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The Second House is called Dhana Bhava in Vedic astrology and it is translated as the house of Wealth. We already know that The Ascendant or The First House belongs to Dharma Trikona (The Spiritual Triangle of the soul, luck, and prosperity). The 2nd House in Vedic Astrology belongs to the Artha Trikona (triangle of wealth) and is related to material possessions of the native. These include accumulated wealth, the wealth of the family of the considered person, as well as the ability and skills one possesses in order to maintain and accumulate material possessions.

Speech & Facial Appearance

The 2nd House also signifies the speech and facial appearance of the native. With the help of speech, we maintain our relations with family and connection circles and with facial attractiveness we attract more connections and relations which will be helpful in accumulating wealth. Let us agree that both attractive speech and face are crucial for reaching our goals and maintaining them.

The 2nd house is also related to Venus, the natural ruler of The 2nd house or Taurus zodiac sign. Venus is also a natural significator of beautify and attractiveness. According to this, the considered House and Venus both are connected with the face of the person which governs the eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, neck, and throat.

Nutritional Values

The house governs our faces and mouths, it also indicates the nutritional intake which we need in order to sustain our bodies. The 2nd House in astrology is the first house when counted from The Ascendant, thus the first vital matter for our sustenance is the nutrition. Both the Dhana Bhava and Venus signify our nature of food intake or our nutritional values.

We already know that the 2nd house governs the mouth and expression of our words through voice. According to that, the Dhana Bhava also signifies our traditional education or the way we learn topics and subjects.


The house is also related to the eyesight and governs the right eye of the person. We also know that sides of the human body are not symmetrical – In astrology, Left and Right side are ruled under different planets and houses and they can be different in strength. That explains why two sides of our bodies and faces are not symmetrical in practical life.


Self-esteem is also signified by this Astrological house. The condition of this house in your birth chart will determine how much self-worth you have and how much do you value yourself.

Health & Endurance

The 2nd house in Vedic Astrology is also termed as a Maraka house. Maraka house means Damage or Death inflicting house and it signifies our health which regulates our lifespan. Another Maraka house is the 7th house. Technically speaking, the third house, the house of duration, is the first house when counted from the 2nd house. Hence, health becomes a vital aspect of our endurance. It also opposes the 8th house which is the house of death and lifespan – health and lifespan always go hand in hand.

List of details on the Second House in Astrology

  • Jupiter also signifies the 2nd house as both are related to wealth in Astrology
  • rules over the South direction
  • It is a part of Artha Trikona or the wealth triangle.
  • indicates the level of support from the family
  • indicates your dominance over others
  • 1st lord in the 2nd house indicates your dominant ability to win over others and many situations
  • 2nd lord in the 11th house will grow your winning capabilities and dominance each year.  This combination will also increase your self-esteem and worth.
  • Your natural talent for languages and multilingual abilities are seen from this house
  • Family Members – The family of your parents and family of your future generations

Planets related to the house

  • Venus – Natural ruler of the second zodiac sign Taurus. Signifies luxury.
  • Jupiter – signifies wealth, family, children
  • Mercury – signifies speech

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The Second House

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