleasant in their behavior which is reflected by their gentle conscious.

Yet, they are very critical and quarrelsome because Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign which is known for being very detailed, detail-oriented, and critical.

However, their criticism is very sweetly expressed and often does not attract opposition but rather helps to form fruitful cooperation through making people aware of various serious issues or matters.

Virgo is of mutable modality which signifies adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to cope with challenges.

When the planet of consciousness (mind) is getting endowed with mutable modality capabilities, then it reflects being especially resourceful which helps to overcome arising issues easily.

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Scorpio Sun & Virgo Moon Disposition

Planetary Relationship

When Sun is in Scorpio while Moon is in Virgo, the 11th and 3rd dispositions are created between these planets.

More specifically, Virgo Moon is in the 11th sign from Scorpio Sun. When taking Moon as the reference point, then Scorpio Sun is in the 3rd sign from it.

According to the temporary relationship rule of astrology, planets occupying the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th place from each other are temporary friends.

Therefore, the conditions for the formation of temporary friendship are well met yielding various positive effects.

As the friendship is formed between luminaries, it influences the soul and mind directly. Namely, the greatly established connection reflects that the heart and brain have a good and unrestricted flow of information.

The fact that unrestricted harmonious flow is that they spend less time on useless matters that hinder or overload the thinking patterns.

This must not be mistaken for having lots of thoughts. When there are many thoughts flowing around, they can be exhausting but definitely not hindering.

Speaking of harmonious connection, the thinking process gets accelerated and therefore more output for action is generated.

A healthy connection between feelings and thoughts also enables them to grasp more chances for enhancing emotional health through auspicious activities such as meditation or exercise.

Alternatively, such individuals also practice mental gratitude and mindfulness which energizes their willpower to keep taking action in the necessary direction.

When combining harmonious linkage between water and earth sign, then increase of senses that help understand the emotions is indicated.

In other words, such individuals are well at noticing details that are related to the psychology and emotions of others in general.

It also increases their alertness and readiness which helps to respond in a better way quickly. This is helpful to ensure all-around mental security and successful debates in any situation.

11th & 3rd Dispositions Analysis

The 11th disposition represents the 11th astrological house which signifies ambitions, desires, wishes, fulfillment of desires, large groups, large organizations, communities, networking, socializing, celebrations, increase of wealth, profit, etc.

Virgo Moon becomes influenced by the significance of the given disposition which yields a variety of interesting outcomes.

First of all, the mind is influenced by the given disposition and proves to be highly aspiring and ambitious. The high ambitions become the driving force in natives with this set of combinations.

That is because ambition is an important integral part of achieving aspirations in life. As the thinking patterns are driven by them, these natives become more eager to be active most of the time, whenever possible.

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Another important function of ambition is that it helps both to complement intellectual properties and harness to make ideas a successful reality. Good ideas without ambition are powerless.

The 11th disposition carries expansive properties which means that there are tons of ideas flowing in mind at any given time. With the combination of many ideas with ambitious nature and proper action, it is possible to attain results with less struggle and effort.

Actually, an effort is made inside the head before work is initiated which makes it seem as if these natives attain everything so easily with less hassle.

The 3rd disposition represents the 3rd astrological house which signifies communication, transportation, communication platforms, skills, valor, hard work, effort, action-taking ability, spontaneity, talents, hobbies, short-distance journeys, etc.

Scorpio Sun becomes linked with the significance of this disposition. As the 3rd is known for malefic effects, a natural strict character indicated by Sun performs well with its energies.

More so the Sun is in the sign of Mars in 3rd from the Moon. As a result of this, these natives attain exceptional skills of arms which is helpful for the protection and conducting work energetically.

Now that the dynamism, vitality, and energy of the Sun are dissipated in 3rd from the ambitious Moon, these natives are even more capable of achieving great results. Their ambitious minds become enhanced with dynamic and powerful skills that help to get closer to their aims and fulfill many of them.

Not only that, but as the 3rd disposition is actually signified by Mars through common significance courage, these natives also become extremely valorous in their action making them nearly unstoppable.

As Sun governs the heart and soul, these natives become very brave from deep within which is a great combination for their restless and ambitious minds.

Now that they have good intellect, it is not stopped by a lack of assertive power, courage, and dynamism to tackle issues.

Phases of Moon

When Sun is in Scorpio while Moon is in Virgo, it means that Moon is in a waning phase which is considered to provide some malefic effects as per Vedic sidereal astrology.

Scorpio Sun combined with Virgo Moon gives the possibility of formation of the Waning Crescent lunar phase.

Waning Crescent

This lunar phase is the last one the effect of which can be similar to the ones of the 12th house. Namely, it signifies surrendering, detaching from personal desires, and going with the flow.

Individuals born during this phase of the Moon have a naturally detached mindset which can manifest both positively and negatively in daily life depending on other connections in Kundli.

One strong indicator of positive outcomes of such a mentality is the distance of the Sun which leads to the formation of a harmonious angle with the Moon.

As a result of which the soul is at great peace with such a detached mind. In a positive light, this mind makes their actions more sincere, selfless, and humble.

Positively manifested Waning Crescent Moon also shows that even though they are very humble and eager to give, they do not let anyone take selfish advantage of them. That is especially true because of a powerful and domineering Scorpio Sun.

Undeniably a Moon which is only slightly illuminated and in a Waning phase yields difficulties and initial deficiencies in the significance of the Moon. For instance, the deficiency indicates a lack of nurture, mental peace, and a sense of contentment.

However, all of those can be easily overcome by the sheer strength, power, and determination of the Scorpio Sun, especially when Mars is also powerfully placed in a chart/Kundli.

Scorpio Sun & Virgo Moon Panchang – Astrological Diary

Tithi – Vedic Lunar Phase

In Vedic sidereal astrology, there is a very precise lunar phase system used in which the whole cycle of the Moon is divided into 30 tiny sectors. Each of these sectors represents a specific lunar day.

Each day, in turn, is represented by a specific supremacy and planet which reveals important significances and deep effects.

Sun and Moon can be in different degrees in their respective zodiac signs which creates the possibility of the formation of various Vedic lunar phases.

In this article, 3 possible Vedic lunar phases formed by Scorpio Sun and Virgo Moon are elaborated.

Krishna Dashami

Krishna Dashami is the 25th lunar day and the 10th part of the Waning Moon phase. The 25th lunar day is characterized by Saumya Prada which is the provider of clarity, stability, and happiness.

Moon is the planet that represents the 25th lunar day which in its good condition signifies the same matters related to mental stability.

This is another major factor that helps to bring great mental powers out of this relatively weak lunar phase where the Moon is waning and mostly dark.

Namely, the energies of this lunar day help bring mental clarity which is important to find mental peace even in chaos to function in the best possible way.

Individuals born on this lunar day tend to have above-average mental stability and soberness which makes them good decision makers.

However, it is said that if Sun is in Scorpio on this lunar day, then it causes excessive mental agony which doesn’t necessarily mean that they fail to make good decisions. It is simply that they tend to overemphasize things and bring destruction with their movements before they construct.

Krishna Ekadashi

Krishna Ekadashi is the 26th lunar day and the 11th part of the Waning Moon phase which is characterized by Anand Prada. Accordingly, the 26th lunar day is the provider of happiness, joy, and satisfaction.

Mars is the significator of the energies of this lunar day. This planet also signifies valor, strength, limbs, virtues, land, opponents, etc.

Because of the fact that Scorpio Sun is guided by Mars, this lunar day becomes especially important to them. It shows that their natural traits become more dominant in society.

These individuals are able to find great joy in virtuous activities and good causes inspired by righteousness. Their joyous and grateful nature helps to overcome opponents easily.

Mars must be dignified for good energies to be expressed without restrictions.

Krishna Dwadashi

Krishna Dwadashi is the 27th lunar day and conjointly the 12th part of the Waning Moon phase which is characterized by Yasha Prada. It means that this lunar day is the provider of fame, recognition, and social rank.

This lunar day is represented by the planet Mercury which signifies learning, intellect, discrimination, well-wishers, and the ability to act according to wisdom.

All these key significations become especially dominant and meaningful in the life paths of individuals with this set of combinations.

Moreover, Virgo Moon is guided by the same planet Mercury which makes this lunar day especially important for these natives.

With the traits of Virgo Moon, such as an ability to think in a detailed manner and express critical ideas in a very acceptable fashion, these natives attain their fame which helps in the profession greatly.

Scorpio Sun & Virgo Moon Yoga

Another important astrological combination formed by Sun and Moon concerning each other is Nitya Yoga.

Sun and Moon are luminaries and thus the primary indicators of the personality of a person.

The distance or exact degrees between these luminaries create a specific Yoga that gives deeper insight into the soul and mind of a person.

This is why Scorpio Sun combined with Virgo Moon people are not all the same and still have differences in their mentalities and general behaviors.

There is a total of 27 Nitya Yoga combinations and when Scorpio Sun combines with Virgo Moon, there is a possibility of the formation of many different variations.

In this article, we shall learn about 3 possible Nitya Yoga combinations that can be formed by the placements of the Sun and Moon in the mentioned zodiac signs.


Vishkumbha is the 1st Sun-Moon combination which is governed by the planet Saturn. This Yoga is considered to be inauspicious.

The inauspiciousness can be described by the malefic effect of the planet of restriction, delay, and obstruction Saturn.

Accordingly, individuals born with this Sun-Moon Yoga are prompted to undergo very tough challenges before advancing in their undertakings.

Depending on the dignity and strength of Saturn, they usually become wiser, stronger, and more mature after those delays.


Priti is the 2nd Sun-Moon Yoga combination which is governed by Mercury and yields auspicious outcomes.

Mercury, as the planet of work capabilities using intellect, benefits these individuals with extra knowledge that they will harness in their undertakings.

That knowledge comes from their increased thirst for learning which complements their already tactical and resourceful mind indicated by Virgo Moon.

The name Priti stands for kindness, grace, and gratification which also reflects their overall attitude. Namely, these natives are very joyous despite Waning Moon and attract good conversations with special people.


Ayushman is the 3rd Sun-Moon Yoga combination which is governed by the South Node of the Moon, Ketu. It is an auspicious combination.

Ketu signifies detachment, salvation, religious devotion, and blind courage. Accordingly, these natives tend to be extremely spontaneous and take action or express their concerns suddenly.

Some say blind courage is uncontrolled and thus dangerous. However, there are actually conditions when this courage is especially crucial.

For this type of courage to be beneficial, faith is utterly important. That is because religious wisdom never fails a person. If decisions made spontaneously are inspired by faith and righteousness, then there is no loss for these natives, but for others surrounding them.

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