2nd House Lord in 1st House


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What does 2nd house lord in 1st house mean?

When the planet which rules over your second natal zodiac sign in your birth chart sits in your ascendant sign, it means to have 2nd lord in 1st house.

The general meaning of this combination is that your self is influenced by your family values and wealth a lot. Additionally, the themes related to the 2nd house are what shape your personality, soul, and self-identity the most in your life.

Results of 2nd House Lord in 1st House

Family Attachment

First of all, as the 2nd house governs everything about family, family members, family values, and history of the lineage. Hence, you are inherently attached to your family, and they are attached to you. Your family values and history shape your personality the most. In fact, you put a lot of attention and interest to your family traditions and carefully study your family history in order to offer the best respect to all members.

In addition to that, you are the one who will also teach all the family values to future generations.

Historic Knowledge

The 2nd house is connected to history and everything about it. With your 2nd lord in the 1st house, it means that historical knowledge is embedded deep inside your mindset. You have a natural interest in researching historical facts and periods. You are deeply fascinated by how the to resent world is shaped by past events and how current vales are formed out of various historical events.

Attached To Assets

While it is auspicious that the house lord of wealth is in your ascendant, as it indicates that wealth is always coming to you. You are very careful with money to have a natural habit of collecting and saving money. With that, you are blessed to enjoy a materialistically comfortable lifestyle.


As the 2nd lord in the first house casts a direct aspect on the 7th house, you are naturally talented in entrepreneurship – the significance of 7th house. Hence, you are involved in a business where you accumulate plenty of wealth which you collect and reinvest in different assets to secure your self and family. You are also fortunate regarding partnerships in business. By signing agreements, you are able to increase your revenue depending on which area you do business in.

However, on the other hand, this can make you too attached to material assets that can ruin your general character and project a slightly negative picture of yourself to public masses. You can be very selfish regarding financial matters. It is because of 2nd lord in the 1st house aspect the 7th house of the public image directly.

Public Image

Whether your image in the world is positive or negative also depends on the auspiciousness of this combination. As the 2nd lord in 1st aspects the 7th house of the public image which shapes your self and identity which projects a certain image to the public of yourself. Accordingly, if your 2nd house lord is well placed in the ascendant it means that you shape the good identity of yourself through your influential public speaking abilities and by doing good deeds to people. You may be involved in donation and various charities. If the 2nd lord is exalted in the 1st house, it has the capacity to make you famous.

Alternatively, as explained above, an ill-placed 2nd lord in 1st house is capable of damaging the self-identity and character, which also projects a bad image to the society because of selfishness and greed.


As speech is governed by the 2nd house, your speech becomes another important asset for you. Though your self-expression you build up your identity in public life. Accordingly, the condition of 2nd lord in 1st house determines whether the outcomes of your speech would be auspicious or not. A well placed 2nd lord in the 1st house indicates that you have a very influential speech capable of building up a powerful and positive image and self-identity in public.

High Self-Worth

As the second astrological house is connected to self-worth and your 2nd lord in 1st house you have an inherently high self-respect. You will not let anyone degrade and humiliate you, especially in public. With that being said, you respond aggressively when someone is trying to ruin your image and name.

Healthy Eating Habits

You also put a lot of importance on your eating habits, as your diet resembles your self and health as the 2nd house belongs to food intake. If your 2nd lord is auspiciously placed in the 1st house it indicates that you have healthy eating habits which also shape your health positively.

As the 2nd lord in 1st house is in twelfth from its own sign/house, you spend your wealth on your health, especially on healthy nutrition in order to keep you in shape.

Family Life

The 7th house in astrology also denotes all kinds of partnerships, including marriage, which is aspected by the second ruler in the first house. Hence, if the combination is well-placed sign-wise, it indicates that your married life brings you stability, harmony, and satisfaction in life. As the 2nd lord denotes overall family, you are lucky to be fortunate regarding many children and overall growth of the family.

In addition to that, your spouse and family members offer an abundant amount of support to you, unless the second lord is ill-placed.

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