2nd House Lord in 11th House


What does the 2nd House Lord in 11th House mean?

When the planet that rules over your natal 2nd house is located in the 11th house from your ascendant, it means to have this combination of 2nd lord in 11th house.

As a result of this planetary combination in Vedic astrology, the themes of your 11th house, such as the fulfillment of desires, gains, profits, growth, are influenced by the ones of the second astrological house, such as self-worth, wealth, assets, family values, etc.

Significance of the 2nd house

Significance of the 11th house

Results of 2nd House Lord in the 11th House

Classical Interpretations

The classical source BPHS confidently states that if Dhan Bhava lord is in Labha Bhava (2nd house lord in 11th), it will bless the native with this combination with abundant wealth from different sources. Such a native is always motivated towards establishing ventures and applying ever-expanding ideas on how to increase wealth and family. That is, such a native is constant, persistent and receives a lot of honor, respect and becomes famous in the immediate community, the native has involved in.

Another classical source states that such a native is skillful in expression though one’s speech to the extent of becoming a master in public speaking. This trait brings a lot of fame, recognition, and wealth to the native. It makes many members of the community and family dependent on the native.

Powerful Dhan Yoga

The 2nd house generally stands for overall wealth while the 11th house is the house of increase, profits, and gains. Hence, this connection of these houses forms the most effective and powerful wealth combination in Vedic astrology.

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Accordingly, this combination blesses with wealth and fortune. The level of the effect depends on the condition of the 2nd house ruler in the 11th house, including association with other planets via conjunction, aspect.

Ever-Expanding Wealth

The 11th house is the most powerful Upachaya Bhava or the house of constant growth and with the 2nd ruler of wealth in the considered house, it indicates that your wealth is constantly expanding in various ways.

As it is the Upachaya Bhava, natural malefic planets, such s Sun, Mars, Saturn give results more effectively in this house, as 2nd lord. It is because natural malefic has the aggressive power to dominate, risk, and find new and unique ways to risk in which ultimately results in more profits and abundant gains in the end.

It does not necessarily make natural benefic planets, such as Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter ineffective in this house, but rather more passive. However, if a natural benefic planet as 2nd house ruler is well placed in the considered house, it is able to produce great results.

Multiple Income Streams

The 11th house carries the law or force of nature that has the power to exponentially divide matter and effects, such as lightning ends, branches of trees, etc. The same effect will be regarding your wealth – there will be multiple sources of wealth which contribute to your expansion of assets.

You are very skillful and know how to invest money and multiply your assets.

Circles & Communities

The 11th house signifies social circles, communities, etc. It means that these themes will be extremely helpful in the expansion of your wealth and status.

You perform well in large communities and capable of uniting people for united goals. Hence, you are able to motivate everyone to cooperate efficiently together. All your contacts, which are gaining constantly with the help of 11th house, will be useful in fulfilling your goals and manifesting your true desires which will also ensure success and prosperity of your ventures.

Ultimate Intelligence

The 2nd house ruler in the 11th house is directly aspecting the 5th house of intelligence, luck from past, and fame. Hence, this combination indicates that you carry intelligence in abundance using which you find new and unique ways to expand your ventures in the first place.


The fifth house in Vedic astrology, which is aspected by the 2nd lord in the eleventh house also indicates past deeds and luck from it. Accordingly, a strong and well-placed second house ruler in the eleventh house indicates that you are naturally lucky regarding gains, profits, and fulfillment of your desires.

Here, the 5th house and its lord should be also well placed to have more luck to support you in your ventures. Hence, if also 5th house lord is strong and well-placed, you are definitely backed by divine luck and granted to fulfill most, if not all of your desires.

Past Life Deeds

The luck we are talking about here is actually the direct ripe fruits from the deeds of past incarnations. That is, you have done a lot of good and pious deeds, selflessly and humbly, which is the reason you have the luck and blessings in the current incarnation.

Social Butterfly

As the 2nd house governs your speech, the lord of the considered house in the 11th house of expansion indicates that you have an ever-expanding need for socializing, especially in friend circles or communities you are involved in.

If the 2nd house lord is strong and auspiciously placed in the 11th house it indicates that you are a professional spokesperson and capable of influencing communities and masses with your speech. You know how to attract people with your way of expression, and you know how to influence and motivate them. With all that being said, you are a social expert and master possess excellent speaking abilities. You pull the strings of others with your tone.


The 11th house is the house of celebrations and celebrities in Vedic astrology. The 2nd lord in the considered house indicates your especially strong self-worth, which is also recognized by others in the community or world (depending on the size of your community). With your great social skills and powerful personal enterprising characteristics, you have the potential to become very famous in the world and earn much recognition and authority. In other words, you will earn the status of a celebrity. How big the recognition is, depends on various factors such as the strength of the 2nd lord in 11th, as well as the strength of 11th lord and 5th house lord.

Fulfillments & Salvation

According to Bhavat Bhavam or house to house technique in Vedic astrology, the 11th house is the product of twelfth house from the 12th astrological house. This indicates various things. To start with, you are likely to achieve salvation, if your 12th lord is also well placed. It is because of letting go of this worldly life you need to fulfill your soul mission and personal desires. And when you successfully fulfill them, your soul is ready to leave to paradise. Here the past life deeds mentioned before play a major role.

Unlimited Ideas

Another effect of this house to house technique is that you have always unique and interesting ideas in abundance, which is obtained through the significance of the 12th astrological house in Vedic astrology, which is channelizing divine ideas through visions or dreams. If your 12th lord is also well placed you are able to connect to spiritual realms and become enlightened or illuminated.

Expansion Of The Family

As the 2nd house in Vedic astrology governs family and its values and the placement of the second ruler in the eleventh astrological house of expansion ensures a healthy and steady continuation of your family lineage. In fact, you are very concerned about the well being of your whole family, both your own offspring and other members in your family tree. You act like the elder in your family and always guide and support your family members, both older and younger ones.

Protector Of Family & Assets

You are the protector of your family history, lineage and family values/traditions. You make sure that all family members behave well and also follow the traditions. As you are concerned about lineage continuation, you concentrate on expanding your family. Here the expansion of wealth is helpful, as more family members mean more resource necessity.

Not only you protect your family members and act as an elder in your family, but you are also one of the most responsible people in your family who guides others on how to spend and invest wealth properly in order to ensure solid financial foundation and expansion of wealth.

Intelligent Children

The fifth house in Vedic astrology, which is aspected by the 2nd lord in 11th house, also signifies progeny. This means that it is a strong combination for good children, who will be involved in your established ventures and continue what you are doing in life. In addition to that, when your 5th lord is also strong, you will be blessed to have extremely intelligent children who will be helpful in your ventures. It is a strong combination of family ventures.

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  • My 2nd house lord is Venus sitting in the 11th in the sign of cancer. Does all of this still apply if the lord is in an enemy sign? How does it changes the result?

    (Just for more info the only aspect to my Venus is a square with Saturn in the 8th in Aries.)

    Iā€™m in love with your work here. Iā€™m reading every single articule from you; very happy I found your work in this website.

    • Hello Mauricio!

      Thank you for your kind words! I am really grateful!

      Before I can suggest, please share the position of your Moon because it determines whether the enmity of Venus is cancelled or not.

      Best regards

  • Astounding and Excellent remarks of the combination of Lord of the 2nd in the 11th House. I should mention that I have very great affinity to Occult Learnings be it Vedic, KP, Khuller and Ramans.I have this hobby since around 30 years.
    I must mention that I have a niece in the UK ( 22 years old) with Taurus Ascendent where Mercury Lord of the 2nd and 5th from the Ascendent in the Natal is positioned in the 11th House of Pisces ALONGWITH Jupiter Lord of the 8th and 11 in the 11th House Aspecting the 5th House. Ofcourse, Mercury is debilated but possible cancellation due to the Owner of the 11th House( Pisces Sign) Jupiter is along with Mercury. My niece has completed her Masters in Journalism from the UK and presently working full time in the UK for the past 10 months. Hope this combination works for her! Your comments, Sir, if any. Forgive me for the lengthy mail, I am 74 years old, Sir!( Birth details of my niece: DOB 25th April,1999- Hyderabad, India- time 07.20 am)


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